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SEAL Team with Ruffin Prentiss
December 23, 2018 Chris Gordon

Ruffin Prentiss is an acclaimed actor of stage and screen. Spending his time split between his home in New York and LA, he loves acting of any form. In the summer months he likes to land himself a role in a good play, being in one of the most famous theatre cities of the world. He came to my attention in Season 2 of CBS's SEAL Team, starring David Boreanaz. Ruffin plays Summer Kairos, an "Att", meaning attachment, to the team where his skills as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Tech are very much needed. Ruffin teases us by saying we will see more of Summer and his banter with Sonny (AJ Buckley). Sit back and enjoy as I chat with this excellent actor and person.

Episode Transcript

Ruffin Prentiss:0:00Hey I'm Russian Prentis I play Summer Kairos on SEAL Team. I'm here with Chris Gordon on Hellblazer biz. Let's do it.

Hellblazerbiz:0:51Good morning. Good Afternoon. Good evening and good night wherever you may be in the world right now. This is Hellblazer Byzantine or host to the one and only Chris Gordon. Good job there is only one of me. Thank you all for tuning in. Whether it be on iTunes You Tube tunein.com, Spotify Google Play or whichever one you are focused on. I welcome each and every one of you. And it's worth my gratitude to you for the support. This week's guest is exciting to me. Currently my favorite TV show Summer Kairos the EOD specialist he's an accomplished actor of stage and screen. So without further ado I introduce to you Ruffin Prentiss.

Hellblazerbiz:1:28Everyone I have the honor of the company of Ruffin Prentis . hey How's it going?.

Hellblazerbiz:1:36I'm good. I appreciate you coming on any day. Reaching out here and you came straight back I was just blown away.

Ruffin Prentiss:1:45Thank you for having me. I'm grateful to be here.

Speaker 3:1:47It's great and I've mentioned to Justin and you know it's great to speak to you. And like I mentioned to you before the show something I've done and I love doing it. But when it first started I really believe in like sales. Because I mean at the last military show I watched and loved was band of brothers and I was gonna be and I would be called SEAL Team. Obviously some place is better because it's more modern day. But Id call it that sort of standard and quality of show. So it's huge.

Speaker 1:2:17That's a huge problem. I mean of course you know like what I like to say. Me coming in new to the season new to the show. It's just seeing the dedication that everybody brings to it. You know so it's created to a band of brothers is a huge compliment because that was such a great show such a great military show.

Speaker 3:2:37It was it was absolutely phenomenal. I mean Ali you know I was in tears throughout watching it and just seeing what you know I mean I'm thankful I'm not an active service. I used to be in the reserves I was a trainee officer for four years while I was in units let me know ROTC has that kind of thing you're going to join the Navy Reserves. I've always had this interest in the military but I kind of drank too much and ate too much so my body kind of instead of going to all of my body went a little bit wider and I couldn't get in.

Speaker 4:3:07They were running and you know sometimes it's tough being that line between the work and enjoying yourself. You know we as actors oftentimes are like by myself.

Speaker 5:3:19I've been having too much fun movies live in Baghdad.

Speaker 3:3:24Yeah Abbas busted like the army for it because it was you know used to go away. And they feel like cooks breakfast never think and we had the weekends which were they drank and drank. Then during the week I was back in university studying and I found it was just hard to get out of the fact that I completely understand that you get 2015 on this and when reading on the other.

Speaker 6:3:47Yeah.

Speaker 3:3:48So maintain it it didn't stay for long while yeah just long enough for me not to get inside me. Circle huge respect for anyone who goes in and that's kind of you know just. I mean one band of brothers came out did reenacting for a while as well I was doing world watching reenacts it was a U.S. paratrooper that did some sponsored walk 30 miles around a lake in the UK dressed in fully loaded tool kit with everything from the rifle everything else was on and the weights and everything that was all down. CORCORAN boots a lot. Yeah. And the steel helmet was no good but you know friends of those are Vietnam veterans kind of run a group based on Vietnam which are the sea not the SEALs sorry that the lips which are kind of gluttony argued and the army seals and things me know and you know I mean you know I was special I'm still friends with them. So I reached out to them. And this is where my real interest in seeing more of it going forward.

Speaker 6:4:49I know this is a long story for you sort of dialogue.

Speaker 3:4:54And this year it was like we were just that week you know we reached out to those guys because I said lot of not being in the military so this blew up. I'd like to represent your entire history shows and teach within about two hours I had about ten responses on an e-mail. One guy and he forwarded it on and I had all these people refines and he said oh my god someone wants to remember. I can't believe you'd like to do this. I mean I'm not you this. I've got things here they sent to me I mean I'm not sure how well this can translate that. It made a vow. Wow. It was made in Vietnam and there's a. Nice little scroll. If not yet third recall things like that and IKAB nice little book which was published like the officers Petrohawk and these guys suddenly the stuff communist these patches were taken off the old uniform they broke back because of how remarkable is that to you.

Speaker 7:5:51I'd kind of expect something similar we got to go to Fleet Week in L.A. and so we got to go hang out with the Marines and the sailors. And you know it's the amount of pride that they've taken us honoring them in our portrayal. And we really take it seriously on set and we're glad that it manifests itself in their respect for the show. And so I know completely all too well about that experience and that pride that you get representing them you know. And also I understand the weight of the uniform in a day or two before.

Speaker 3:6:25Oh yeah yeah it is. I was available to I think it was as heavy as what they were now but even so you don't appreciate it.

Speaker 7:6:33So you've gone out there and by the run or you've done some tapping or marched in that kind of kit we we get suited up to dress as if we were doing a halo jump from a plane. And that weight is pretty incredible with the oxygen mask on and it's yeah it's it's impressive I have nothing but respect. I think I can't say that enough.

Speaker 3:6:58Exactly. And then you got to at the other canines are the same relapser have the dog as well as everything actually has a dog attached to it.

Speaker 1:7:04Yeah. That's enough. It is a secret. I.

Speaker 3:7:09Know that Kate Larry does. To be fair it does really look Kevin you know. Yeah these guys unseals this superman and it's something I think before even gets strong the question is completely different tangent that we're going through it's good common. I mean there are questions about how many veterans actually work on the show so Magwood could mean a band of brothers they were handing vegetal veterans. This is another one of you guys I think it's 300 just mentioned it in different various guises. I mean you've got Tyler Axelsson who's actually on the team three SEALs. You've got Vietnam veterans and make people feel as Army Air Force vets Coast Guard. You got everybody. Working a out which is again it's a huge testament to how dedicate it you guys are in wanting to get something portrayed right. USUN everybody who's actually done it 100 percent.

Speaker 1:8:01It's you know it's pretty remarkable. We've got veterans in the writing room. We've got veterans at the production level got veterans working as grips and man it's insane not to mention the people that are shooting with us so like we were actually on a mission in Tyler's to my right and he can help me make sure that I as I said earlier I want to honor our. Military members. And you know Tyler right there to make sure I'm getting it right and I don't want to get it right because I don't want this to be like you said one of the best military shows there is in every little piece has to be right and top to bottom everybody's on the same page.

Speaker 3:8:41Yeah definitely I mean so 5 and I've spoken to have got that ethos through and through. And it isn't. And I think that's what makes it so special. Because everyone is like say how's that working ethos how's that respect that you want to be able to portray this right. Want to make sure you get it right. And that's what comes through on the screen. I mean you know you will get great sort of camaraderie offscreen as well which helps but it's definitely it's definitely that dedication to preserving memories and preserving.

Speaker 8:9:13The realism of seals.

Speaker 3:9:16I guess that just loved like we said worldwide there's no question later for Stacey I know but she and I from Reunion Island to me and you take people in Germany Australia and you know it's it's worldwide hit which is fantastic.

Speaker 1:9:31Pretty incredible man. Are you know.

Speaker 3:9:34Yeah. Really great to be out there to be part of that as well. It must be something you say. It's just incredible. Excellent. I mean it was my first question. Which is it. I mean you of the people who are watching this. A lot of them. Where are you from SEAL Team which is currently Wathiq got a nice Caribbean and you Madam Secretary you know other things but you're also in a kind stage actor to Iraq on a Finnessey the stage right did that when I was younger when I was 18 19 I was in theater stage and to find that you've got to be in theater house now with a very totally different. And I kind of asked this question because a lot of the people like all of both. Experiences of both sort of off wars.

Speaker 9:10:15Are they all different. Do you have a preference. Yeah. And you know it's tough.

Speaker 1:10:24I think there are pros and cons to both. You know like your. They. You know I think the craft is the craft. I think what I would tell aspiring actor would be to study theater you know like going in and really take the time and learn how to have that stage presence and project to the back wall hinged to radiate your energy to fill the room. You know that that in itself is a specific skill. Yeah. But at the core of it is always learning how to tell the truth in the moment in your imaginary circumstances. And so once you're able to do that when you get a camera in front of you it's like OK I've got to be able to act like this thing isn't here. But I've also got to be able to tell the story directly to. Them. But it all boils down to truth in terms of preference.

Speaker 1:11:12That's hard. I think it depends on the time of year. You know like I live here in New York I'm based in New York. And so you know this is one of the theater capitals of the world. And so there's nothing like seeing a great show in summertime is when TV kind of slows down a little bit by the fall season hasn't quite started. And the episodic set just ended. So if I can find a nice summer play to do I like the City day. You know sometimes if I can find one right before pilot season it's a little strategy a little bit of career stuff. But I love both. I love both and they challenge me in different ways.

Speaker 3:11:50Axel X for us. Yeah I mean you got the adrenaline up and you're on a stage I think for me. I'm an experienced actor. I did stage drugs what 20 odd years ago no 25 even a month when I was a punk. That was probably the most the pinnacle was instant I was in musicals in school when I was 16 17. But then when I was 20 at university up joined the amateur dramatics I was a Pams Montemayor so that's probably the best experience I've had on stage because you just let loose and it was hilarious politically incorrect because it was 20 odd years ago so there was a lot of shows. There's a little more I'm going to go into there's a lot more allowance in how you get by the friends who I was with anyway so the people I actually picked on in the audience on you very well and so I knew they'd take it as a joke.

Speaker 3:12:38But you know it's great. And then of yeah like you say that this adrenaline opponents say it every performance you do could be different because it depends on the audience. So it's a whole new expression and then the film I was lucky enough to be in a film two years ago I would say yes I had 20 lines and I felt information dependent trust. That's wonderful. It's out packet is out this year. I'm going to tell the Cowboys I didn't like found out when I got to the day they didn't give me the full script just like the scenes I had lines over and when I got there to I found out the character was in other things not speaking. And I realized he wasn't very savory person I'll put it that way. But as of last week in part in the film Basquiat and even though I loved the end of that I was at 12 hours of today and this is I think some think again as usual you know you approach when you're in the film because it's not the state but on the screen acting you've got everything going on around you to learn as well and I find that myself.

Speaker 3:13:35I was just watching and I thought they kept coming aboard and I was really bored. I'm bored watching how he's working the camera. Their work in the boom of work and how the director's lightening it and you know get so much on that ongoing and I can imagine a SEAL team it back to topic because you're on location a lot as well as you can just imagine how much how busy those sets off. The display must be just so it's. It's really remarkable. Because because this show is on CBS you know one of the biggest networks here in the States it's.

Speaker 10:14:12It's a it's a thing where it's kind of they really got it down to a pretty well oiled machine. Everybody moves at a nice clip. It's never rush and never feel. Everyone's really kind and nice and. So everybody moves really efficiently. But you're right. There are so many moving parts from you know from the moment they've reversed to setting up lighting to making sure that are stand ins you know the second team comes in and make sure that everything's going to be perfect. And even then the director still making sure he's getting his shots and what he wants next. You've got sound running around and then all of a sudden we got to get our gear. Got to get miked in so many pieces but once we you know it's really a well oiled machine. I'll say that and everybody superefficient and super kind about their job. And I think that's also what makes this pleasant.

Speaker 3:15:05Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. They ever works together. The cast and crew. Because there's something. Not Lalich not now no mention names or people don't in the past but not attack them but they just said there's been they've been applied they've been on stage staging or screaming Why are they not being a because maybe someone is to. Will to forward a bit to maybe certain other things like certain impulse in pushing or the people around will. Sheila Oh yeah it basically goes that kind of thing going on there. I don't think considering the talent that you and everyone else on that show is included. It just it just can't even explain it. The flow of it and everything on it is just perfect considering how that level of talent on the show. Absolutely. And you know like just like any other human being you know like there are days where you show up to work.

Speaker 10:16:03And you might be tired or you might not have slept well or whatever. No. I was a super super human being is AJ AJ play Sonny Quinn. Yeah. Hey has two twin boys and I mean they're precious kids but still pretty much baby babies. Yeah. I've got to play father and then you know. At that age you probably are getting too much sleep. And then he comes in and plays super Sally Quinn and you know it's it's just amazing to watch that he can have that energy on both ends. He's really a Superman. Yeah I have.

Speaker 1:16:42So just like any other job you know you might come in dazed differ in terms of your your mood. But once you get there because of everybody else and the energy that you're in even if you're upset you just like man. I love my job. And you know all of a sudden your mood has shifted and this time you go to work.

Speaker 3:17:01So excellence is definitely the kind of thing you want to do why you want to be. I mean A.J. Rice is. A little old twins are adorable and I met them but he's seen them and stuff and it you know it just seems the right characters have seen him in the film show previous shows. He's been in and he just comes back to here. There's nine sick people. Men are comical but he's a nice genuine guy as he comes across.

Speaker 1:17:28And a wonderful care director. Yeah read the variety of Care2 sees blade is insane.

Speaker 3:17:34So yeah I've got very very wide range of the pictures he's done in his time and hopefully I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'm going to try to catch you a lot Pocomoke.

Speaker 6:17:43So hopefully next year might get some. That's right. Exactly a build up.

Speaker 3:17:52I mean you got it that's another thing. I think the fans actually door and I think is because of your interaction with sounds. It does not going to all the shows you get. So you guys actually make time you go out. Do you think that actually that is a huge part of making a show as success is how you engage with the people who are watching.

Speaker 1:18:12100 percent. I think you know like. If your show isn't being watched. Your show doesn't exist. So you know SEAL Team doesn't exist without the fans that tune in every Wednesday. And you know whenever it's aired in other countries that tune in every time it doesn't exist. And for us not to appreciate and honor them back in. You know that's a small thing to be liked. Someone wrote me a message on Twitter. It's very small. It's the least thing I can do to just be like hey I'm just grateful that you are a fan of this show and a fan of our work for you. I mean I'm a fan of the.

Speaker 9:18:51Work you know. So yeah.

Speaker 1:18:54I completely understand it from the other end too. So yeah we love the fact we love our fans.

Speaker 3:19:00Some of the best fans in the world simply go to Simonova to join the fandom recently. I mean I'd say I've had this month is of SEAL team on my DVR since it came out but the Kazaks work in the London area. I had to stay in London on a Sunday lunch time come back on a Thursday night Friday morning so literally on one day with my wife and family stuff actually catch up on any shows that we had. So it's just that one day I saw all the stuff to watch as it is packed up and now I'm back at home again. Live at home now binge watch the entire stuff's worth completely.

Speaker 4:19:35I would like to say I love to take you to get through season 1 because that's 22 episodes. You know that's a big chunk of TV a week and a half.

Speaker 3:19:44What does it say impressive. Several episodes a night. I mean you know the office she loves the show and for her that's to love something so much as well. I mean Gagetown and cry her eyes out when a lot of you know you die. How was that. Those five episodes. I mean the ones who were if they were the most emotional I've seen on TV in a long time because you are so gripped by these characters. And then out of the blue you expect one of the SEAL team to like they do you know the father call and the wife to get the call which is another part the show is experienced in both sides of them suddenly to flip the light. And Amina I had something in my eye might I would say every vote from the first floor for my go to line is now my eyeballs are sweating right here my eyeballs the sweat of agustina. You know it's interesting because. Joining joining this season.

Speaker 1:20:46And getting the first couple of scripts. You know I remember reading Episode 2 and when I read it I was just like. I couldn't comprehend because I just watched the entire season of Season 1. Yeah. I couldn't comprehend how this was happening. It was a shock. And it's where I say where but it doesn't happen often these are big moments in television shows and you have to kind of like mark them out when they're going to happen strategically throughout the season. Yeah and something like that to happen right then and there are a couple episodes into a new season. It's rare that a script itself shocks the actor. I just you know they really caught me off guard. So I knew the fans were going to be right. Everybody was bracing like oh my gosh the fans are going to go on such a ride. You know we're just glad that that it turned out to be exactly what we thought it would be.

Speaker 3:21:39Yeah definitely definitely. And then just systems along the way you got to come to terms with the law and we haven't come to terms with the law. To be fair but know they can get out and lot. It's like whoa.

Speaker 11:21:50That's all I could be. You know I didn't get to work with McCaleb who plays. Just because our own stuff basically with you know Jason. With with David but might working with Mike orby it was absolute pleasure. He's a wonderful actor he's willing to give knowledge whenever you ask.

Speaker 9:22:15And I consider him a friend. I believe that she is a great actor.

Speaker 3:22:22He is enough so I followed him. I mean I Aridjis and take time. See Michael. I remember was when he was in the unit would some little interfere with us. I mean you know he's done stuff before then but I think that was when he first came to life and I've tried to watch everything I've seen his name and because you're right he is very diverse very brilliant brilliant and countless.

Speaker 1:22:44Have you seen his new show. Mines the mines.

Speaker 12:22:48No I've not seen anything yet. It's essentially a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy. So Arco was saying that it's as great a night as well. Really it should be your PR guy.

Speaker 3:23:02A PR guy can get him on the show because I've been trying to get him as well.

Speaker 4:23:07I see. We'll see sure what he's up to. Michael is funny about social media but he's getting better. I've watched his social media game grow and blossom dance school.

Speaker 3:23:17Yeah that's the thing though is well when you guys are so busy it's difficult to just keep up with socially. I mean I find myself I mean I'm just delighted I work that I I find out enough to keep up with my social media myself and you know to get these guns going and imagine when you're old set 15 20 hours and then you feel like I'm you know like I interact with everybody and make sure your message people back it's crazy.

Speaker 9:23:41Yeah.

Speaker 11:23:44You know my my social media is growing and with every show I get a new group of fans Im always always grateful and humbled by it. Its really sometimes like what is my life right now but it's one of those things where you like I say you see a really nice message or a question and you want to do your best to get back because I know if I sent a question or something to someone I wouldnt be Ive had more tattoos.

Speaker 3:24:11Yeah exactly. Yeah. Which is is it not everyone does that a lot. Like I said before the last one of the reasons of the shows were those other shows which I think do that a law now which looks different things like that which are in the fandom's even those like Soutine. Let me say you said before it's the best fandom of any beneficial Lalage is where I got to be for I went on a complete tangent of down that way with all the best fandom so welcoming and generous and passionate. And that's what brings everything together even more which is fantastic. The other. Question is can I ask you to revealed a few rich people sent in and is going about with a theater screen. What will the tycoon job and what are you doing the voice acting. I mean you know Marcus Hotaling watch which is pretty awesome when you play the game briefly but it has a decent tone. Could you do mocap for that or is it just the voice for Democrats.

Speaker 11:25:11I did the motion capture. No I mean like you see Marcus Hathaway who plays he's a. He's a hacker. In a dead end in what he called a cell of hackers called get sick. And you know you'll see him doing like part core and crazy karate stuff. Now that they hired some guys the that those guys are like legit ninjas would be in the studio and so how it would work is they captured me like beginning the moves for him or we do it at like 50 percent and then the guys would come in and be like. A. Thousand percent.

Speaker 11:25:49And it would just be like how are they do. How are they moving is it but. You get to do the motion capture. So all of the cut scenes in the story points. It was a lot of fun and so like you know you asked me the difference between or what I prefer between film and theater. I think videogames is like. The perfect medium just because there's a different level of freedom. Sometimes with television you have to have like blocking where you have to stay in a certain place you know with video games. There are cameras in a whole 360 so infrared cameras that capture every movement as there are camera guys there and I got to work with Ubisoft which is a wonderful company shot in Montreal for off and on for a year. And you get the freedom of theater with the capture of. Television and Film. It really is a spectacular experience. Yeah. And then to see it like animated and completely rendered it's like. That kind of looks like me. That's definitely my voice.

Speaker 4:26:56This is weird. Looks like you're playing and you're like oh I just kill myself for the 15th time.

Speaker 3:27:03So and so on and so I get enough out of that that the Assassin's Creed guys have been on the show a few times. Matt Matt Ryan agrees that with Ken Lay. The two Fry twins Jacob a different lovesick gamer but from the likes of Sanskrit syndicate the two men like David Fry twins and it's great. To internet because they still believe not told me about the enjoyment they let me have led me to believe that they were doing a lot of talking.

Speaker 4:27:29Don't get me wrong I got to do a couple. Not yet.

Speaker 13:27:31Yeah like when it came to light so my character has what's called a thunderbolt which is called ball with a hole in it and bungee cord on the end so it's essentially like a nunchuck with a heavy weight on the end.

Speaker 11:27:46And you know I would I could do this like this to the side of me. But actually.

Speaker 12:27:53Oh yeah I do the following. Come on. Come on. Guys come in and they do it wonderfully. It's really amazing to watch. Oh it's like an art form when you see them. There's no tricks. I mean I've tried I tried it once and I had my shit flung across the room. Yeah except that pink sack.

Speaker 3:28:15No skills were so go. I mean I've got some questions are they coming from fans well which is why Dave from the shire is trying to engage. You know get the fans to send in questions they can see when he three in a row. First one is from someone we've already mentioned with road safety. Three sales people the. Great person is. What was your job. What was your job before. Total CO2. What was the best. Also most of us are playing an EOD guy on screen.

Speaker 14:28:48Two part question right.

Speaker 11:28:50All right my job before SEAL team I did two things I just guest starred on the show called The Good Fight on CBS. And I played a police officer. Who. Has to deal with what are the main characters mothers who gets caught up in a DUI. By accident. Right. Telefon and then right before that I was recurring on this show called the arrangement which was on the network. And I played a character named Xavier Hughes who is a world renowned jazz pianist who falls into like a love triangle. Yeah. So all this to say Barry did different roles compared to it.

Speaker 15:29:34OK so coming in to play a Navy SEAL. You know I did a lot of research I. Watch some documentaries I watch some. I went just on the Navy side to see what you have to do to become an EOD. Just the basics to find out. And then I saw some videos Navy EOD go through so much training job training diving training because their job essentially is even if they are paired with say a SEAL team if they have to. Their job is to get to the ordnance the actual explosive and make sure that it doesn't go off. And so. You know I got in touch with a friend of mine who is from Virginia and a friend of mine had a friend who was there. And so I'm just you you just find ways to get in touch with people who have lived that life.

Speaker 15:30:28And I picked his brain a little bit and I'm grateful to you Josh comes out to you right now. Thank you Josh. And yet you know you just try to get into the mindset of what it's like because you're putting yourself. In harm's way immediately by being in this close proximity to this device. And. Yeah it's just figuring out how to read stay steady. And it's you know it's really interesting when you play with something with summer chiros where he's got this Zen quality to him. Yeah and the time we really see him kind of be silly or bother someone is when he's with Sonny and they kind of had their little jabs back and forth which has been a lot of fun to play with but outside of that you know he's usually pretty calm and take just taking things in and that's how he kind of takes on. His job as an EOD. So for me I also went surfing for the first time while I was out in L.A.. And I figured that was one way to get like at peace with the ocean Mike to make your peace with the world. And so it was one of my zen practices of trying to learn how to surf and be one with something at that baptising to how I try to play the character.

Speaker 3:31:44Fantastic fantastic she does actually mention that she loves the friendship with silly pranks and the show. It is a great you know that the banter in between is perfect and some of these lines are.

Speaker 15:31:57I think I don't know. They make like there are times on set I'm like I don't think I'm going to be able to not laugh. I've got to laugh. You do that and I'm not supposed to.

Speaker 6:32:07That's a testament to A.J..

Speaker 3:32:09Next time you're on you need to wear the change. I mean also this is Tisha years ago. I think this is round. You probably seen it for the EOD guys. They a perfect thong says I'm on it you know we had a bomb disposal technician if you see me running.

Speaker 6:32:23Try to keep up. That's good advice.

Speaker 3:32:29The thing is if as a police officer or someone in Afghanistan or somebody like Lutetia they had like a bomb tech if you see me running try and keep up with me come on with me.

Speaker 6:32:40It's nothing to be done here.

Speaker 3:32:43Talking to teachers as well. Nice link that the letter wasn't meant. It's Camiel bonus is Sheizaf do you know the origin of the T-shirt.

Speaker 11:32:54I do. I do. So Eddie I was a world renowned surfer and lifeguard in Hawaii. And he won. Surf competitions. But. The thing that he's known for is there. I can't remember that. I want to say is why Mayor or not.

Speaker 15:33:13Don't quote me but it was a beach in Hawaii that had really tough swells and service and to the point where no one with lifeguards and Eddy in the surfer that he was he became the lifeguard of that beach and he saved lives endlessly like a bunch of lives. The waves are just so big out there and so he became legend in that sense and the legend. Tragically ended.

Speaker 11:33:41He went on this ritual sailing trip and the boat capsized and he had his he had his board with them and he told everybody that he had Petrohawk paddle back to shore and he'd bring back out just his bravery is where the slogan Ngwa go comes from now. It's basically saying you know. Don't be scared. Eddie will go with you. Yeah. That's that's kind of fits into the mantra. My character is like this Barmouth here Eddie would go I'm going to do this I'm going to be brave and courageous and stand up and save lives. So yes fantastic actually you get a chance. ESPN did a 30 for 30 documentary on him. It's really what called Hawaii.

Speaker 3:34:30Yeah I'll I'll look that up. I know Camille she's actually from Hawaii something her question was loaded because she is like yeah she was like she really ought to have a shout out for Hawaii sort of linkage.

Speaker 11:34:44Absolutely. And we had we you know we had to get permission from the family to use the slogan because they still have surf competitions in his name and so Eddie would go shirts in remember him and honor him. So I was honored to be able to wear that.

Speaker 3:34:59Well yeah I was sitting there on saga you know I say you know and get on the seals of those guys should get all of that stuff. Nice touch. It's a lost touch little thing.

Speaker 11:35:09You know and it was funny.

Speaker 4:35:11People were like is his name Eddie right. You know I would see on Twitter relays his name. Why does he have any on his shirt. I don't understand.

Speaker 3:35:18And yet so like you know that's that's the background of I'm glad I get to clear it up and say well I guess I don't know. And we'll watch conventional Chrysostom last night. I love people who just go out and selfless like that. Yeah. Jennifer Alpes is asking Will we see more of you as the season progresses.

Speaker 11:35:42The character during the Mexico episode is you know Mexico isn't known to specifically or at least dealing with the cartel for explosive situations. But you know I can say that summer Congress does return very soon actually. And you'll see them a couple times coming up soon.

Speaker 12:36:05Yeah tested for this class. Good to hear.

Speaker 11:36:10It's good to know that while they were in Mexico Obama didn't get the best of me in some sad story. So I'm still here. It's over.

Speaker 3:36:19Yeah exactly. I sometimes thought that I don't see it as it is a character for a couple of episodes.

Speaker 4:36:25What happened to my character. It for me as an actor when the Mexico stuff was going on I was like as long as I don't watch an episode like they get a phone call from the White Man we just last summer and you know like.

Speaker 8:36:43Yeah I'll be that I know. You know it was good to see you back.

Speaker 3:36:47I'll just say this comment before the relationship that you got was solely on the rest of the team is just brilliant the banter lightheartedness and again one of those moments where my eyes are sweating your friends. When you bring in. Adam's coffin back in and that's. You know that there's a silence there because I've seen carrying. Jason came in. I was sitting and waiting. It was like Jason's going to come. Jason's going to come out and sure enough the silhouette Jason can you just move aside as they came in. Now has got it run. You just got pushed out. Looks like there's a reason like I said that's because he's not part it wasn't part of 40. And you know he won't get that because Jason wasn't mad at you show your respect. But when Jason came numbers they were his team is 14. So you respectfully took a seat while I did the honest.

Speaker 11:37:39It's you know it's interesting because I I not having as much knowledge about our military as I should or about the Navy. You know I have. Known seals in that you know I've seen hundreds of movies about them. I didn't even know this but my dad was like you got a second cousin that's a seal and I was like you know. Yeah. So like all of us to say I didn't really know how it all worked.

Speaker 15:38:04And so coming in when I got the part I was like am I Seale or am I just need you. And those are two separate things. And so while NATO does go through what's called green team with seals so that can be a perfect attachment to the SEAL team. We are not Navy SEALs. And so like I said My job is to help us get to where we're going. Like if I have to shoot if I have to do whatever I'm out of my job job.

Speaker 11:38:33Is once we get there to protect us from this bombing and dispose of it. So yeah Jason so when Jason comes back in you know I'm letting the SEALs be with the seal. There's even. I stand with them I don't know if you remember they start to see the creed. Yeah. And I stayed with them but I don't say the words because it's not my creed but in honor of Adam and what I can say to him that day on set. There's something really eerie even though we know like you often the actor knows that there's no actual body in the casket. And so. We had a loss of life but there was this palpable energy of having a casket onset with an American flag over him and just feeling like we lost one of our brothers and that's what I love about being on the set. There was a true rep there.

Speaker 15:39:26And I trust these guys you know as much as I would going out at night hanging out or if I needed something serious as friends. It's a true brother that I really inspiration to be a part of.

Speaker 3:39:39Excellent excellent. That's a nice fellow. I mean I can I can imagine it would send chills the sense that we now just think of seeing light that way you know because it is because it's like you said you know there's nothing in there but. The scenes that we've seen over the past 18 years those very same coffins coming home with flags. Every time I watch it it sends goosebumps just I can feel myself now just thinking of No not just America. British American the largest city in the more committed. That is just a horrifying thing. It's a sad part of what they signed today which is as. You know Constanta and people who signed up to do what they signed up did it still bloody sadly happens because it's not expected and you know someone to get. The Vietnam veterans back to them. They got some some gave all night.

Speaker 3:40:32All gave some some gave all. And I think that's a creed that stays on. And it touches so much because it is true because every single serving person everything they got in that office some of them. On an internal patrol is now a classic. And to see that being respectfully done I like a team is fun is a really nice thing to say. So a lovely tribute. To all that you have. Yes. And I know going back to you know the thing is that the policy was us. I remember because I watched a documentary from Vietnam again. Girls a geeks of learning the whole subject because they had the medics used to me feels like the medic in them always used to be a Navy medic and Navy corpsmen rather than an actual seal. So there was a very very similar thing that went through the first thing I went through it didn't do birds but they did certain parts of it enough to keep them with the team.

Speaker 11:41:27And you got to be able to move with the team so that you can slow them down. But you. Know if they want another they need another gun or another fighter they'll probably get another SEAL before they bring it up just to make sure that if there's any traps or we think that if there's any explosives threat that I'm there to take care of the business. Exactly. And you know I think some of what I do like about summer is that. I think he's very mission written and I think that's why Jason chooses him after that first episode and says Hey do you want to be a permanent attachment. And you know it's kind of cool like seeing in the script roughen sitting there having a conversation with David and David being like Hey you want to join my team. It's kind of like the fanboy he's like yeah yeah.

Speaker 4:42:18Yeah you know so it's cool to have my character go through that and also just be working with David and all these wonderful actors.

Speaker 3:42:25Yeah I mean it a lot me they line up is just another film I mean I'm not going to knock anyone because the entire cast I've known of from other self shows every other areas and it's a top notch cast but David himself was a lot working with him so long because I mean he's just the beginning. He's a powerhouse overnight as well. You know what's really wonderful is.

Speaker 11:42:48David whereas a lot of hats on the show. So he's obviously. Our number one actor he's number one on the call Sheedy's he's an executive producer. He directs episodes. David is a he is a true leader and that's what manifests in the show. The chemistry that you see with us on set and in mission when David says something when Jason Hayes says something we believe it we truly fall behind it and we're ready to do go go into battle. Because because David himself is a great leader it feels wonderful to work on such great friends.

Speaker 3:43:25I know he has a multiple hats. I like that about actresses. I mean is that some of the. Well he's a tangent again into directing as well because I think that they can select. Abbu according to the word help each other give a nice word around bar help when you're down to direct to the people acting because you know you've been Luxus you kind of know how they are and vice versa. Do you think that's an important thing to do.

Speaker 11:43:54You know I definitely think it helps. I think there are some actors that. Depending like people have different styles right. You know I think a great director is someone who is able to adjust to the person. Mike I always like to say. I grew up playing sports. A great coach would be like. I know that roughen doesn't need to be that he needs to be encouraged. I know that so and so. Player 8 if I don't get on his butt he's not going to play as hard. Yeah you know. So a great director kind of falls in that same vein where you know how to talk to each person individually to get the best out of them. And so I definitely think when actors make that transition to being directors it definitely can help that relationship and clarity in the vernacular and terminology in terms of pulling out strong acting performances I think. And so yeah and you know if the opportunity ever ever arose you know I'm writing a little bit now myself I'm not with the idea of me directing but without me acting in you know some of the things that I do. But yeah eventually I think I would like to be able to see it from the other end. I always see directors do this Shujaaz when I talk as the director of DPN.

Speaker 3:45:13So what they are doing is I see shouting I'll be good to. I thought Thoresen. I think it's something in the past I've told people it's you know it does seem to be a sort of a symbiotic relationship sometimes. Well I mean it can go the other way as well I mean I would say probably not all actors can be directors and actors can be actors. I'll say that which is very true. It's you know but you know when it works you know it's good to just even experience it. Just woke up once or twice. But when you when you meet the people that you know a lot you can get the mix. I think it's definitely a good thing. Yeah helps benefit overall. THOMAS I think that's the right way to put it. It really went into my final signature question. And I'm enjoying it if you've seen just injured you said.

Speaker 3:46:01You probably know what's coming. The background to this quickly. If anyone yourself and anyone who like I'll see you is last year a guy called Mike Quinn your a lovely guy. He plays nine nomy return of the Jedi. And it's the he fly. You know one of them was like monkey face for the red suit he flies Malaney for which. Yeah. And he's also been a puppeteer Jim Henson for 30 years and he's worked on labyrinth Dark Crystal and stuff you know. All round brilliant puppets. So if you could have a Muppet created after you what Muppet would it be. Well hi. And you are resisting what mix of them it's whatever you want. If.

Speaker 12:46:44So the question for him and a lot less is such a question. You know this is this is really interesting. I liked. So.

Speaker 16:46:57I think about it like this. I would take like a Kermit. Timeframe. I maybe would even be a frog. But I don't want cookie monster to voice. My reason being is. I. So I have someone that can always eat it. The weight will just come. And I'm envious of people that can eat and just say supremely Lee Oh yes. I wouldn't want to be the guy Kermit Kermit McQueen but he's always eating cookies and everybody's like where does it go when I'm like oh by the side of it.

Speaker 4:47:38So that would be my mother. I think I would I would want to eat as much as I can get my helmet and never have to work out.

Speaker 12:47:46Of Political cookie Kermit impression as well as long and it's not cookie.

Speaker 3:47:53You know that's like get it with the other Macdermot want to come to Mike Quinn this guy and he was just an awful awful awful story. Quite impressive like him and my Yoda.

Speaker 12:48:02And he was just like OK. Oh I even thought it was like why so many songs about rainbows. That's why Kermit's. That's great. And the owners have to or do not there is no try. Do or do not.

Speaker 3:48:22Now your goat is pretty good by going out and doing yoga for me and you know this is this is where I actually Ferrer's myself and keep my dignity because I feel like I've lost my dignity since it is anything you're dressed up this or anything you like to say to people who watch and listen to this.

Speaker 11:48:45I just want to say thank you for tuning in with me and Chris and listening to taking the time to listen to this vodcast. It's been a total honor to be a part of the season of SEAL team and I'm excited for you all to see what's to come. We have the best fans in the world and we're just grateful. So I just want to say thank you.

Speaker 2:49:03I'd like to thank roughened for his time. That was actually fantastic or really really fun. Hope everybody else they enjoyed watching or listening to that as well and for everyone who sent in questions I hope people get the answers that you were looking for. And please I just want to say thank you. This is the last show of 2018 for me. I would like to say thank you to everybody who supported me in 2018 and earlier to continue to support me especially the SEAL team as of the mind that helped me get on the rest of the cast because I love to talk to the rest of Bravo team in 2090 so please please please keep that support going. You don't know how much I appreciate it because without you the show is nothing. So thank you very much. And I want to just say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you. Whichever you may celebrate this time of year. This has been Chris Gordon with roughen prints of SEAL team on Hellblazer is see you in 2019.

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