Fabulous F**kery

Season 2 Episode 1: Artful Fuckery with Dafna Steinberg

January 01, 2020 Baroness Brée/ Guest Dafna Steinberg Season 2 Episode 1
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 1: Artful Fuckery with Dafna Steinberg
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 1: Artful Fuckery with Dafna Steinberg
Jan 01, 2020 Season 2 Episode 1
Baroness Brée/ Guest Dafna Steinberg

On this episode, we discuss art, creativity, and body positivity with Dafna Steinberg.  

Dafna's Bio:

Dafna Steinberg is a native of Washington, DC. A graduate of Hampshire College, the International Center of Photography, and Goldsmiths, University of London, she has exhibited in and curated challenging thematic shows in America and abroad. From 2010 till 2012, she was a member of the art collective Sparkplug, supported by the District of Columbia Arts Center. In 2012, Ms. Steinberg was commissioned by the Woolly Mammoth Theater to create three pieces for the debut of the comedy/drama Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. Ms. Steinberg has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT), Sou’wester (Seaview, WA) and Starry Night Artist Retreat (Truth or Consequences, NM). She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows at Ford Gallery (Portland), Arc Gallery and Studios (San Francisco), Flashpoint Gallery (DC), the Katzen Arts Center (DC), Lunchbox Gallery (Miami), SOHO20Gallery (NYC), Woolley Mammoth Theater (DC) and the International Center of Photography School (NYC). She is currently an adjunct faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College.

Website: https://dafnasteinberg.com/home.html
IG: https://www.instagram.com/dafnasteinbergart/

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Show Notes Transcript

On this episode, we discuss art, creativity, and body positivity with Dafna Steinberg.  

Dafna's Bio:

Dafna Steinberg is a native of Washington, DC. A graduate of Hampshire College, the International Center of Photography, and Goldsmiths, University of London, she has exhibited in and curated challenging thematic shows in America and abroad. From 2010 till 2012, she was a member of the art collective Sparkplug, supported by the District of Columbia Arts Center. In 2012, Ms. Steinberg was commissioned by the Woolly Mammoth Theater to create three pieces for the debut of the comedy/drama Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. Ms. Steinberg has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT), Sou’wester (Seaview, WA) and Starry Night Artist Retreat (Truth or Consequences, NM). She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows at Ford Gallery (Portland), Arc Gallery and Studios (San Francisco), Flashpoint Gallery (DC), the Katzen Arts Center (DC), Lunchbox Gallery (Miami), SOHO20Gallery (NYC), Woolley Mammoth Theater (DC) and the International Center of Photography School (NYC). She is currently an adjunct faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College.

Website: https://dafnasteinberg.com/home.html
IG: https://www.instagram.com/dafnasteinbergart/

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spk_0:   0:07
way. Welcome to Fabulous Factory. I'm your host. Fairness. Pre fabulous factory is yours to fist erratic destination for discussion on wellness, Dating, family and blur life. Come with me while we discuss emerging fabulously in spite of life's factory. It's a girl, Baron Esprit. I'm here today with Miss Deafness Steinberg. Thank you so much for joining us today. Dafna is a celebrated artists. She works in multiple mediums. She works with photography, video collages, paint No pain, No. Okay, well, not paint. However, she is just all about body positivity. All about feminist, just awesomeness. You just pick up everything that I love about art, I think, and your messaging is love yourself. Your message is consistent, and I just love how you can try. It's hard sometimes, but I try. You confined Daphna on deafness. Steinberg that And, um when I tell you, you could see some of her art installations. I mean, you have installation going on all the time, and I try to keep I try to show a lot just cause it, um And I tried also show a

spk_1:   1:25
lot outside of living in D. C. And then I tried to show outside of these anything? Is it just, you know, it's a different audience. So, yeah, I try to keep work rolling

spk_0:   1:34
and you are a classically trained artist because you went to school. Far did. Actually, it's funny.

spk_1:   1:40
I'm currently considering whether or not I want to go back to school because I didn't get an M f A and apparently is an artist. That's the end. All be all you knew Emma Fay. But, um, I have an M A in photography and sociology, and so my bathroom is actually both are and sociology. So that's why a lot of my work is about, um, different social issues and and, yeah, social issues

spk_0:   2:08
that you think I was gonna add also distant training in London. I did. I did.

spk_1:   2:12
I went to grad school in London, which was a very interesting experience,

spk_0:   2:17
Have a very different way of thinking about things. And it's just

spk_1:   2:19
interesting to talk about certain issues. Like when we talk about, you know, ideas around feminism, race, politics, social class issues, their experiences so much different ours and they have a different way of talking about it. So, yeah, so it's interesting that it was interesting to learn their

spk_0:   2:40
interesting. So, yeah, in all your travels and all your art and all your experiences, like, how do you decide what you're going to pour into your art? Um, so most my

spk_1:   2:54
art is very self referential, Uh, even going extending to the titles. I think the photo series that I'm working on right now is the first time that it has, like, it's kind of part of the title, but it's over some. I'm not using the word I or me in my in my title. A lot of my work, um, stems from my life experiences. So the past two big bodies of work I made were about dating, and, um, how much I hate it, but also, actually, the last body work was about stemmed, actually, from a traumatic experience that I had and wild dating. And, you know, it was really a catharsis for me to kind of get all of that anger that I had out. And then it kind of ended up being a political statement because it was about women. It was about the experiences of women. And in

spk_0:   3:50
Can you let the listeners know the name of that piece? Oh, the end and all I got was this lousy T shirt. Yes. Yeah, actually came from because

spk_1:   3:59
after the you know, I ended things with this guy. All I had was a T shirt on, but actually said War on women on it cause that's a band That's a great band punk band from Baltimore today. The last date we had was we went to go see a punk show and saw war on women, and I was like going home at it and it ended. Really?

spk_0:   4:18
I just Hello, will, how you take

spk_1:   4:22
your life experiences in you poured into your work

spk_0:   4:26
and someday So if you follow deafness, Instagram can give your instagram. Yeah, Instagram

spk_1:   4:31
is Daphne Steinberg art at deafness.

spk_0:   4:34
And so if you follow her, you'll see where she is in her journey for the week. And you just have such well curated pieces. Thank you. But, um you know, one day it may be definitely eating a muffin, and she's in her car. That's a cupcake. Okay, you know, it's like OK, and then, you know, then I see her. If that cupcake down like, okay, because you don't think of you make so many things are interactive art pieces. And I don't think of what I'm doing is art. But it's like, you know what bitch to Selfie is Are you know, so you know, you get dressed in I didn't like what I have on today. You know, this could also be another piece of art, you know, a b side. Yeah, but I never was. Sometimes I think, uh, I think social

spk_1:   5:19
media so fascinating in that respect, because, um, it is performance. It's always like life is performance in a way. And, um and we're always performing something and yeah, and so, you know, I have things where it's like, I photograph myself in the mirror in my building every day. Um, I

spk_0:   5:40
don't do it as

spk_1:   5:40
much anymore, but I was doing it for a long time. Four years.

spk_0:   5:43
And so

spk_1:   5:43
now I have a mast, and, um, if you ever want to see all of them, if you do, if you look up hashtag Jewish

spk_0:   5:50
guys, it's our inside joke. I'm very much aware of Jewish. So it's all pictures of just pictures of me and this total instagram or on Twitter on instagram. Thank you. Think I've used it on Twitter, but it's outside

spk_1:   6:05
on Instagram, And, um, it was a joke between me and a friend and I was like, I'm gonna make this a thing and it's

spk_0:   6:12
it's a space. And so now, everyone and now everyone's in oil.

spk_1:   6:14
Friends of mine will post something and no hash tag. It s o occasionally other people, but yeah, no, it's

spk_0:   6:20
I love one is like an occasional like brown Jewish. I think it makes me I'm like so, No, I just love the fact that you're, like, so body positive thinking. Where did you find the comfort in saying this is what it looks like? You guys gonna get these pictures? It's taking a really

spk_1:   6:42
long time. And there's a lot of, um, I went through a lot of really horrible things, and I mean, I've had, you know, I tell this story a lot, and people are always really horrified by it, and I it always makes me think about how I'm I'm kind of nonchalant about it, but I remember I was in a restaurant eating, and a guy came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, Hey, fatty, leave some for the rest of

spk_0:   7:07
us like Yeah, I mean, it was and it was just

spk_1:   7:11
like my initial reaction was I really want to take my fork and stab his hands before, But I didn't I just froze up. And

spk_0:   7:18
I remember thinking about how the violation wasn't just the words. It was the fact that he also touched you. And it was it was just this kind of, you know, um, weirdly like like almost like he was hitting on me. But it wasn't It was just gross all over. And it was It was just when it was interesting. But that experience is

spk_1:   7:37
not mean. I will say, uh, you know, if I had a nickel for every time I got called a fat bitch, um, I would probably have enough to pay for the T shirt that I now own that sense

spk_0:   7:49
that John, it's like it's just

spk_1:   7:51
it's it's you know, and I do where I haven't wanted out in public for that reason. But I have other things that I wear that say things like my favorite is. Plus, I have a necklace that says, plus size, Barbie

spk_0:   8:00
nice and fluffy, and people really respond to it, and it's and it's always funny because they don't know. People don't know what to

spk_1:   8:07
do when you you are a fat person and you're comfortable.

spk_0:   8:13
And that's such a fucked up thing. Yeah, it is. I think we've been so brainwashed by media and society that everyone has to be a certain size, and it's like no one is that fucking says No one's that small. We let I like food. You like food? I've had babies, Fuck that. Let's be happy in the skin we're in. And I'm really excited that the brains are starting to do a better job of, you know where you know about co opting. I mean,

spk_1:   8:37
I worry about, you know, like, you know, that was kind of the whole thing with the whole dove. Um,

spk_0:   8:42
e I mean and and I feel like that's, ah, I think it's good. But then it's also like he's still so much more work to. We have a little work, Yeah, and and and also you know, it's that

spk_1:   8:58
that thing of I say So I'll say, I'll use the word fat people don't use that word. And I'm like, Why, that's ah an adjective. I'm a fat person, you know. They're thin people, it's not. And I don't think of it. I've I taught myself to not think of it as a negative word

spk_0:   9:17
book. So And actually, the way you say that, like, I have so many friends and we're all going through different struggles, different journeys. You know, you got the big one skin from the dark one, This one, This one. And, you know, I always hate when someone says, Oh, hey, your friend was really pretty. And I'm like, Oh, which friend is a picture of eight people? The fat one? No, we don't do that. Which one were you referring to? The pink dress with the blue dress, other ways to destroy, you know, and I just I feel as though society is so negative. They used

spk_1:   9:44
that as a negative term. And that

spk_0:   9:47
and And what I always think is

spk_1:   9:48
interesting is when it whenever so I want it going back to like saying, you know, being called a fat bitch. It's like

spk_0:   9:53
that is always, always, I've

spk_1:   9:54
found, um, my experience with that is 95% from men and it's 95%. It's one

spk_0:   10:03
100%. 95%

spk_1:   10:04
remember 100% when I've said no. And the response is you know, they think that that's the thing that's gonna break me. Yes. And every time I've said no. Oh, you ugly

spk_0:   10:17
baby. Exactly. Busted. And I'm like, Wait, you just try to get my number. Exactly. And now I'm a bitch, and then, you know, like you said, whatever the term is in front of it and guys have got to stop doing it should stop. Was it the toxic masculinity? Stop putting your evil into the air because you didn't get it. You want? Just say just say okay, just Yeah, exactly like, thank you. I appreciate your response. And you have a nice day. So you're not interested? Yeah, you're not even just like okay. But like if they don't get the job, do they go back to the manager and say, Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. And that's you know, that's that's yeah, that's a lot. It's always just like you. Bold bitch gave it a jump. People

spk_1:   10:55
do. Some people do. That's right, especially with the woman told, You know,

spk_0:   10:59
I always find that I was always find it so fascinating. And it's been really

spk_1:   11:02
interesting doing work around my body. And, um

spk_0:   11:07
and so that's what I always say

spk_1:   11:08
about this, this work so that the work is it's called La Bella Fiore Savage, which is actually a song title. Um, from this band called Lord Here on

spk_0:   11:15
I've heard of that I

spk_1:   11:16
love them. They're like, I'm obsessed with, um

spk_0:   11:21
But the song is really like the lyrics. I

spk_1:   11:25
actually are kind of problematic, but I the song itself is really beautiful, and I just imagine, like, that's I want somebody to write a song like that for me and but I'm imagining, And if you look up, it's fun, because if you look up the field so far just a hashtag it's legitimately like white women with long, straight hair in the mountains and their flowers and things, and it's just like I am never gonna look like that. I'm

spk_0:   11:53
now we're gonna look like that, but that because it means

spk_1:   11:55
for those you don't speak French, it means the beautiful wildflower. And, uh, and the idea of being a flower is, you know, wispy and dainty. But the song that's talking about, you know, standing the test of time and outliving generations of you know, men who do. The song basically personifies the flowers. A woman understood. Um and why can't I be that

spk_0:   12:25
and so where exactly. And so

spk_1:   12:27
that's why I wanted to start taking photos of myself, because I'm finally at a point where I'm comfortable with my body and it feels like home and I live in it and it's and it's it sustains me and it takes me where I need to

spk_0:   12:39
go. It heals me. It,

spk_1:   12:43
um you know, as much as I've been hurt, it's also, you know, it's it's what keeps me going and all the scars and all the ones you can see the ones you can't see. Those are all part of

spk_0:   12:56
that. That is actually the perfect way to describe your body, because when you've been through things like the way you just describe it, it's perfect. Even invasion of all right. So that interview over Nancy for dumb bitches, but no, the way that you described it, if we could have more women who have been through the low level of self care, Yeah, to say, Oh, the shit

spk_1:   13:17
that happened to me. This man who did this to me, these people have done this to me. We've all been through body negative events. And

spk_0:   13:25
so to say, it's home that and nobody can take that away from you And, um, you know, and traumas

spk_1:   13:33
a bitch like traumas and trauma can be anything from words that people say to physical acts to, you know, like repetitive abuse. And I think our body sustained so much and it's

spk_0:   13:48
so, so fragile and

spk_1:   13:50
yet so, So strong, especially is women. I think, you know, we talk about I always think it's funny when it's like the strength that women have. They always talk about childbirth. Yes,

spk_0:   14:01
and it's like, you know, that is a thing that women can sustain. But I was thinking what I'm

spk_1:   14:07
like. We're strong in other ways. You and I don't and I find it problematic that that is the only thing we talked about in terms of women's strength.

spk_0:   14:15
Well, we were talking. It's ah, friend of mine. We're talking about this. A couple of days ago, she's never had Children, however, she's endured great losses, and so we're talking about your ability to heal from those losses. And you know, why do we always say Always childbirth chopper of trouble? But when you've had, you know, so many people, your family pass away or dealing with a disease that takes a lot from you, it's in a woman's body and the things that we're able to do not to say that men don't heal from the show. Charles listening, however, women just we just kick ass and we don't we don't we? We and that some of the time why we take so long to heal from our traumas because we're and go mood and it's time to take care of business. We go take care of business and we forget to take care

spk_1:   14:57
of ourselves in the process.

spk_0:   14:58
And that's and that's always,

spk_1:   14:59
Yeah, that's always something that keeper. And

spk_0:   15:01
for me, this project was

spk_1:   15:02
about taking care of myself. It was about sort of, you know, I jokingly call because I photographed myself in in, you know, in intimate spaces or ideas are on intimate spaces. So it's mostly my home or my parents home. But there also was a lot of also hotel room, and so I jokingly have started calling it me naked in a hotel room because it's just like, Yeah, that's that's,

spk_0:   15:25
you know, you see, you don't like it. Don't get I don't I don't really,

spk_1:   15:30
I'm afraid instagrams gonna take down a lot of I remember. Hey, the International Center of Photography. I was what studied there when I was in college, and their alumni accepted there tonight and secretly accepted to my photos on the email. Me and they're like,

spk_0:   15:47
you have they have this has nipples, and it can we put a black mark? Yeah, sure, I guess. And it's like it still didn't make me any less. It was like the tiniest so flat far is that I'm like it didn't make me any less Nikkei didn't make me any less feeling very vulnerable. But it was just really funny that that was what

spk_1:   16:05
was the difference between Instagram taking it down or

spk_0:   16:09
not. So did you put the black bar on your own? You know they did it. They did it. Okay, so then I add another

spk_1:   16:14
piece that was, um, showing by gallery. Somebody worked them and didn't get accepted for a show. And they put one of my pieces up. And it was a piece where I'm, you know, naked in the bathroom in a hotel in New Orleans, brushing my teeth and, um, it waas they didn't put a bar across the nipple, and I didn't know they were gonna put it up. And then suddenly I just get started seeing all of these comments on a post about that I was tagged it, and I was like,

spk_0:   16:44
Ho, they chose that one. Okay, that's a good one. And then it's, like, you know, share it with friends. This just happened. I'm excited, but we have to go look for the nipple pictures. Do it, Joe. You can find them. You just email me, You

spk_1:   17:00
know, it's fine. I don't care.

spk_0:   17:02
Is that creepy? Is like, I'm gonna go search for definite. She just told us. Yeah, it's fine. It's Father. It's like, you know they're out there. But no, it's just the fact that you are comfortable being naked and you're comfortable saying that. I think everybody should be comfortable with Nick, not because we've been body shamed. I know. I think this is the thing

spk_1:   17:21
I've been telling people when they're like,

spk_0:   17:22
how do you do it and I'm just like, you know what? Go home, get naked, take a picture of yourself naked, and then just look at it. And when you look at it, stop looking for the flaws look and like look at it until you can't see anything but yourself. And that's

spk_1:   17:39
something that I got from Lindy West's book Shrill OK on the TV show because

spk_0:   17:47
she talked

spk_1:   17:47
about that and how she got comfortable with her body and it was hers was like looking at pictures of fat women in bikinis at the beach on Instagram. And she did it until she stopped seeing fat. And she just started seeing them and their personalities and coming through.

spk_0:   18:03
That's important. It's really important. I'm in love with everything you're saying. But it's true. And I tell people that I tell that to

spk_1:   18:11
men. Women, um, don't tell the Children, but you

spk_0:   18:15
know Children, okay, And my favorite, my favorite

spk_1:   18:18
thing was my own. We're best friends, Um, her son, who I don't he's he's the sweetest kid ever, and I don't. And he came to the opening of the show that I had with this bodywork, and I was carrying him and I was We were looking and he looked at the photos on the wall and he said,

spk_0:   18:34
That's your But I was like, That is my bite And he was so excited that we both had, But it was just like, This is what I need. Let's teach somebody but teacher to the Oh, you know, what I'm saying is like, I'm just, you know, it's It's gonna save so much money, you know? You know, you know, and it also saves. You know, if you teach kids

spk_1:   18:57
that their bodies are their own, it saves a lot of struggle, you know, teaching them consent, changing them. So just like, you know, um and that's hard. It's hard.

spk_0:   19:10
It's where it's ingrained it. It's horrible because the term the definition of consent is consistently being revived. Yeah, and no, no, motherfucker, if you don't get to tell me that what it means and if we if I say okay and then I changed my mind, you have a right to change your mind. And now this thing. Once a man's aroused, you shouldn't know. Stop now and it's like no, no woman has changed her mind and changing your

spk_1:   19:33
mind. I mean, I changed my mind every five seconds. Most minute things

spk_0:   19:38
just let we have to teach. You have to do a better job of teaching our boys how to become men. And right now you're sitting here and listening to these entitled people. Tell me what I did if you know and we're gonna get back Thio. People gonna have to cross the border run after, like, get people here to help them get safe abortions. That's ridiculous. And we have all these men who don't understand how many abortions their daughter's. Probably they don't They don't Well, no, they do understand

spk_1:   20:04
if they because they probably would make sure their daughter's having abortions. But

spk_0:   20:07
it's also like they don't really know how the female body works. And so it's kind of like, you know, the whole

spk_1:   20:13
thing about you know what you're talking about. It's six weeks being pregnant, six weeks, and it's just like, you know how many women know that they're getting your period Or they knew that their if you're having a having a miscarriage.

spk_0:   20:28
I mean, the first baby I had I didn't know I was pregnant. Oh, yeah? What do you mean, I'm two months pregnant? Holy shit. You know, and I mean,

spk_1:   20:37
I'm wondering how personal should get. I've had I've had two abortions, and, um, it's, you know, and I don't regret either one.

spk_0:   20:46
That doesn't mean that I don't feel things about them. And

spk_1:   20:50
I wrote on Facebook a number of years ago. I wrote about how, um you know, there's a certain time of the year that I always got a little side, and it's and I realize a couple years ago that it was around the time when I would have had a

spk_0:   21:06
child and there's there's a sadness tonight,

spk_1:   21:10
Um, and we just helped me literally before we started recording and we talked about this, but I don't want kids. I know that That's a decision that I've come to in that, you know, I knew things about myself and raising Children. And there are things that I know that I don't necessarily want.

spk_0:   21:25
And yeah, it may change.

spk_1:   21:26
Um, you know, if I meet some dead in here, guys,

spk_0:   21:30
but your decisions of your decision, right? And that's my trying to take away our right to make decisions. Yeah, and I think that's You know what I and I think about

spk_1:   21:37
how the process I went through of figuring out. I mean, one time I was on birth control. You know, I still got pregnant

spk_0:   21:46
every time I've actually birthday. Well, and what What I think

spk_1:   21:50
is I actually lost weight. I lost a change my body just to get on birth control And that I said to the doctor, you know, I really want the normal bar, and he's like, Well, I don't like your blood pressure, And I don't like this and, you

spk_0:   22:04
know, and the thing is,

spk_1:   22:04
my blood pressure was fine at the time, and I was like, You just put me on the regular. I'm working out, I'm eating right, And he he didn't And I got pregnant. And you know, that for me was also a turning point in my thinking about my body because I felt so cheated by the medical industry, which constantly tells us, you know Oh, you have to lose weight. You have to lose weight, diet, exercise, diet and exercise. And that's something that, um I get so mad, I think about it. But it's something that I, you know, there are just like there are thin people who are sick. There are fat people who are healthy, correct their thin people of diabetes. The fat people have diabetes. Yes. Being fat does not mean you're going to get these diseases. It doesn't mean you're And so you know, I think it's something that I wish the medical

spk_0:   22:59
industry would change to. We have to change our mindset and what we see when you see a person. First of all, everyone is obese. I've been told I'm obese. So you know, I mean, if you want my glad and because of your height, your weight, your boat here, this case, which is bullshit. And so I'm looking at the list, and I'm like, So tell me all you need to lose 15 more pounds, and I Well, I look like a bobblehead doll with that. Lose 50 more pounds. Think this is what we look like? You know, everyone's body structure is different. Everyone's I mean, if you find, like, a really, like a body builder. I mean, which we think of a

spk_1:   23:29
body. Builders like the pinnacle of health, right? I mean, sort of. But,

spk_0:   23:32
you know, despite the drug, despite the drugs. Bodybuilders are obese because their weight and

spk_1:   23:39
their height depending on their height, you know, it doesn't match. And so was the B. M. My chart doesn't take into account is

spk_0:   23:47
doesn't they knew count muscle doesn't take into account. Bone density doesn't take it down, you know, just natural genetics. Yep.

spk_1:   23:54
Of you know, I always joke that I come from a long line of very short, very like robust women, and, um,

spk_0:   24:05
be my doesn't take into account they don't take. They don't think about any of this stuff in

spk_1:   24:08
it. Like me. My grandmother was for 11. She has, like, 100 £95.

spk_0:   24:14
And I was like, tiny big woman and, you know, but she would kick your ass. You know what you think? So you know, we have to respect

spk_1:   24:22
people and where their bodies are and where we lie. And we

spk_0:   24:25
just have to do a better job. And also, if you want people to lose weight, shaming them into doing it is not gonna wake them. It's gonna make them gain weight. It's gonna be it's gonna make. Show us full. Yeah, We have to teach people like eating is a mindset you eat to get full, you eat, you know e like critics love snacks. So would you know. But there's a video of a little girl who's like she's She's funny. She's like snacks like that is me Every day. That is to be every day, Any time I go anywhere is, ah, theme of this lady saying she was saying, You know, that's what you going to shows? I'm gonna go home and eat lots of sweets and get all fat and sassy on post at the beginning. Everyone to write about the effect because I'm seeing you eat all the snacks and sweets. I mean, I was having a

spk_1:   25:09
conversation, you know? I've been, you know, moving stuff and just like it's like moving around and lifting things. I'm just like, Oh, my God, I feel so tired and everything hurts

spk_0:   25:20
like you know what? I want to go

spk_1:   25:21
back to working. I used to box and yeah, it was awesome. And that was a thing where, you know, my body wasn't really judged, you know, it was probably the fittest I ever was in my life, but I still I wasn't I wasn't thin. I wasn't a thin. I was thinner.

spk_0:   25:39
You were Hood. I wasn't think what was happy. But I mean, I'm happy now. So it's so it's really it's relative.

spk_1:   25:44
And it's like, you know, And I was happy when I was boxing because it was like anger management and exercise world in the one, Um,

spk_0:   25:54
but I also wasn't happy

spk_1:   25:55
because my life wasn't I wasn't in a good place in my life. And, you know, now I feel like I'm in a really good place, and I feel like I'm more settled with my body and myself, but it's

spk_0:   26:06
like I want to go work out. I just don't want to go somewhere where somebody's gonna

spk_1:   26:09
be like, Are you trying to get Beachbody ready? And I'm like my

spk_0:   26:12
body is Beachbody ready? I just put on a bathing suit and go. We have just got it was just too much. Every day is like instagram slim tummy todo it pops up in my sponsor dead. And I don't know what algorithm I have done to make people feel like I want I care about that shit, but I don't. You know, sometimes you catch you at a weak moment like, you know, in Europe at three in

spk_1:   26:34
the morning and you're watching it. It's like some tea carpet commercial, and you're like,

spk_0:   26:38
But you really don't You just have to sleep. I'm sleep deprived. I'm hungry, but we just It's just too much. But I mean a body

spk_1:   26:45
work about that, about emotional eating and like, the different moods that we may

spk_0:   26:48
have like that piece. Because it was the several pieces and she actually had, like, a table said And and all

spk_1:   26:55
the food was fake, right? And then my I did a performance where eight. A five guys cheeseburger, thinking in front of an audience of 25 people on. It was awesome. It was

spk_0:   27:04
terrifying. Now I want a cheeseburger. I haven't had five days on the quarter from your body do turkey burgers I haven't had red meat for. Can you go to five guys after a turkey burger? They may throw me out on my ear. No, no, I think they have other options. I don't know what they I don't know. I don't want it. I don't know. I don't want any that don't know beyond meat stuff, I don't want to eat new food and you know so like, green. What the fuck you're feeding me? Wait, we don't know that they're feeding us. People are not so you know, it's like I'm vegan, but she didn't say no human. But But, you know, it's always food options with most amusingly vegans became cannibals. I'm sorry. Begins. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just saying that we don't know what beyond meat is. Sure? Sure, Sure, Sure. What is it? Impossible. It's impossible Burger. And, you know, they shot of all the things that are in it. And I looked at him like, Looks like some sort of meat product. I don't know. I don't want it with my bean burgers. If I If I don't, I'll eat a tuna veggie burgers at Wolf.

spk_1:   27:57
I don't know. I don't I might be.

spk_0:   27:58
We're gonna go on a field trip and find out. Yeah, So I also want to talk about your work in the community because you are teaching people how to make art. And it's so amazing to me that this is something I've never thought about doing. Yeah, I, um So are you afraid her world collaged areas? Large day was on May 10th this year. I'm Yeah, I think I've been doing a lot

spk_1:   28:25
of I've taught some workshops at the National Women's Museum, and I've taught I, um if anybody wants toe go, I'm teaching workshops at Michael's. Really? Virginia. Yeah. I have to go to Virginia, though. Are

spk_0:   28:38
the links on your website? I will post the

spk_1:   28:40
links to my website, but also pushed the links to my instagram.

spk_0:   28:43
Oh, Okay. Um but the,

spk_1:   28:46
uh, I think the link is up on my instagram account right now, but, um,

spk_0:   28:51
the yeah, the the whole I think collage is

spk_1:   28:56
one of those art forms that everybody

spk_0:   28:58
because everybody, every time I

spk_1:   28:59
tell people that I make collages and they're like

spk_0:   29:01
all I did that in high school, and it's like you can still do it now. And I think there's a really great way because it's using found materials. So it's an easy way,

spk_1:   29:12
and it's not. It's cost efficient. You can use stuff that you have at home. Um, you know, you just need to pair scissors and a glue stick, and it's really easy, and it's and it's good for any age. You don't have to be a child. You don't have to be an adult. Um, you

spk_0:   29:30
know, and I think it's a really

spk_1:   29:31
great way to connect ideas through images and words. So I do. You know, you could do like poetry with using. I called ransom note poetry like you found a

spk_0:   29:42
ransom note. Ransom note. You're thinking about like, I have an idea for a collage now, So I'm sitting there thinking about because I've been doing some writing and I think one piece, may I have some images that go along with it? I do a lot of Pinterest boarding and then my Pinterest, which is in this sense of like, I have a vision board. It's like maybe I should make this. My youngest son paints, and so we have all this stuff in house. I'm thinking I'm gonna go take some spray and spray on spray paint like I'm just going to go in

spk_1:   30:11
the house doing up

spk_0:   30:13
because I have a tarp. We have everything. We Oh, no, I'm just thinking Oh, my God. Makes art posted. Get pretty. I really tried to be very nice. Microchips know, in addition to everything you have going on, what are you doing To say this is deafness. Happy place. This is what I'm going to take care of myself. Oh, um, you know, until I said

spk_1:   30:38
that, you know, it was a moving back home currently to help my mom take care of my dad. My dad's been, you know, his health has been, has been great. And, um, part of that is, I think, caring for myself because it's like, I'm I'm spending time with my parents and, um

spk_0:   31:00
in a way that we haven't before. And it's interesting to

spk_1:   31:03
see kind of how my mom is gonna watch us, and she's gonna be like, You're talking

spk_0:   31:07
Thio. She thinks she's like, Shut the fuck up. She's She will say that. So nobody. It's interesting because,

spk_1:   31:18
you know, my concern was, you know, am I going to go back to being a 16 year old? And it's like, No, I'm not. And it's about you thinking about yourself as a care taker, as as opposed to being the one being cared for. And, um, so it's It's hard to sometimes find going through, and my art is a place where I find solace. It's, you know, invest a lot in eight Collage ink helps a lot, and you know that it's a very therapeutic. It's just sometimes it's a matter of I just take a magazine. I just cut things out. Um, I've been, uh oh, man, I feel so Bujji saying this. But I've been, um What is it called? Bullet

spk_0:   32:03
journaling. Yeah, and that's been really cathartic because it's

spk_1:   32:06
like, I feel like I can see things getting done. And Aiken, you know, write down things that I'm feeling about in a moment. It doesn't have to be whole journal entry.

spk_0:   32:17
For those of you who are not familiar with the book Bullet Journaling, my favorite website ever is Pinterest, and they have a whole entire section. If you just type in bullet turning, don't give you, like, 50,000 ways to do it. And people overdo it. Yeah, there's a fucking show off, like I saw a store, uh, that I think was dedicated to bullet journaling, all fancy pens and stuff him and maybe actually interested, cause it was so feminine. And I was like, Oh, because

spk_1:   32:42
women have to do all the tasks in the house. So that's why it's all Yeah,

spk_0:   32:45
it's But you know, it's just literally taking your ideas for the day and putting a bullet in organizing it. Some people make it section. Some people put in fancy washi tape. Yeah, I just started the bullet journal and I was like, I hate this shit. Do the book away. It was like, I'm just going to keep my journal.

spk_1:   33:03
Has a naked woman on it So it's fine, you know,

spk_0:   33:05
It's just like I treated myself to the Pep Ariston seeing suede double wrap. I lost the court already, but it was on sale. I didn't pay the 69 99 that bad Wait to the end of the season when it gets orange sticker on it. Yes, it's great that wants to grow up and I get $4. But, you know, the bullet journey is very like it's very helpful, and I think that's you know, and I think it's It's also I'm at

spk_1:   33:31
a point in my life where, um, there was a mean that I saw where it was just kind of like talking about age and, um, and I've realized recently that I'm so much happier in my thirties and I was in my twenties and everybody's like, going wish I was in my twenties and I'm like, I really don't And I'm really happy to be at the police that I'm at and

spk_0:   33:53
bullet journaling, like feeling responsible. I'm feeling like things were getting done. It don't sing. It's fancy adults. It's it's fancy adult and gas. If I don't see hat with all the do you try to wear a fancy, have a gentler you know, I got some fancy hat set foot on my hair. Got a clip on. I just found my fascinator. So I'm very excited to see where that at some garden party there's gonna be a lot going on this summer. I think I think so. I think they're like some rooftop party, but, you know, taking that time and seeing what's important, like it's the least. I'm so impressed as you in a mist of everything you have going on, are trying to find a way to take care of yourself, take care of others. Yeah, there's, I think, you know that's funny, cause

spk_1:   34:36
I think social media is also great for that.

spk_0:   34:38
Sometimes I find, you know, I tried

spk_1:   34:41
to have a community of people that um are supportive and who I can support, who I want to support. Understood. So I think, you know, especially in the arts. Um, it's a difficult, you know, space to be in. But finding those people and meeting new people and and seeing that we're all kind of on the same journey, I mean, vastly different ways. But we're all kind of, you know, trying to get to the point where we're healing and we're going to save. You know, I want to say safe space, but, like in a place where we feel comfortable,

spk_0:   35:16
what was also interesting is that d c Just such a creative. I mean, it's just so many different ideas. Yeah, you go to a party? I don't go into a DC creatives party. And then I was like, What the hell is that? You know, just so many people, so many different things. Like, how does how does wife fit into this? How do I get to know these people? You know, writers and authors? Yeah. Everyone has a book coming out this summer, and I'm like, you know, everyone has. It's like my reading list is too long, too long, and you're listening to that inaudible. Now find the book and I bought the audible at 500 audible credits that I have to go. Yeah, so I was like, No, no more money for me audible. But we have to, you know, we found a way to link up and support each other. I have a guest on the other day when we were talking about When you're networking tends to be artists, network off artists and investors and network with Vested. Oh, I really

spk_1:   36:04
I'm I always say, like, that's the

spk_0:   36:07
That's the worst. That's the way it works. Way to do it. I think we have to diversify our Yeah, And I think we're like I met you through, you know, meeting other writers. You know, it's like Okay, well, she's cool. And we do. It's funny because, like

spk_1:   36:19
our mutual friend, we met years ago, and we bonded over so many different things and, like, you know, that had nothing to do with creative outlet. But then it became kind of like, you know, supporting each other creatively. And, um,

spk_0:   36:36
yeah, I think I always say I would say,

spk_1:   36:38
Like when I walk into a room full of artists. I say I'm an artist. Everybody's like Okay,

spk_0:   36:42
yeah, But if I walk in a

spk_1:   36:43
room full of lawyers and say I'm an artist there like

spk_0:   36:47
tell me more. What is that like, What is that? You know what? You know, I wish I could

spk_1:   36:52
be creative. And then you start the cold conversation about what is creativity and, you know, night and I actually I find that I prefer spending time with, you know, I love spending time with Darius, but I also really cherished time that I spend with non artists because their worlds are so interesting to me. Yes.

spk_0:   37:11
And give you a logic. Yeah. Give you a new thought process about it, isn't it? Like Oh, I guess I have been doing this the hard way and or or like, they'll look at

spk_1:   37:21
your work in a different

spk_0:   37:23
way And the critiques you get are different. And like when I when I post

spk_1:   37:27
the podcast Didn't you know I have my right brain? Friends call me and tell me one thing in my left bring friends. Call me and I'm like,

spk_0:   37:33
up. You can see the difference because some people like I think you're really hard on that person in doubt about the way I don't like that guy. You were asking the tough questions. So you know, it's very interesting how people think, and I like tapping into that energy, and I and I think you can't be afraid. I mean, I think I think there's like levels

spk_1:   37:53
of things where it's like everybody's, you know, the whole thing about being offensive right, like everybody's gonna be offensive at some point, are everybody's gonna be offended at. Somebody should not offensive

spk_0:   38:01
both. We're both we're both. But, um, I think

spk_1:   38:04
there's, you know, there's the intentionality of being like I mean for me. It's like I may have said something on this podcast that somebody might find inappropriate or offensive, and it's like That's not my intention. Um, I didn't go out of my way, and I think that's also the things that you learn about yourself is when you're

spk_0:   38:22
in these

spk_1:   38:22
kind of circles and you're saying you say something and some things like that that front really cool, and that starts a conversation

spk_0:   38:31
and you have to be open to that as a person. You can't you can't be lake. Well, I didn't mean

spk_1:   38:36
it. You can't get really defensive. And I tried to be very open with that.

spk_0:   38:40
Like, right now we're having this

spk_1:   38:41
conversation. We're talking about sizing and all that. Yes. Yeah. You know, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the email like a girlfriend. You did not have the ability. You should not have been able to say certain things because, you know,

spk_0:   38:50
and that's just and I don't I can't be offended because I understand where you're coming from, and it's like, I can't I can't say anything. So we have to work on not being offended when

spk_1:   39:00
people correct us and telling us that we have privilege. Yeah, I recently I recently presented a paper about, you know, fat representation. And this exact same thing came up because I was talking about Tess Holliday. And, you know, it was after it was in reference to her being on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Now, um, my mistake was that not? You know, I didn't acknowledge that Tess Holliday has said some really racist things, and, you know, and there are probably better. There might have been a better person to look for, but in the time frame that I had to write this paper. I didn't I didn't find that person and just and it seemed really appropriate. And

spk_0:   39:38
so it's really hard, especially with, like, you know, fat images, images of fat, women. It's really hard. And there is a huge, you know, And then looking back, it's like there's a huge community

spk_1:   39:46
of, um, women of color of black women who are, um, you know, plus size fat. However you want to say, And they it's amazing to me because those are women that I actually idolize a lot because, um, they are very open, but it's it's it's it's difficult as a white woman saying like, Oh, you know, do I? How do I approach this? What? What can I say? What can I say? And and I'm just gonna admire from afar and and, um, you know, But yeah, I could have probably found a different and somebody called me on it and at this conference, and it was one of those moments where it's like, you know what? You're right. I just had to sit there and be like, You're right. That was my mistake. And I apologize for that. Um,

spk_0:   40:31
I'm sorry, I have to look for your paper, but you know, But you know, you're right. And it's just so hard because you're just trying. We live in this place that's almost over politically. Correct now. And you don't have to say I'm like, if someone is wrong Fucking right. No, exactly. We live in a place of cancel culture weighing, you know, soon as you say something like, you didn't get that person chance apologize. You don't give that person a chance to prove something on Twitter about this, okay? And I'm not sure who's been canceled today. Don't counsel Bree, but, you know, it's just right down canceled, you know? But there's so many things, and, you know, you could say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and your career is over. Yeah, And like I marveled with theirs and I think there's some There are some

spk_1:   41:13
aspects of that that I do agree with, you know, especially when we're talking about, like, the me to movement. It's everything I want. And you know what you're talking about. And I was talking about this with somebody because another referencing about a work I was showing a friend of mine a series I did with tinder and Instagram

spk_0:   41:31
Tin your messages and you told me about this piece. It's ridiculous. I can't leave, but, um, it's in the, you know, And we were talking about

spk_1:   41:41
it and he said something about Aziz Ansari. And I was like, You know, I really I can't really go because everybody said, Have you read his book? Right? And I was going to and then I didn't because of that whole Babe article that came out. And it's like,

spk_0:   41:54
Do you think the Babe article was right? I think it could have been done better, but I think it was speaking to

spk_1:   41:59
something that we don't talk about. And

spk_0:   42:01
I know he's

spk_1:   42:01
gonna be fine, like he's not, You know, it will come back in a couple of years, and everything will be fine and everybody will forget. And it's like, So

spk_0:   42:07
do I think we should cancel him? No, but I, as

spk_1:   42:10
you know, is a personal choice. I'm choosing not to support someone that I feel like is, you know, being a faux feminist. Understood. Um, do I think of him? Is this on the same level? Is Louis C. K No, no, that's a totally different, you know, I think there's levels and I think everything has new once. And we are. People are nuance. It's

spk_0:   42:31
been a

spk_1:   42:31
lot. It's been a lot. It's gonna go a couple of years.

spk_0:   42:35
But I want to say Thank you for joining Been coming and visiting and tell us all about your talk all day We can talk all night back. We'll do it again. We'll do it again with cocktails And you know, can you tell people where they can find you? So I

spk_1:   42:50
am. You can find me at darkness steinberg dot com You can find me on instagram at at Deafness Nyberg Arts And I think also it's the same on Facebook. If you just do backslash darkness Lambert.

spk_0:   43:03
Okay. And all your links will be on the website links on the web, sane on the podcast. Yeah, And if you and if you I want to join my mailing list, you can send

spk_1:   43:14
me a message or just you know, say, hey, what's up? I played during your meaningless and I can add you to my name so I can keep you updated.

spk_0:   43:20
Excellent. Well, everyone, Thank you so much. Definitely coming by everyone. Really. Thank you for coming. And thank you for listening. If you wantto share this podcast with a friend, please tell your listener friends all about us. You can find us anywhere you currently listen and we just got added toe I heart media, so thank you so much and have a great day.