Fabulous F**kery

Season 2 Episode 4: Food Fuckery with Stephanie Harter

February 12, 2020 Baroness Brée/Stephanie Harter Season 2 Episode 4
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 4: Food Fuckery with Stephanie Harter
Fabulous F**kery
Season 2 Episode 4: Food Fuckery with Stephanie Harter
Feb 12, 2020 Season 2 Episode 4
Baroness Brée/Stephanie Harter

Stephanie Harter is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, and is the co-instructor currently serving over 1,100 students internationally in the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification course. As a former health coach with the winning strategy to achieve 5-figure months fast, Stephanie now helps plant-based coaches achieve a big income and impact in their business without sacrificing their freedom.

She is a speaker and the host of the popular Eating Like You Give a Damn podcast where she interviews experts, innovators, and celebrities about the global movement towards a plant-based future.

You’ll likely find her actively involved in a personal growth event, helping out at a farm animal sanctuary, or kickboxing at her local gym in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Show Notes Transcript

Stephanie Harter is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, and is the co-instructor currently serving over 1,100 students internationally in the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification course. As a former health coach with the winning strategy to achieve 5-figure months fast, Stephanie now helps plant-based coaches achieve a big income and impact in their business without sacrificing their freedom.

She is a speaker and the host of the popular Eating Like You Give a Damn podcast where she interviews experts, innovators, and celebrities about the global movement towards a plant-based future.

You’ll likely find her actively involved in a personal growth event, helping out at a farm animal sanctuary, or kickboxing at her local gym in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Baroness Brée :   0:00
way. Welcome to Fabulous Factory. I'm your host. Fairness. Pre fabulous factory is yours to fist Erratic destination for discussion on wellness, Dating Family and Blair life. Come with me while we discuss emerging fabulously in spite of Life's Factory. It's your girl, Baron Esprit

Stephanie Harter:   0:33
and Low Everyone. Welcome to this week's episode of Fabulous Factory. This week's episodes a little different. We're gonna call it eating Fuck Ary. This week's episode is featuring Miss Stephanie Harder, who is an award winning entrepreneur and the author of the book The Skinny on Eating Like You Give a Damn. So I met her at Pot Fast 2019 in Orlando, Florida and she was amazing. Welcome, Stephanie

Baroness Brée :   1:00
Girlfriend. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to talk to, you know, this is

Stephanie Harter:   1:05
fantastic. Thank you for talking to us and joining us to talk to us about your health in your food journey. Um, yeah, it's a little bit about how you got started with the whole eating like you give a damn movement.

Baroness Brée :   1:18
Wow. Well, that was a long time ago, but a very great question and the Reader's Digest version would be back in 2009 I read a book, and that book really started to open up my mind to the types of choices I was making about food. Um, and how it was going to impact my body, but not just my body, but how it also impacted other things that I cared about. And at the time, I really was, you know, um, resonating with what was happening with the animals and also how it was impacting the planet. So I never realized just how my food choices were impacting more than just myself. And that just set me on a journey to start unfolding. Exactly. You know what it was that I that I could eat. And it turned out that as I followed the journey towards crowding out animal products and replacing them with wholesome plant based foods, I started to feel a lot better and started to learn about how it was affecting my body in such amazing ways. And I just, you know, had chronic digestive issues ever since I was a kid. And all of that stuff just cleared up, and, um, I call that a natural, like, really nice side effect to living in accordance with my values and making choices that really feel good for me and, ah, since then it's It's just grown into a movement where I started on an entrepreneurial journey and and really getting in touch with this passion of mine to share this message because it was very disruptive to me up And, you know, at the time in my life, when I first found out about all of these things that you know, I didn't know about on all the foods that I had been raised to eat in love. So I made it my mission to share it with other people, but not in the traditional sense that you would see other, you know, vegans and plant based dieters, sharing it with people I really wanted. Thio invite more people to kind of hear my story, and if it resonated with them that I can help them along their journey wherever they were at. And that's how the movement grew. I wrote a book, I published it and started a podcast, and I've been growing a community for about a little over two years now ever since.

Stephanie Harter:   3:39
Well, you have definitely changed me. I I and some peeps of my friends and family have decided one day we're gonna go past a Terrian, not know what any of that men and, you know, we we cut out meat and started cutting out chicken, and we really thought we were doing something. But learning how the foods we eat really affect us really has changed our diet. We were watching a weight drop off, but it's more than just watching our weight. It's a whole lifestyle change.

Baroness Brée :   4:08
Yes and yeah, definitely it. I just

Stephanie Harter:   4:11
don't know. What do you recommend to the veg? Curious. That's the term you used in your pockets. I think it's adorable. Um, use what do you How can I explain to someone getting started? This is a great way to get Tau begin the plant based journey.

Baroness Brée :   4:27
Well, that's that's awesome question, because really, it starts with having a kn open conversation with somebody who's willing to want to take those first steps. You know, if they're wanting to learn more and they're wanting to move forward with, you know, the learning process because the learning takes time. But really it's just finding out where they are in that journey, finding out what they already know and ah, and then just kind of formulating from there like particular. Like for me, it's usually ah, film. You know, a lot of people love to actually see, you know, in story form some of the things that that can be easily learned about living, plant based or living off holistic, sort of a lifestyle. And so, you know, it just depends on what where they are in their journey and what is most important to them. So when I have a conversation with somebody and I kind of figure out just by asking questions, you know, just asking a lot of questions in the beginning like, um, you know, when somebody says something about well, you know, I know I should give up the area. No, dairy is not good for me. I'll usually ask them, You know, what is it about dairy that that's not so healthy as faras? What you've learned and whatever that feedback is, I can kind of build upon that and suggest other resource is for them to look into, um, you know, when they have their time or or I'll send the resource to them and ah, and then it kind of grows from there. So really, it's, um it's less about, you know, teaching certain statistics and everything, usually in one on one conversations with people we just find where their heart is if it's truly a, you know, personal journey that starts with their health, or if it's something jarring that they've learned about animal cruelty or about the the planet. You know what animal agriculture is doing to our planet and, you know, climate change being a really big conversation right now all over the world, you know, just finding out what the most important thing is and then take it from there.

Stephanie Harter:   6:31
We're trying to, you know, we're meeting people where we are and the well where they are. And the thing that's kind of pop it popping up everywhere are these Burger King and possible burgers

Baroness Brée :   6:41
you have on

Stephanie Harter:   6:43
and everyone's like, Oh, and I said, You can't eat those every day It is, you know, it's almost like eating a burger. It's plant based, but it's still, you know, a little fatty scott. You are with your opinion on those burgers

Baroness Brée :   6:56
s o. I just It's interesting that you should say that because you know I come from a health coaching background. I was a health coach, and now I actually am a business coach for vegan and plant based health coaches. But, you know, during that health coaching journey, I realized that you know it. It goes back to meeting people where they are, So if they're already eating fast food on a regular basis because that's their lifestyle, and maybe at this point in time, their health isn't paramount. You know, if it's not on the top of their minds, you know, I could stand there all day and talk to them until I'm blue in the face about how it's super important to like care about your health, because it affects so many other things in your life. The people that love you and care about you and you want a healthy body. You want the energy to be able to, you know, be successful in whatever it is you're doing from day to day. But the reality is some people, you know, they, they, um, are living within a certain budget. They have a certain means, and they have a certain way of life that maybe they're just not ready to make a big transition yet. So when it comes to, like, you know, the Burger King Impossible burger or the MK vegan, That's, you know, gonna be hitting America sometime soon. They've already released it over in Europe. And, uh, and like KFC, they have the think it's called the imposter or something like that, you know? So they have these new land based options. Yeah. Yeah. So they have these thes plant based options, which is really, really great. So and so it's great to help those people that you know, they have a choice now. So if that is there regular thing thio to consume fast food, you know, whether it's just once a month, whether it's, you know, several times a week, you know, whatever that looks like for them, they have a different option to choose and which it's What's really cool is to keep a tab on the news as far as that's concerned, and seeing just how that is actually making such a really great impact. I mean, the sales are through the roof on those particular foods, but yeah, but you know, necessarily they're not all that healthy. Sure

Stephanie Harter:   8:59
is crazy, but You know, it's making the adjustment and wanting to do the right things and eat the right foods. So, you know, um, for your book, you had a giveaway. Is it still available? This so download you're doing?

Baroness Brée :   9:13
Yeah, it's really funny. You bring that up right now. I don't know when this is going to air, but I will have, like, I will have this fixed by now. But at this point in time, I'm just now starting to make some transitions with my web site. Um, so as of like, two days ago, I think that that bonus download kind of got put on hold. So that's something I'm working on fixing and make, you know, getting back up today. I

Stephanie Harter:   9:33
didn't have a bit. I will chop it down. And I was at the end. Okay. Yeah, perfect. They have a bonus. When you purchased the book. A veil? Yes. Thank you. No, no, no, no. No worries. So now my other question for you as a podcaster, Um, how do you think this book has helped you to create your community?

Baroness Brée :   9:55
Well, I actually started the community first, so Yeah, So it's funny because I lived overseas for several years, and this was all during the very beginning of our plant based journey of our vegan journey. My husband and I, we were living over in Baja, reign for a year. So in the Middle East, And then we moved over to ah, Naples, Italy, for three years. And this was all, like, pretty much in the beginning stages of us trying to learn more about crowding out meat, dairy and eggs foods. And, um and and podcasting was the one thing that really made me feel connected because, you know, after moving out of the States, I just felt so disconnected from, you know, from community, especially when it comes to like a vegetarian and, ah, vegan community, because, you know, it was still pretty foreign over there, and this was this was several years ago, but it was still form. So, podcasting, I really like. It was just so grateful because I could put in my earbuds. And, you know, I could, you know, do things around the house or plug it into the car while I'm driving somewhere. And I could actually listen to certain podcasts and certain influencers that were in the vegetarian and vegan and plant based space tow help me learn and grow. So I always knew that podcast is gonna be like, the thing you know, that I was gonna end up starting and doing to help my community. But I actually started growing the community first as I was writing the book. So when I made that commitment that I was gonna write this book, the skinny on eating like you give a damn, I decided to go ahead and start a Facebook group and, ah, just started piling up. You know, all of my friends and my local network, And then from there it just grew, which is amazing, because now there's about 500 members in there right now. And that's without any paid advertising. Or, you know, anything, um, to to grow it and, you know, to grow in any other method.

Stephanie Harter:   12:03
You're amazing. Okay, You have a wonderful personality. Thank you. You're awesome. No, you're awesome. Sent me. So, um, it's interesting to me that you built the community before writing the book because I can't tell you the statement that I always uses that we're all not Beyonce. We can't have a product that pops up that night.

Baroness Brée :   12:25
But don't we all try to be like Beyonce's trying

Stephanie Harter:   12:29
to dance like her when you know it? Positive?

Baroness Brée :   12:32
Yeah. Girl, I was cheering you on. You jumped on that stage all like, yeah, I wish I could take it like that. Damn it, Just take it. Hits involved as much as you can be.

Stephanie Harter:   12:42
A part of that party was sponsored by a fun parties.

Baroness Brée :   12:47
But you are. There's some

Stephanie Harter:   12:49
good times fueled by Jamison hair. No, we You know, you really just Well, I have a lot of people who are writing books, and I'm actually the process of working on one myself.

Baroness Brée :   13:02
Congratulations. That's also and

Stephanie Harter:   13:04
I really love talking to people about their journeys because we all have information we can share with each other. This is how did you know that everything should be available for free. However, sometimes it's easy to give someone encouraging word or quick tip. So, you know, building the community before you start is a great tip because some people just right there book and they're like, OK, it's here. Now. How do I market it? Yeah, whereas you know, you had one, you know, Stephanie was at how fast she had on a shirt. This is even like you're given. Think she's got goodies. She's got this pit hair like her book covers a pinch of her eating. This disband X burger is like, Who is she eating on? And, you know, then you read the book and learn about her food journey, and you understand what she's thinking. And the fact that her husband is on this journey with her. Yeah, it's a remarkable to me. So congratulations to you guys. Well, thank you. Very sweet. What is a good bacon cheese? What was the ultimate was a cheese that melts.

Baroness Brée :   14:06
Oh, gosh. My favorite is by follow your heart for sure. Yeah, there's a lot of brands available, and they're all really, really great. But if we're talking about you know, the consistency specifically I really love Follow your heart and the flavour and consistency. I just keep going back. I love it.

Stephanie Harter:   14:25
Thank you. Because I've been trying okay and beyond. I am a mac and cheese girl for the holidays.

Baroness Brée :   14:32
How you asked me to. I love that continued.

Stephanie Harter:   14:36
So we have a certain, you know, like got certain expectation of what my panties fool to be

Baroness Brée :   14:41
like I e girl. I grew up Southern. I grew up on the Southern American diet. Okay, My mama put, um, Fatback and ah, whatever else she called it in our collard greens, like with the Mac and cheese, the frantic. And we had the whole nine. I get it. I

Stephanie Harter:   14:57
get a proper Southern upbringing. Hello. Yes, but you know, but no. You know, you're sitting here and I'm trying to tell my kids about healthy eating. And so I may collie flower mashed cauliflower, huh? Without talking to them about it. I was right in here. I didn't put, you know, a little Pasto. They weren't having it. Is that this? Is that poodles you don't want? So I'm trying to bring other alternate foods into my family's diet. Little by little, because I can teach them things they could take with them. Yeah, but the mashed cauliflower is not it. So we're tryingto you know, I'm getting to eat sushi. They haven't quite given up chicken yet. The last one that refuses to give up on me. But I've explained to him that if we reduce the amount of red meat. We can balance out our health. We can keep ourselves our little personal or Lester Rollo.

Baroness Brée :   15:48
Now, how old? How old is he? 18. Okay, Yeah.

Stephanie Harter:   15:52
You know, very dominant young man personality? Sure. Oh, yeah. Teaching them some good eating habits, the little ones. 12. He pretty much movie. Almost anything I eat, huh? And I say almost cause he is not having it with the beacon cheese.

Baroness Brée :   16:08
Yeah, yeah, it's definitely a learning experience, for sure, but that the fact that you're actually trying some new things that's what makes the difference, though, because, you know, nobody's gonna figure out what they like until they try it. Right? So this is really good that you're exploring different options. Eventually, you all find stuff that you like. Um, and that's that's where that this becomes a journey, as opposed to, like, you know, a lifestyle change that people could just easily make overnight. Like I still yet have not met anybody in person. I hear like these, you know, like unicorn stories of people that, you know, just changed overnight. But I haven't met one or talked to one yet, so but, uh but yeah, it's definitely a journey and, you know, as faras you know them being young men, you know, are at the advertising. In our culture, it's just it predominantly targets young men, right? Especially when it comes to fast food and just food culture in general. If you look at like that, all the marketing, they really target men heavily. And there's a new film that just came out. I think you would all enjoy watching it as a family. Actually, it's called the Game Changers and and it really focuses on the health aspects of performance and recovery as far as you know how. Food affects these things and ah, and they have a website right now. Let me tell you, I was going through that Web site. I was like, You'll damn the recipes they have on there. It sounds like it would be like right up your alley, because it's all foods that are rich like that I grew up with. But they just do it like plant the style, and it's amazing. Hey, guys, have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? If you're looking for a way to get out your messaging or even just to create a fun talk show. Podcasting is an easy and inexpensive way to reach your own line Client base. Podcasting. Is it hard when you have the right partners? And the team that Bus Sprout is passionate about helping you to succeed? And guess what? If you click the link in my show notes you are eligible for a $20 Amazon gift card. Check out bus sprout and let me know if you have any questions. Hit me. Hit me up on my messages.

Stephanie Harter:   18:17
I have to check that out. And then, Yeah, I'm thinking about so in your book, you talk about you have the section about dining away from home, huh? And talk about the vegan options in mainstream restaurants. And, um, I'm the substitute queen now is that can I say about this and put that out? That and do that and they hate me, but I'm going to I'm in the D. C. Area, so we have some pretty decent food options. Nice to go out to other parts of America. They don't necessarily have to vegan options available. And that's where I struggle is one of the incredible I'm I'm reverting back to my old eating habits because it's like old after I check. It looks amazing. They don't have anything else I want. But, you know, reading your book is made me realize that I can meet, you know, veggie veggie sushi rolls. I can eat the past a version of the Marron era versus getting really said that. I can't have meat lasagna, you know, eating the eating vegetable samosa, Stas. Eating us Emma the Saami rice with the lentils. Just remembering everything. Doesn't have to have lamb in it.

Baroness Brée :   19:24
Yes, girl. Yes.

Stephanie Harter:   19:26
So it's just it's been a learning process. And I want to just thank you for giving us the tools. And, you know, the fact that your offer that you I know you're no longer coaching full time, but the fact that your offer and coaches your wisdom is very, very useful.

Baroness Brée :   19:40
Well, yeah. Thank you for saying that. And thank you for actually just being willing to be open to the message and, you know, finding residents with it and actually starting that journey of just making some different decisions. Um, and you know, if you don't mind me asking, like, is health may be the primary motivation for you. and your family right now.

Stephanie Harter:   20:02
So, to be honest with you, I want to change my eating habits before it becomes a necessity. Okay? Because you know, as I'm getting older and my parents, unfortunately did not have, like, long life spans, But I can do what I can now to stay healthy versus trying to get healthy when I gets it.

Baroness Brée :   20:21
That's a really great plan. I wish more people thought like you. That's really awesome.

Stephanie Harter:   20:25
We got to do better. Even though I will say thanksgiving this comment? Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Ola cakes and pies are gonna be mine. But I know. And I will say you're not trying trying to keep pretty Alexis. For most part, we're going past a Terrian. So I'm sticking to various fishes and a lot of, you know, best vegetarian options on the side. But, um, lamb is definitely my Achilles heel. Heel. Okay, I can't do much of that show as I wish I could, but what's happening is that I'm learning in moderation. We can do certain things. So maybe if you eat that thing once a year Mmm. You can do it. I haven't had pork products in over a year and some change. Wow. Very cool. So port in two years and read me has been one here.

Baroness Brée :   21:17
Well, that's really great to celebrate right there, cause I just know, like, you know, in my heritage, growing up with, you know, Southern food and having Southern roots like pork and red meat, those air, like my two biggest things. Like, you know, we just had those either seasoning everything or as the main source of you, no food on the plate. So that's a really huge adjustment. So congratulations on that.

Stephanie Harter:   21:44
Thank you. I'm sure eat enough ham and pork for six lifetimes. It does

Baroness Brée :   21:48
I Here you go.

Stephanie Harter:   21:52
Well, now, question for you as far as your beauty routine. Are you doing anything that you know? Do you have a plant based beauty routine? Are you doing? Ah, Alternate routine.

Baroness Brée :   22:02
Mmm. That's a good question. I don't know that I really have a beauty routine. Every honest Ah, you're so you're so amazing. Thank you. I think you're gorgeous as well. My God. My head is not gonna be able to fit through the door by the time I get off the phone with you. Oh, Um, yeah. I don't know that I have, Ah, beauty routine. Really? I think just ah, you know, focusing. I think balance has a lot to do with it. Maybe as faras Like I noticed. Ah, my skin cleared up, right? So when I was growing up, I and even into my early twenties I had, like, adult acne and and that started clearing up the more that I was eating. Maurin alignment with my values, my personal values and, um, so just eating a lot healthier. And my my we sort of follow like the 80 20 rule at home because I feel like that's our good balance. That's what works for us. And I've gone through many stages or seasons in my life where I've, you know, gone pretty close to, like, 100% of like a whole food plant based, maybe 50% raw, you know, doing a lot of Jews seeing, you know, doing some higher vedek supplements and things like that to, you know, all the way to like going through a season where pretty much I was eating like guardian. Um, you know, prepackaged plant based, um, you know, processed foods and the man. You know, the vegan mayonnaise is in the vegan butter. And things like that I find right now at this season of my life is my husband and I. We love this 80 20 right where it's, like 80% healthy whole foods and the 20% we have to play with So we can go out and have that impossible burger every once in a while or have that, you know, the vegan cake and brownie and cookie or whatever, you know. So, uh, so really, not much of a beautiful routine first, say, but I think a lot of it just comes from putting the focus on wholesome food first and then, you know, enjoying the occasional reward, whatever that reward looks like for for you. For me, it's usually sweets. Oh, our big, juicy vegan burger. Yeah.

Stephanie Harter:   24:18
Okay. Well, you know what? You are amazing. Thank you so much for giving me your time and telling my community about your community. That's how we cross pollinate. Yes. You know, if you could just share really quickly your social handles where people can find you.

Baroness Brée :   24:35
Yeah. Thank you for asking. So I'm Stephanie. Harder. I can be found at eating like you give a damn on Facebook and on Instagram

Stephanie Harter:   24:45
and, um, a part of when you get her book eating like you get. I'm sorry. The skinny on eating like you give a damn. Her book comes with a free bonus, which I love, Which is the endless plant based food guide that gives you ah, lot of friendly fam family friendly meals and that nasty, They're really good, you know, just is another tool for you to consider because we're Brent winding down the end of 2019 about the golden 2020. Some of us may have health and weight loss goals on our list of To Do. Why wait till 2020 where we can start practicing now? We have a little bit of time before the year is start being healthy. Now, don't wait till January 1 because we're not going to it then either. So thank you, Stephanie. I really appreciate you. Thank you for calling in.

Baroness Brée :   25:33
Um, Bree, you're amazing. Thank you so much for having me.

Stephanie Harter:   25:36
Thank you. And guys, I'm Baroness Brief from headless buggery. You confine me anywhere at Baroness Bree and at f A B Fuck ary Pinterest, Twitter, instagram, ready, twitch and anywhere

Baroness Brée :   25:53
else you may find and listen to podcasts have a wonderful