The Role of a Chief Legal Officer with Steven Dimirsky
Recklesss Compliance
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Recklesss Compliance
The Role of a Chief Legal Officer with Steven Dimirsky
Feb 19, 2024 Season 1 Episode 5
Max Aulakh

The podcast features Steve Demersky, the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Legal Officer at 1010 Data. He discusses the importance of legal and compliance officers in the cybersecurity and risk management field. Data privacy is a major concern for SaaS companies, and they need to ensure they are handling client data safely and in compliance with regulations. The podcast also touches on the use of SOC audits and the need for credible auditors who can identify and address organizational flaws.

Topics we discuss:

  • Role of Legal at 1010 Data
  • Risk Management 
  • SaaS Security Compliance
    • Supplier Risk
    • Certifications & External Attestations
  • Improving SOC 2, FedRAMP and similar compliance initiatives

Max's Bio

Max is the CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform and a Data Security and Compliance leader delivering DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations. He has trained and excelled while working for the United States Air Force. He maintained and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global unclassified and classified networks.

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