Enclaves in the Era of CMMC with Reuben Patton
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Recklesss Compliance
Enclaves in the Era of CMMC with Reuben Patton
Mar 18, 2024 Season 1 Episode 7
Max Aulakh

Max Aulakh invites Reuben Patton to discuss the implementation of enclaves in the context of CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification). Reuben, with his experience in both the classified sector and cybersecurity, provides insights on how enclaves, traditionally used in classified environments, are now being applied to manage CMMC requirements. He dives into strategies for handling Operational Technology and Research & Development in relation to CMMC, discussing the challenges and considerations of incorporating these areas into compliance frameworks. The conversation also touches on the practicalities and complexities of managing enclaves, offering valuable guidance for organizations navigating CMMC compliance.

Topics we discuss:

  • Understanding Enclaves
  • Enclaves in Operational Technology
  • Strategic Implementation of Enclaves

Max Aulakh Bio:

Max is the CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform and a Data Security and Compliance leader delivering DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations. He has trained and excelled while working for the United States Air Force. He maintained and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global unclassified and classified networks.

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