Family Health by Mini First Aid

Episode 1: Understanding Sepsis

May 16, 2023 Family Health by Mini First Aid Season 1 Episode 1
Family Health by Mini First Aid
Episode 1: Understanding Sepsis
Show Notes

In this episode, Kate talks to NHS consultant in Intensive Care, Dr Ron Daniels, who is also the Executive Director and founder of the UK Sepsis Trust. A staggering 48,000 deaths every year in the UK are linked to sepsis. Many of these could be prevented with better knowledge and understanding. In a recent survey, over 60% of people said they did not know the signs and symptoms of Sepsis. This podcast will empower you to help keep your family safe from sepsis by understanding what it is, and the signs and symptoms you need to look out for.

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Dr Ron Daniels is an NHS consultant in intensive care. He is Executive Director and founder of The UK Sepsis Trust and sits on the Executive Board of the Global Sepsis Alliance. Ron has worked closely with the NHS over the last 5 years to ensure that in England, more than 80% of patients presenting with suspected sepsis now receive appropriate antimicrobials rapidly.


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