Family Health by Mini First Aid

Episode 13: Understanding Oral & Dental Health

November 28, 2023 Mini First Aid Season 2 Episode 13
Family Health by Mini First Aid
Episode 13: Understanding Oral & Dental Health
Show Notes

Show Notes:

“It is not uncommon for under 5’s to have their full set of teeth removed”. This is the unbelievable truth we hear in this week’s podcast from Marisa Russell, Mini First Aid trainer and dental nurse. 

In this episode, Kate talks to Marisa Russell about oral and dental health. Marisa talks us through why children’s teeth can be so prone to decay and surprisingly, it’s not just about what they eat and how often they brush. 

It’s Mouth Cancer Action Month, so this is one for the whole family as Marisa explains why regular dental checks are so important, and not only from the perspective of keeping those pearly whites in tip top condition.

If you have a battle with your children about brushing their teeth and sometimes wonder if it’s worth it, this episode is for you! 


NHS - Children's Teeth

Mouth Cancer Action Month

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Marisa Russell is a qualified dental nurse, tutor and assessor. She qualified as a dental nurse in 2003 and now works with a training provider tutoring and preparing trainee dental nurses for their exams. Marisa started working for
Mini First Aid Sussex in September 2021, she has a little boy who is almost 5 years old who likes to learn first aid and lives in Brighton.