The Digital Customer Success Podcast
Digital Advice from a CS OG and Innovator with Irit Eizips of CSM Practice | Episode 047
Episode Artwork Digital Advice from a CS OG and Innovator with Irit Eizips of CSM Practice | Episode 047 50:18 Episode Artwork Sibling Synergy and Machine Learning in CS with Maarten and Michiel Doornenbal of Churned | Episode 046 39:43 Episode Artwork Applying Common Sense to Digital Customer Experience with Rob Zambito of Success Scaled | Episode 045 55:18 Episode Artwork Video Micro-Learning at Scale with Delores Cooper of Zendesk | Episode 044 37:42 Episode Artwork The Power of Hyper-Personalized Content for Customer Success with Nik Mijic of Matik | Episode 043 36:39 Episode Artwork Customer Education and The Digital Journey with Erica Akroyd of Pendo | Episode 042 43:59 Episode Artwork Data Analysis and Service Recovery Philosophy with Lane Hart of Contentsquare | Episode 041 55:51 Episode Artwork AI Driven Digital Customer Success in App Form w/ Dickey Singh of | Episode 040 51:22 Episode Artwork Cross Collaborating on the Customer Journey with James Lawson of River Consulting Group | Episode 039 52:07 Episode Artwork Tearing Down PLG & SLG Walls in Digital CX with Dee Kapila of Miro | Episode 038 49:36 Episode Artwork Driving Community & Scale at LinkedIn with Ezra Zimbler of LinkedIn | Episode 37 45:00 Episode Artwork Hiring for Digital CS and the State of the Job Market with Sara Roberts of Bayview Talent | Episode 36 55:29 Episode Artwork Diversifying and Digitizing Customer Success with Annie Dean of RecastSuccess | Episode 035 50:47 Episode Artwork Short Form Content & Human Language in Digital Customer Success with Anika Zubair of Griffin | Episode 034 55:11 Episode Artwork Elevating CS Within Your Organization with Anita Toth | Episode 033 57:22 Episode Artwork Digital Customer Success with and Engineering Mindset with Bhavika Kochhar | Episode 032 36:36 Episode Artwork How Digital Fuels the Post-Sale Journey at Demandbase with Alyssa Opella | Episode 031 55:36 Episode Artwork Building Community in Digital Customer Success with Marie Lunney | Episode 030 45:03 Episode Artwork Putting Humanity Back Into Digital Customer Success with Jon Johnson of UserTesting | Episode 029 1:12:19 Episode Artwork Digital Customer Success, Music & Banter with Jeff Kushmerek of Infinite Renewals | Episode 028 59:08 Episode Artwork Scaling Customer Success the Totango Way with Chris Dishman | Episode 027 46:48 Episode Artwork Customer Value Led Growth in Digital CS with Markus Rentsch of Remark-Able | Episode 026 51:27 Episode Artwork Driving Customer Outcomes at Scale with CS Legend Greg Daines (a.k.a The Churn Doctor) of ChurnRX | Episode 025 54:26 Episode Artwork Driving Hybrid Customer Success Through Orchestrated Onboarding with Donna Weber | Episode 024 49:36 Episode Artwork One of the Digital CS Originals: It’s Lane Holt of Gainsight! | Episode 023 49:23