In the Heart of Being

Beyond Time, are you ready to open your mind?

July 26, 2023 Nathalie Nevali
In the Heart of Being
Beyond Time, are you ready to open your mind?
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Time is a perculair concept. How it stretches to eternity and folds into nothing. 
One moment lasting, endlessly forever and others fleeing from the moment we are aware of it.  For me time is of a circulair nature. Depending on where you are and when you step into the circle.

Open your mind and let the concept of time as we know it or have been learned, pass a a long forgotten reality. And the whole universe will open up...

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Today, Jose and I are going to talk about beyond time. So, time is one of my favorite subjects. Actually, because I don't believe in time. I never did. Time is an interesting concept, because when you start to disbelieve in time, in a way, you can also work with it. You know, time is not linear, it's more circular.

And sometimes, I don't know if you know that, then you're working and you think, oh, I've been working so hard, it's almost time to go home. And you look at the clock and you're like, what happened? How is this possible? And the other time, it's the other way around. You look at the clock and you're like, what?

It's already this time. What happened? So time is something that in a way we can stretch, but also can fold. Let's talk about another concept of time. It's because time is circular. So it means where you are with your thought on this time level, you step in. So, if you're just thinking all day about the things that happen to you, or that everything goes wrong, you create your own time loop, over and over again.

You keep on walking the same circle of time. The spirits show me you have all those time circles, above each other ? from the bottom to the top. It can be many. So in that way, we have many realities. But it's time is the one that they told us is constant. So when we are in a certain circle, we believe that this is where we always will be, and we try to get out.

But somewhere deep inside, we believe this is our time circle. When you start realizing that time is not linear, But circular, and it has to do with how we perceive life, how we think, how we react, what they tell us, actually. You can jump from one circle to the other, well then life becomes fun.

And it's not about that you need to have a fun life, because then you also have most of the times a very empty life. Because we need our ups and downs. This is , our life here on this planet. We bump our nose, and we feel it, and then afterwards you really have to laugh about it this is how we learn in this, actually I don't believe in learning. I believe in growing. This is how we grow on this plane. So when we let go of the concept of time, then you truly become free. Because everything in this world is brought back to time. We need to be there on time. The day and the night are this long, you know, from this time, then the day begins.

If we think about it, in how many things time has made its entrance. It says how limited, we are, when we start living by time. And when you let it go more and more, the funniest thing is that you are on time when you need to be somewhere. In a way, you go more with the energy flow than that you think of, Okay, now I, now I need to go, now I need to go.

I understand the bigger principle of all of this, but I, find it also somehow difficult to understand how you can run. Work. Make appointments and not be on time and just let it flow. I can imagine I would be Tremendously late everywhere totally in the flow Not in time

ut the interesting thing if I'm allowed to say that is that even that you work with time Most of the times you're not on time. So it would be an interesting experiment just to see what happened. And of course we work with what we have in this world, . I also make appointments, but in the rest of the time when I don't have to work of other things, I let it go. So you make use of the practical thing? 

They say this can be very deep because beyond time means that you also let go of the person you are. So beyond time has several layers. When you do that, then in a way, time loses its grip upon you. And, you become a free spirit. That's why it is interesting to let time go much more

to use it when you need to use it. When you're free, most people are never free, but when you're free, then you need to let it go because then life can amaze you, like a second can feel like hours. And that happens when you leave the concept of time. It was always very interesting because when people get older, they always say like, I don't know what happens, but it's like time is flying

And I believe it has more to do with when you get older, you get most of the time a little bit more relaxed. You have seen a lot of things in your life, and you know, even when things are bad, they will work out. You get in the ease, much more in the ease, and then life just unfolds. 

I also hear from a lot of young people that find it difficult, that time goes so quick. But I think that has a different background issue than being relaxed. 

I believe they are even more consumed with time than when we were that age, there are so many things that ask their attention all the time. all day, most of the times during the night, even so, so they never have the time to relax or the time to be at ease. They are so caught up, in needing to do all those things. If you would give them two days in one day it would not be enough because it has nothing to do with the hours of the day, but it has more to do, that they are consumed. But they also long for this freedom. So when you go beyond time, freedom is in your hand.

The other, other day we talked about presence. And actually when you are in the present, you starting to become beyond time, because there's nothing to reach for, there's nothing to gain. Well, there's a lot to gain, but not earthly things, there's nothing to reach out for because everything is already there.

When you step into the beyond time, the whole universe is opening up. The interesting thing of the other layer of beyond time is when you allow yourself to detach actually from this world is because this is actually what you do when you let time pass more and more and you not being aware of the passage of time.

This is actually what is beyond time. Time passes, but you're not aware of it that it passes. Then you start connecting with an higher part of yourself and this higher part of yourself will start to give you insights because now they finally found a way to reach you. But therefore, we need to go beyond time, and beyond time is letting go that attaches us to everything, we have learned in this world. 

Next time, Jose and I will talk about magic. Magic is something we all know, and in a way we all long for. It is something that we feel inside us, and it is something that we see all around us. In the books we read and in the movies we see, but it goes beyond that. Magic is a part of life, and it's just for you to see it again, to embrace it, and to open the space to enter it more and more into your life.