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Adapting to the New Economy with the Bachelors/MBA 4+1 Program

May 12, 2020 Feliciano School of Business
The Business Edge
Adapting to the New Economy with the Bachelors/MBA 4+1 Program
Show Notes

In this episode, Feliciano School of Business MBA Advisor April Sime discusses the new Bachelors/MBA 4+1 program for students.  She describes the benefits of the program, program requirements, course offerings, and pathway for students to be successful in the new post-covid economy by attaining this new degree. 

The 4 + 1 Bachelors/MBA is a five year program, during which students will spend three years taking courses required for their chosen bachelor’s degree program and in their fourth year, they will complete (along with required undergraduate program courses) 6 credits worth of graduate business (MBA) coursework. This will satisfy both undergraduate degree requirements and count toward achievement of the MBA degree.

In the fifth year, students will take their courses required for a General MBA, in a full-time format with graduate coursework. Students must apply for acceptance into the program in their junior year and will be admitted into the MBA program in their senior year if they meet the GPA requirement. Students who do not meet 4 + 1 program requirements or who choose not to pursue the MBA by completing the remaining courses in year five will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. Students who complete the 5-year program will possess both a Bachelor’s degree in their undergraduate discipline and an MBA degree.

Program Benefits

  • High-achieving Montclair State undergraduates are able to complete a Bachelors and MBA degree in five years
  • Students from a variety of undergraduate disciplines gain valuable business and professional knowledge, skills and experiences that enhance their employability and career options post graduation.
  • Students can take advantage of a more cost-effective option for getting an MBA degree by taking some “swing” graduate courses that satisfy both their undergraduate and graduate degrees at the undergraduate tuition rate

The following undergraduate programs are approved for participation in the 4 +1 program:

  • BA Religion
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Humanities
  • BA History
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Classics
  • BA Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics
  • BS Env Science
  • BS Sustainability
  • BS Biology
  • BA Economics
  • BS Business Administration  
    • Business Analytics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Hospitality Management
    • International Business
    • Management
    • Management of Information & Technology
    • Marketing
    • Retail Merchandising & Management 
    • Real Estate
    • Sports, Events, & Tourism Marketing 

As enrollees in a 5 year Bachelors/MBA program, students will complete 120 credits of undergraduate courses including 6 credits of MBA core courses (“swing” courses), 24 credits of remaining MBA core coursework and 6 credits of MBA elective courses, for a total of 150 credits.