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Is the U.S. Economic Recession Over?

June 30, 2020 Feliciano School of Business
The Business Edge
Is the U.S. Economic Recession Over?
Show Notes

Feliciano School of Business professor in the Department of Economics, Dr. David Axelrod, shares his insights and opinions on the question “Is the U.S. Economic Recession Over?”

Dr. Axelrod discusses several questions related to this topic, including the following:

  • May jobs report and its’ implications on the US economy
  • Industries that are experiencing job growth 
  • Predictions for the June jobs report
  • Economic trends as states are reopening
  • Pre-coronavirus unemployment level return

Dr. Axelrod received his Ph.D. in Economics from Rutgers University in 1990, with the dissertation Three Essays on Latency in Economics and Decision Making. He has taught at Montclair State University as an adjunct professor since 2013. Previously, he worked in finance for twenty years as an economist, consultant and actuarial analyst, including positions with Falcon Management, Volvo Finance, and Crum & Forster. He has also produced research in health economics, and the nature of choice and well-being. Dr. Axelrod provides holonomic consultation and workshops. He plays electric bass and has released over a dozen albums of original music.