The Business Edge

2020 Presidential Debate

January 11, 2021 Feliciano School of Business
The Business Edge
2020 Presidential Debate
Show Notes

Feliciano School of Business faculty members in the Department of Economics, David Axelrod and Todd Federman, debate the question “Which U.S. presidential candidate has the best economic plan to improve the current U.S. economy?” The professors provide an overview of each candidate’s plan and share their insights and opinions based on their expertise and research. The plans discussed include tax reform, minimum wage, trade and tariffs, environment, health care, and stimulus plans. 

06:34 Tax reform

13:15 Minimum wage

19:32 Trade and Tariffs

24:42 Environment

32:47 Health Care

40:42 Stimulus plan

*This episode was recorded on October 16, 2020