The Standard Sportsman

George Dunklin, Jr. (part 1)

August 17, 2023 George Dunklin, Brent Birch and Cason Short Season 1 Episode 5
The Standard Sportsman
George Dunklin, Jr. (part 1)
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Legendary waterfowler and conservationist George Dunklin, Jr. of Humphrey, Arkansas, joins the show to discuss his fantastic legacy and views on the sport of duck hunting. 

  • Family history acquiring prime hunting land across southeast Arkansas
  • His introduction to the sport of duck hunting
  • Tenure as an Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Commissioner
  • Tenure as President of Ducks Unlimited

Part 2 of the podcast with Mr. Dunklin tackles the development of the Five Oaks Ag Research & Education Center, its role in waterfowl and habitat research, and the famed Five Oaks Duck Lodge.

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Recorded July 2023

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Intro George H. Dunklin, Jr.
Dunklin's rise to AGFC Commissioner
Farm Bill/Conservation Advocacy
DU Presidency
Wings Over Water Film