The Standard Sportsman

Pat Pitt - The Waterfowler

November 02, 2023 Brent Birch and Cason Short Season 1 Episode 16
The Standard Sportsman
Pat Pitt - The Waterfowler
Show Notes

For over 60 years, Pat Pitt has chased waterfowl worldwide but calls his long-running club, The L'Anguille Lounge in Northeast Arkansas, home in the winter. Pitt talks about the importance of relationships, family, the anti-hunting movement and valuing the mallard hen.  He shares his story of surviving a heart attack while duck hunting and why every single hunt is a gift.

Tune in for excellent insights into the past, present & future of waterfowling from a legend in the sport.

NOTE: Pat's audio is a little rough at the beginning but improves for most of the podcast.

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