The Standard Sportsman

Dr. Doug Osborne, Waterfowl Researcher

January 18, 2024 Brent Birch and Cason Short Season 1 Episode 27
The Standard Sportsman
Dr. Doug Osborne, Waterfowl Researcher
Show Notes

Dr. Doug Osborne is a Professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Arkansas-Monticello, focusing on waterfowl. He also plays a vital role in Humphrey, Arkansas's Five Oaks Ag Research and Education Center

In this episode, Osborne provides up-to-the-minute locations of GPS-marked mallards after and during this harsh cold front. He compares current behavior to the February 2021 lock-up in the Mississippi Flyway. 

Osborne also discusses the impact of harvesting adult and hen mallards during down population years and a need to reassess Adaptive Harvest Management (AHM) and its ability to set appropriate season frameworks. 

It's a great listen for anyone wondering where the ducks are and how the population gets rebuilt to that magical 10 million mallards number.

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