Energy Crue

Exec Crüe: A Journey of Connection, Growth, and Leadership

September 05, 2023
Energy Crue
Exec Crüe: A Journey of Connection, Growth, and Leadership
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Welcome aboard this captivating journey where passion meets purpose, creating something truly remarkable - Exec Crüe. This is a unique networking group, birthed from my experiences with Connection Crüe, and now honed to cater exclusively to those at the helm - founders, leaders, and executives. We'll discuss the transformation of Exec Crüe from its humble beginnings to a blossoming community, empowering individuals through knowledge sharing, fostering meaningful relationships, and mutual growth.

Ever imagined what an eclectic mix of motivated, passionate individuals hungry for knowledge could achieve? Well, you don't have to wonder any longer! With dynamic monthly meetings, we've gone beyond the ordinary. We've incorporated professional and personal development coaching into our agenda, making Exec Crüe more than just a networking group. Here's where you learn, grow, and invest in not only yourself but also your network. 

Even in a world that seemingly thrives on disconnect, Exec Crüe stands out, weaving a web of genuine connections. Anticipate an exciting line-up of in-person events, exclusive access to our online directory, and a unique initiative - Mentorship Minutes. Imagine a platform where you can find mentors adept in areas like branding, marketing, or financial management. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we'll talk about an exciting recent success and the upcoming event. So, gear up for this exhilarating ride of growth and development with Exec Crüe. Unveil the power of true connection and collaboration as we venture together towards a more prosperous future.

Speaker 1:

Could do. Oh, and welcome to a new energy crew podcast. I'm your host, jp Warren. I want to thank everyone out there for tuning in to this podcast. We know that there's so many different podcasts out there. If you're enjoying this, be sure to take a listen to the previous podcast we've had. We've had some great discussions regarding energy, energy policy, what motivates leaders, the passion behind these different individuals and achievers, not just the only gas industry, but across several different industries. I want to thank you all for tuning in today. Today's a special episode, as I am going to be discussing I'm going to be going to be rebroadcasting a live stream that I did regarding one of my passion projects that I'm working on. This new networking group that I'm developing and creating is called Exec Crew. That's what's been sponsoring this podcast lately. I thought why not share with you the first look inside Exec Crew? If you're a founder, if you're a leader, if you're an executive, this group will be very interesting to you. This is strictly knowledge sharing connections, elevating the whole idea. Everyone's a teacher and everyone's a student. It's 30 minutes and we released it probably about a week and a half ago. It's got some great feedback and it dives into more of what to expect at Exec Crew. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me or shoot a DM or something like that on LinkedIn or our Instagram page, energy Crew. Just let me know what you think and if you want to learn more. Thank you, enjoy the ride. We hope to see you soon. I guess I am live. Good morning everyone. Of course, during these live streams, I need to check the other feeds to ensure that we are live elsewhere. I want to thank everyone for tuning in. I think it's a Friday morning. It's Friday, august 25th, 9.07 am. We're a little bit behind, but that's okay, it's Friday morning. I want to thank everyone for tuning in. If you are tuning in, please chime in and say hello wherever you're tuning in from. I always like to get some audience banter going on. The point of today's conversation is to provide an overview and a discussion on what Exec Crew is, where it started, what to expect with Exec Crew, the cool community that it's going to build and all the exciting things that's going to come with it. Let's see if we have the sound system going. Okay, we have my beautiful wife. Hello from Club Westside. Can you hear me? Okay, monica, you might be going. Oh, we have Cody tuning in from OKC. What's up, cody? I hope to catch up with you soon. Man, it's been a little bit. We have James tuning in from OKC. What's going on, james? Hope everything is well in your world and you are keeping. Hopefully that strike, the Hollywood strike, isn't affecting you too much, all right, so Monica says she can hear me. Just fine, that is good. That is my sound technician, I hope. Again, I hope everyone is having a great morning. This is going to be kind of a casual conversation, kind of unscripted conversation. If I tie myself to scripts I kind of get jumbled up, so I'm going to keep it going here. Yes, so for those that don't know me, my name is JP Warren. I am the founder of Connection Crew. Connection Crew was founded two years ago and probably a couple months after Connection Crew started. The whole goal of Connection Crew was to kind of connect people to people, people to brands, brands to brands, and that was kind of the whole idea of it. But from that I realized that there was a huge opportunity in the operator and producer space in the oil and gas industry to connect the networks and the connections in the operator's side was tremendously low. I don't think operators getting involved in networking events, and I understood why. So the whole point of Crew Club was to develop a kind of an environment and to facilitate genuine connections that occur in the operator and producer space. Since it started in October 21, we've had 115 different events with over 880 different operators and producers attending the events, with 43% being VP or higher, 63 or 68% something with a weird either it's a 3 or an 8, being manager or higher. It's been awesome. It's been great to see the connections that are made. Starting this in the past, you always tell people about the value of connections, the value of networking and something that I truly believe, otherwise I would never step off on my own and kind of start in my own company based off of networking and connecting people that should connect, and finally, kind of after months and months and months, of bringing people to the room, bringing people to the room, and kind of repeating my belief and kind of where I see the values in connections, networking and genuine connections. Not this transactional BS that happens, what we become accustomed to, where everything is based on price, but actual, genuine connections, connections that not just help people out professionally but also personally. I think that's kind of what makes this industry so special. So yeah, so that's kind of started and since then, since recently now, everything's kind of coming back. Now the feedback's coming back. I guess the seeds were planting when Crew Club first started and to see all this kind of to formulate blossom, all these connections grow outside of the event is really kind of the catalyst and kind of the origin story on what's coming down the line with exec crew and I'm super excited that. But first let's say hello to some viewers and listeners out there. We got Zach Tuenik can hear you loud and clear. That's good to hear. Mark LaCour, what's up from H-Town? What's going on? Mark? I see you staying busy. I love your content For those out there. Follow Hello and all that stuff. Brian Black well, more in JP Sounds good. I'm digging that. Trey, hope you are doing well up in Fort Worth and I hope to see you next week. Actually I don't have a registration from you, trey, calling you out now on LinkedIn Live. Happy Friday, all happy Friday. Linkedin user. Thanks for tuning in, keith Grunmauer from the Permian. Keith and I see you supporting the Sky Hyper Kids hair donation, fundraise out there, so good stuff. I think last year, keith and I, another three people raised probably over 35 grand actually to support the fight against pediatric cancer. So it's awesome cause. All right, patrick Pisser Whoa, that's a blast from a pass. Howdy, jp. What's going on? Patrick's been a minute All right. Good deal, trey Calling you out, and sometimes you got to call your friends out on LinkedIn Live to get them to actually act on stuff. So let's get this kicked off. I kind of want to start this off. I was kind of thinking about kind of an interesting way to kind of to start off this conversation on execfru and what exactly execfru is, and I've been using kind of the phrases you know elevate your networks, elevate your knowledge and elevate yourself. And the reason why I'm pretty excited about execfru is because I have seen the impacts and what it does to people's careers and professional life, the value of networking with the right people, with the people that can help you out, that you can help out. Again, it's not transactional, but in life we all do need help, whether it's personally, professionally. And one of the stories that I like when it comes to elevating your network flashback a couple years back, there was a buddy of mine, an operator, looking for an engineer, an engineer kind of you know, just you know, smart, hungry, young, motivated engineer. And I connected him with a friend of mine, flash forward, and my wife told me to keep these stories short. So I'm going to try, monica, I will try my hardest to keep these stories short. So, anyway, so hooked up these two people who did not know each other previously, they started working together, flash forward, several years down the road, they just recently sold one of their companies and through that connection they were both not number one to, I guess, operate more efficiently and effectively to get the point that their company was ready to sell. And number two it's so awesome seeing two connections that didn't know each other be connected, crush it in the professional world and be friends on the professional side but also sell their company and see success in your friendship. So number one, that's the power of knowledge, because there was a need for knowledge there and through that connection you just see, you know the whole team celebrate their success. Another thing is elevate your networks. I think it's kind of cool, you know, all these different events, these networking events that they go to with Crew Club. It's amazing to to sit around the table and this kind of again, all this this this past two years is really kind of Defined where exec cruise gonna go. At these conversations around the table it's a lot of people kind of talking about kind of Obviously day jobs and this and that. But whenever passion, whenever people start talking about their passion and I'm sure people out there have seen this as well Something shifts, something happens to the energy from that person on how they're communicating, something happens to the, to the energy at the table. It draws people in, it inspires people. It helps people learn a New topic and a new task, a new trick that they would never know before. And that's done through passions and I've seen that firsthand. A random story about this is somebody was talking about their passion, about like I think it was like Mongolian throat, heavy metal, death music and and this gentleman was pretty kind of high up there at this at this company. I love seeing this and these two people connected from this that didn't know each other previously and now they're kind of going to contests together. Now they have a friendship outside of work where they do rely on each other. They are friends. They do a Hangout after. So seeing that personal connection is inspiring as well. And the last thing is elevate yourself. This is a kind of a personal story and this is again, this is the. The origin story of of Execfru is that you know, when I first started this business a connection, crew, crew, club, all this stuff and even today I don't have it figured out. I don't have, I don't know everything what it's like to run a business, but I shouldn't. I'm just one person, contrary to believe my wife. I would tell my wife that I know everything, but I don't. That's a fun fact. I don't know a lot. And when it comes to elevating myself, I've realized that I've gained more insight, knowledge, expertise, guidance, advice just from picking up the phone and calling people out there, calling my network of people that have been in my shoes Previously, or people that have more experience than what I'm doing, and just learning from them, learning from their guidance. Hey, watch out for this. Have you thought about this? It just popped up opportunities, it has popped up Opportunities, just kind of keeps my eyes focused on, I guess, the goal. So, elevating myself. So again, elevating your knowledge, elevating your networks and elevating yourself, and I have found there's been so much beneficial, just conversation through casual conversations with networks, with my contacts, more than any other podcast, self-help book or lunch seminar out there. So that's the couple stories kind of dive us in and again, if you have any questions after this, please, please, tune in. But I think we're gonna go over kind of a fun little presentation. I'm gonna keep it short and to keep it simple, because you can find all this information on a connection crew calm, just head over to a exec crew. But I kind of want to touch base on kind of what, what, what to expect as a, as a, as a member, though the reason why this started this, this whole live stream thing, started because you know a lot of people understand that, the concept of networking, and understand the value of it. However, when it comes to exec crew, once I start talking about exec crew and my goals and my vision behind exec crew, it's again it's my passion. Again we're talking about passions right now it's my passion and I can see it Resonate with with the people I'm talking to. I can see people get excited and understand the concept, whether it's for them or not, they see the, the value and benefit from this. That's kind of what we're doing here today. So we're gonna kind of go over this little fun, little quick presentation again. You can find this on connection crew calm under exec crew. It's kind of a kind of a brief overview of your networks. Knowledge yourself is a little letter for me, you don't have to read it, okay. So empowering excellence, kind of the cornerstone, is kind of what makes exec crew such a unique Community, unique group is again, this is we live in a world right now and again this is kind of you can kind of quote me on this or all this stuff we live in one of the most connected times right now through social media, through link, you know, linkedin, social media too, but phones did it up. We live in such a connected time right now. We've never been so disconnected. We've never been so comfortable not going out and meeting people to to find out solutions, to find out answers, to teach people, to mentor people. I remember when I first started out in the industry and it was great seeing Erin Erin Williamson here she started out with me over at noble drilling Hi, erin, um, but yeah, uh, mentorship was a huge aspect of you when I first got Got in the industry. However, it's kind of stagnant, it's kind of stale. So Genuine connections is a key cornerstone of execfru. Connections are extremely and it's genuine. It's not like, hey, let's, here's your name tag and we meet you. Also, if this is genuine connection, we actually know someone. We know someone a personal level, a personal development. I'm getting my coaching certificate and the thing that excites me about kind of Execfru is that when it first started it said, okay, well, let's, let's have a meeting, you know, every quarter, let's have the webinar every quarter and let's just have people network so they kind of connect with each other. However, it's awesome seeing the evolution of what to expect and we're about to get in that With with execfru. It started from these you know two meetings, quarterly meetings to now monthly meetings. Now I'm incorporating the personal development coaching style to every meeting in the beginning of every meeting, because we can all use a little personal development. We can all use some sort of coaching. I don't care if we're swinging a golf club, a tennis Tennis racket or a personal development. We could all use a little bit of personal development and in ways to get out of our, to get out of our way, and that's kind of be one of the added benefits of execfru is kind of get a professional and personal development coaching before every meeting. And we're gonna be having meetings and we're gonna get in this September through May monthly meetings, september through May monthly meetings, where we start off with networking, we start off with professional growth, professional coaching, and then we break apart at a tabletop discussions. But let's get back in Dynamic community. You know, this community isn't for everyone and and that's okay. This is for people that are motivated, that want to learn, that want to teach, that want to connect, that want to grow with Other people, and also people that are passionate, that have knowledge about a subject that they want to share. Um, and again, going back to the Idea that passion spread, that passions are inspiring, they are and I guarantee you, if you look at any of the people that you admire, any of the people that that are in your realm and you try to find out kind of what, what attracts you to them, is that they're probably passionate about a subject that you like learning about. So, again, is exec crew the right fit for you? And if it's not, that okay? I was having a dinner with a buddy of mine and he's no, and I love having dinner with you know my engineer friends, because engineer friends are the first people, that First people to be introverts and kind of poke holes through networking, and I love it and I'll explain why. You know he's saying well, you know, if I'm an executive for this amount of time, I really don't need this help. I want only network with these. You know this group of people and you know I probably have it all figured out. Well, that's fine, this isn't for you. The people that this is for is achiever I want. We're looking for people that are, that are. Success is I don't like using the word success that much anymore just because everything's correlated with it but achieve do you put the energy and effort in to your work yourself. You're your relationships. That's what we're looking for. Achievers we're looking for people that are genuine people, that are okay and when they say, hey look, I don't know about this subject, for example, when it comes to me, I don't know about taxes, who can I call it in my role of dex, that knows about tax, that can't teach me about Escort LLC? All this if I want people that that are under are okay with exposing what they don't know as well as much as what they know. We're looking for leaders. We're looking for executives, founders, entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders, people that want to take that next step or or are at that step in their career, and we're looking for people that also, that understand the value of investing in themselves. Um, uh, the value of one connection. I always, always ask people this you know, you know whether it's crew club or or exec crew. No, they're like oh, you know that's, you know that's, you know pricey, and all this stuff and all this stuff. I'm saying I get that, I understand that and that and that's fine. I, however, what is the value of one connection that you make? What is the value of one potential connection that you can make? And I want people to understand. We're looking for people that understand the value in investing in their networks, investing in themselves, investing in this knowledge sharing community that they can gain insight and provide their insight from. We're looking for people that are curious, people that wanna learn about. So, keith, I see your question and I'll get to this after. I'm kind of trying to be on a roll right now, but I love it. Hold that question, or get to that after. We're looking for curious people. We're looking for people that want to learn, that aren't happy. Not happy how about this? Not satisfied with their current knowledge level? We're looking for people that wanna grow professionally and personally when it comes to subjects, when it comes to learning about a different areas of being a leader, and we're also looking for motivated people. I think that kind of ties hand in hand. So is exec crew the right fit for you, or is this one of those things that you expect to just kind of get a membership, come in and really not contribute and expect you to benefit from it, which you probably could? However, we'll look at our people that want to come in and want to start engaging with other members. All right, let's get moving. Let's get moving. Genuine connections. Okay, how are we gonna establish these genuine connections in this disconnected world we live in? Well, I got you, fam, I got you. So the first thing that we're gonna do again, I love how exec crew is evolving. I love how exec crew is evolving to only incorporate more opportunities for personal growth, more opportunities for connection and more opportunities to share knowledge and to support each other. So, in-person events. So, from September until May, we're gonna have in-person events. We have our first meeting. I'm not calling them a meet-up, I'm calling meet-ups. We have our first meet-up coming up October 12th and our second one November 8th. And if you want to learn more about attending this meeting you have to go to connectioncrewcom under exec crew, scroll down and apply to be a member at exec crew to find out information about these meetings. So these in-person events again start off with some networking, genuine networking, good environment to facilitate this. Then we're gonna get kicked off with an in-person coaching session, a professional development. Then we're gonna break apart into the tabletop topics. Hey, there's a marketing table. You don't know anything about brand awareness. We got you. If you are looking for knowledge on raising capital, here's a table for you. You want someone to. You're looking to sell your company and how do you do that Table? For we're looking to kind of change these tabletopic discussions and into themes and topics, what makes sense for you, the member. And then not only that, let's say you don't want to be a part of this table, that's fine. There's gonna be other areas where you just sit down and engage with other leaders about specific situations that's going on in your career, in your job today. So not only can be focused, but also you can guide it however you want, okay. So those are gonna be the in-person events, the online direction. There's gonna be an exclusive online directory for you to connect with other members. So take me, for example. The online directory will have JPWarn. What are my passions? My passion is connecting people networking. What are my strengths? Branding, marketing. Where is my blind spots? Well, I would say blind spots, where are areas that I could probably seek out assistance in learning something from? Find a mentor, and there you'd put financial management or taxes or whatever, in that online directory that only members will have access to. People can say, let's say, people are having an issue, whether it's marketing or networking, they can sort that and they can find me and say, wow, okay, well, I'm gonna connect with this person for a mentorship minute. And if you see line three, a mentorship minute is what I am pumped about. So mentorship minute is kind of like this whole online directory. So from the online directory, let's say, I wanna find someone that can teach me about taxes, from that online directory, I can contact Amanda Smith. And Amanda Smith has a strength in taxes and all that stuff. I'll set up a mentorship minute with her. And what does that look like? I'll arrange a 20 minute window with her where she can introduce who she is, what her passion is or what her strength is, teach me about it kind of why it's important to her, what she likes about it, and then not only that kind of leave a little bit open for Q and A or any tips, tricks or stories and all that stuff. So we're kind of requesting members to have at least one a month. One a month we understand that everyone's busy out there, but have one mentorship minute a month and that's gonna connect and that's gonna facilitate more learning, more knowledge sharing, more connection. So imagine if you just have you do one a week. I've expanded my networks with four people and targeted and in depth and valuable conversations have been hold. So but whoa, let's say there's a lot of people that wanna learn about networking. Contact me. I ain't got time for that, I'm a busy person. That's okay, I can schedule. Hey, whoever wants to learn about networking next Tuesday, click this link and I'm gonna teach a class on that. Still, 20 minutes open up for Q and A, so anyway. So that's gonna be that knowledge share right there, okay. Webinars we're gonna have webinars. We're gonna bring in members and to learn about what makes them, what's their passion, what are their strengths. That way, other members can kind of tune in and learn wherever they are. If they can't make the meetings or anything like that, they can tune in from wherever they are and learn from different members on what makes them tip, what is their strengths, what are their passions, and can you incorporate anything on what you learned into your current role today? All right, this is monthly meetups. We kind of talked about that. We're gonna start off personal growth table topic top and we're doing network. Network is extremely important. Mentorship minutes again, I said 20 minutes just because I think a lot can be discussed in 20 minutes. This can be as long as you want. The webinars it was gonna be November, march and July, but I was talking to my wife. I think I wanna increase the webinars to once a month. I just wanna continue to connect people in this group, to connect people in the crew. I wanna continue to connect in people and what's the simple way to do that? Have more opportunities to connect with people. So the benefits again, you can check all this stuff out. I mean, obviously there's exclusive learning. This is a community of leaders, a community of founders, executives, aspiring leaders who want to teach, who want to share their knowledge on a subject, who wanna learn about different subjects from different members and what better. I think it's so funny. My dad always and I'm probably going a mile minute right now because I'm so excited about this, but it's so funny my dad was professional at a PWC in retire and now he's teaching at a professor and he's always talking about there's so many people that stay in the professor world who have no real world experience, and there's a lot of different organizations out there, a lot of different professional organizations out there. That looks pretty stale. It looks very like we have these professional subject matter experts come in, they're paid. We're gonna do this. This. This. It seems very dry. This is a dynamic community that's member driven and the knowledge that's gonna be shared is I'm excited about it Enhanced visibility. I think this is just whenever you do start networking with people, you recognize people. I think it's so funny after Crew Club events we have operators that go into different industry events and they're saying hey, chris, I know you from Crew Club. So you see the visibility, you see the industry visibility increase through your networks, through connections, strategic networking again, this is, if I'm having a stuck time, when it comes to whatever subject it is again the financial side of things I can utilize the online directory the exclusive online directory and find someone that knows something about it and can probably teach me something about it. And not only that I can probably make a connection from that that would extend beyond that. Mentorship, personalized growth I think we all can use little coaching. I think that's been a huge focus on me. You can just ask my wife about that. It's been a huge focus on me as personal growth, kind of getting out of my head, getting out of my way how do I manage my time, set my goals, visualize my goals so I can be more effective and I can be more productive as a business owner. An inspirational community this what it's all about. I'm excited, I see it, I feel it, I can see it happening. This community is gonna be dynamic. It's gonna be changing, it's gonna be evolving. It's gonna be the subjects. People's passions change. My passion today was different than my passion three months ago. It's gonna be different three months from now. So it's gonna be dynamic. The levels and the subjects of passion sharing, strength sharing and also blind spot sharing is just gonna help increase, elevate people's themselves At a glance, 30,000 of a view we're gonna be looking at. So, okay, what we're looking at right now currently we're looking at Houston and Oklahoma City to have in-person events. This is currently. This can all change and that's what's exciting about Execru. We get enough people in Denver, san Diego, chicago, it doesn't matter. We get enough people signed up, we can have in-person events there. But currently we're looking at Oklahoma City and in Houston. And again, the first event in Houston is gonna be October 13th and if you are interested in learning about that October 12th I think there's a commercial here I'll show you. I think it's the 12th. Anyway, find out more at connectioncrewcom under Execru. So we're only gonna have 60 members per location per year. What I say per year, that's September to May. No, yeah, september to September per year. Why 60, why limited membership? Why this? Because, just like when it comes to Crew Club, why don't you grow this? Why don't you do this? This is the reason why it's it's limited, because I think that creates the genuine connections that creates the community. And then after that year, that group is gonna have access to the, the previous groups and all that. So, so anyway, it's gonna be 60 memberships per location. So right now, currently before January, we're often a first mover Opportunity. Be sure to find out more about that if you are serious about joining this, because again, it's just gonna grow and you do not want to miss your opportunity. And I'm not just saying that In-person events we, september to May, september to September, that's gonna be the year. So, again, september to May, it's the in-person events and they're gonna do some summer stuff, some potential retreats or special events or dinners, some other forms to get people networking, to get people together. What does that look like? I don't know, but it can be done. That's what I'm pumped about this. So, whatever you're buying into now, it's just gonna get better. Yeah, and that's kind of. That's kind of what we're looking at of right now and I just love this. I love this concept right here. In your journey towards success, what if each step was accompanied by a network that believed in you, that believed in your potential, a Community that ignited your passion and connected and connections that open doors opens doors? What if your next move was guided by knowledge, mentorship and authentic relationships? Are you ready to embark on chance for make sure journey path with exit crew? And that's not an answer that I can answer. That's a question for you to answer out there. So that's kind of the spiel of exec crew in and again I am the more I talk about this, the more I am excited about this. This is gonna be knowledge sharing. This is gonna be personal development, personal growth, increasing your networks of targeting people with other leaders. So I'm pumped about that. So Thank you for tuning in. Again, if you're interested, head over to connection crew, calm over to exec crew, apply for information or shoot me a DM or Contact me via email. But let's go through some of this. Monica Warren says Straight up facts. Couldn't agree more. And we have Keith saying is in that professional development, do you ever discuss join organizations that help communities or industries? So, pretty much in the coaching, do we ever suggest Discuss join order that help? I mean, if it's sure, I mean it's. It depends which organization. Yeah, I mean I think, if I think of it aligns with what you're trying to do as a professional, as an individual, a 100%. I think there's a lot of great organizations out there to help further people's career. Yeah, and guess what? This is one of them. So I Guess in the in the first meeting we're discussing importance of joining exec crew. But no, obviously, to help your career, it's gonna, it's gonna, we're gonna discuss that. Zack says got a new client call Love it. Get out, close that deal, zack. Thanks for tuning in. Jess tuned in from a Tulsa, oklahoma, so I made the tools and Jess, what's going on? Jess, hopefully you can make some of the Oklahoma City meetings that we're about to have. But again, houston, oklahoma City, it's gonna be kind of soft meetings, but the online directory is gonna be available for members to start the mentorship minutes, to start their connections. We're gonna be having two to three meetings before January. In January, that's when the structure comes on. It's gonna be a pretty light Informal networking events before January. But January hits, that's when it's gonna be, that's when this structure happens. So everyone, thank you for tuning this Friday morning. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Also, by the way, shout out to my daughter, who's not watching, because she's in fourth grade in school. She just had her 10 year old birthday this week and I just can't believe how fast time goes. So I think that is all I have and if there's any questions or anyone wants to say hello or any any Successes anybody wants to share about their week or if they have something good to share, positive to share. I think we can all use that a little bit of a good news and all that stuff. But if not, thank you and I hope to see you around the table at exec. I I have, yeah, I guess I have a good news to share. I think it's. I think we've had some great conversations Around the table lately on the on the new podcast, energy crew with you know lobbyists. We had the CEO from CNX resources, so we've had some great conversations. So if you're looking for something this week and check out energy crew podcast and and and let us know what you think, so y'all my wife's texting me. Great job, honey. That means wrap it up. We hope to see y'all exec crew and I'm looking forward to see the evolution of exec crew. Before I Let you go, I got to play this video I made yesterday. I that handshake that they were doing. In that footage I think they just closed a multi-billion with a B dollar deal From an exec crew meeting. So that's a little fun fact for y'all. All right, let's see what else we got. I think that is it Trace day and I I love, I'm looking forward to that. Tres well, kyle, I miss you. Brother, looking forward to see you when I come up to okc. Everyone have a great weekend. Y'all be good and remember Stay connected. Yeah, stay connected. I'll take that. That sounds like a good little tagline. Stay connected you.

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