Debunking the Confidence Myth
Attuned Leadership for Women: Rewrite the Rules of Success and Satisfaction
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Attuned Leadership for Women: Rewrite the Rules of Success and Satisfaction
Debunking the Confidence Myth
Jun 19, 2023 Season 1 Episode 3
Dr. Crystal Frazee, PT

The confidence gap is a pervasive issue that affects women at all levels of leadership. It refers to the idea that women have more self-doubt about their careers, feel less prepared for promotions than men, and underestimate their abilities, even though their skills are equal. 

The traditionally held view is that this lack of confidence prevents women from reaching the top, as fear gets in the way.  However, recent research challenges the notion that women lack confidence, suggesting that women feel just as confident in their abilities and leadership skills as their male peers. Therefore, the confidence gap may be more of a myth than a reality. 

To level the playing field, a more accurate approach is needed, one that takes into account the double bind that women face, where they must simultaneously appear both confident and modest. Confidence is not equally rewarded for men and women in the professional world, and women can face consequences for showing too much confidence because it goes against binary gender norms. Therefore, it's crucial to address the backlash effect and create a culture that rewards and encourages women to self-promote and take bigger risks.

Listen to this 2-part series where I debunk the confidence myth in Episode 003 and then walk you through the exact steps to take to close the gap in Episode 004.

Full Transcript and Show Notes:

[00:01:55] The Confidence Myth.
[00:06:23] Confidence gap in genders.
[00:10:14] The Confidence Gap Theory.
[00:11:53] Gender Discrepancy in Management.
[00:15:37] Gender norms and confidence.
[00:20:21] A solution exists.

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