Career Choices Series Pt 2 - Finding the Right Fit
Finding Sanctuary
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Finding Sanctuary
Career Choices Series Pt 2 - Finding the Right Fit
Jul 19, 2024
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Resources (courtesy of Alex Bechara):

Key Takeaways:

  • Career Transition: Alex Bechara shares his experience of transitioning from a career in computer science to accounting, highlighting the importance of finding a fulfilling career.
  • Economic Climate: Current financial pressures are causing significant anxiety for families, and economic downturns have pushed more people to seek financial help.
  • Financial Education: Understanding personal finances, including income and expenses, is critical. Start by asking questions and seeking financial advice if needed.
  • Emotional Impacts: Financial stress can strain family dynamics and relationships. It is crucial to have open conversations and seek support from loved ones and professionals.
  • Community and Support: Utilizing community resources and support systems, like those offered by Hill Sanctuary House, can help alleviate financial stress and anxiety.

Notable Quotes:

  1. "It's very hard to change and adapt...we do need to have the ability to assess and understand what can I do and what I can't do anymore." - Alex Bechara
  2. "There is a huge misconception about who we within our means is definitely a great way to start." - Alex Bechara
  3. "Financial advice is a really good place to start, but it's also not the only tool out there...being educated enough to understand your current personal situation." - Alex Bechara
  4. "Debt is a natural and normal thing now for a society. As long as we can keep up the payments, we should always bring our focus back to the family." - Eddie Reaiche

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