The Cast of Niles

Episode 2: The Niles Canyon Railway with Henry Baum

June 15, 2023 Krysten Laine and Henry Baum Season 1 Episode 2
The Cast of Niles
Episode 2: The Niles Canyon Railway with Henry Baum
Show Notes

The Niles Canyon Railway is a wonderful reminder of Niles history as well as a significant part of the its present reality. Its hard to imagine Niles, CA, without the historic railroad features in its trains and locomotives and its depot.

In this second episode of the Cast of Niles, we sit down and talk with the president of the Pacific Locomotive Association that runs the Niles Canyon Railway, Henry Baum. Not only does Henry share with us the opportunities and progress made on the existing railway and future railroad museum, but he takes us back in time to the very beginning of the story of the railway in Niles Canyon almost a century and a half ago. Little do people realize that Niles Canyon played in significant part in the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

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