My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF

An Intimate Look into Altruistic Surrogacy with the Amazing Mel Sharman

July 20, 2023 Sam Everingham & Kerry Duncan
My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF
An Intimate Look into Altruistic Surrogacy with the Amazing Mel Sharman
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We're thrilled to share our conversation with Mel Sharman founder of Egg Donation Australia, a dedicated nurse, mother, and an awe-inspiring woman who has been on multiple surrogacy journeys. Mel takes us through her fascinating story that began with egg donation in 2008. You will hear the heart warming narrative of how she has helped bring 20 beautiful lives into the world through donations and surrogacy.

Mel openly shares her journey's, shedding light on Australia's approach to surrogacy and donation. She outlines from practical tips for Intending Parents and the vital role of patience understanding, communication, and support in making a surrogacy journey successful.

We discuss different surrogacy and donor compensation models across the globe, comparing the altruistic model in Australia with the compensated model prevalent in the US. Mel contemplates the potential of a payment system to motivate more women to donate their eggs. Tune in for this inspiring conversation that is bound to leave you with a better understanding, and appreciation of the nuances of surrogacy.

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Growing Families was established by Sam Everingham in 2014 (initially as Families Through Surrogacy) and has assisted over 3000 singles and couples to engage in cross-border donor and surrogacy arrangements.

As a not-for-profit network and International Advisory Board creator Growing Families specialises in education, guidance and support on surrogacy and donation globally. It provides legal, financial, psychological and practical professional industry advice as an independent third party in a complex area to providers. Growing Families helps singles, heterosexual and gay couples on their family building journeys.

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