My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF

Extraodinary Journeys to Parenthood from around the Globe

August 11, 2023 Sam Everingham & Kerry Duncan
My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF
Extraodinary Journeys to Parenthood from around the Globe
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Ever thought about the intricate ballet of bringing a baby into the world, when surrogacy and donor IVF are involved? Wondered about the heartfelt stories of parents-to-be who tread the path less taken, bracing through the highs and lows of assisted parenthood? Join us on this enlightening journey as we turn the pages of our book "Surrogacy Stories", which captures twenty extraordinary narratives from across the globe - from India to Ireland, Thailand to Canada.

Listen to the poignant tale of Kate, who ran the race against time and money while attempting to use her own eggs for IVF. You'll be moved by Catherine and Keith's  journey in Ukraine after they experienced an unbearable loss of their first baby in Ireland. And then, meet Nick, a single father who navigated the uncharted terrain of surrogacy with the help of his ex-partner's egg donation and a rock-solid support system. We'll be peeling back the layers on these resilient stories and many others, shedding light on the unique ways people navigate their fertility journeys.

Navigating surrogacy isn't a solo flight, and we dig deep into the importance of robust support networks - from family to professionals. We'll talk about the importance of building the right team, finding the right clinic and lawyer, the science of surrogate matching and even stem cell collection. And as we unpack this complex journey, we also share some golden nuggets of advice for those brave hearts considering setting sail on this rewarding, yet challenging voyage to parenthood. Tune in - this episode promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, resilience and the sheer beauty of parenthood.

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