My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF

Meghan Kolodka's Experience as a Surrogate Mother.

August 17, 2023 Sam Everingham & Kerry Duncan
My Miracle Baby - Navigating Surrogacy & Donor IVF
Meghan Kolodka's Experience as a Surrogate Mother.
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Join us as we walk through the inspiring journey of Meghan Kolodka, a brave and compassionate woman who chose to become an altruistic surrogate mother. A  friend's infertility struggle planted the seed of surrogacy, leading Meghan to embark on an extraordinary journey of carrying a baby that wasn't biologically hers. Meghan shares her husband's and Mother in Laws initial apprehension and how she saw being a surrogate a wonderful opportunity to teach her daughters and community about family creation. Megan's experiences are nothing short of awe-inspiring and heart-warming.

Megan doesn't stop at just sharing her story; she dives deeper into the emotional aspects of surrogacy. Listen as she offers insights on mental health, emotional strength, and effective communication, crucial elements for anyone considering surrogacy. From her request for skin-to-skin contact post-birth to dealing with the challenges of having a transfer done in the US, Megan remains level-headed and resilient. Her experience, laced with wisdom and insights, is sure to be a beacon of hope and guidance to anyone considering or just curious about this life-altering journey.

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