Feisty Aphrodite

Vagina Stressed or Depressed

May 19, 2021 Dr Teralyn & Jess About Sex
Feisty Aphrodite
Vagina Stressed or Depressed
Show Notes

We're back after a tiny unscheduled break....blame Jess.

Is your vagina stressed or depressed? Now your vagina might not be crying but she may show signs of being depressed--which includes numbness. Sex and orgasms are a great stress relief but the catch is stress reduces our libido and desire.......ugh why does being a woman have to be such hard work.

Dr. Teralyn and Jessica are both highly skilled and sought-after mental health and sex experts who have been featured in national publications including Cosmopolitan, Women's Day, Martha Stewart Living, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, HuffPost, BRAVO, MSN, and more!

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