Feisty Aphrodite

Top Sex Trends of 2021 & Season Finale!

June 23, 2021 Dr Teralyn & Jess About Sex
Feisty Aphrodite
Top Sex Trends of 2021 & Season Finale!
Show Notes

We cannot believe that season one went so fast!  What once  was just a fun thing to do landed us in the Top 100 sex podcasts!  In this episode we let the cat out of the bag about season two and celebrate season one!   Listen as we explore the top sex trends of 2021

Dr. Teralyn and Jessica are both highly skilled and sought-after mental health and sex experts who have been featured in national publications including Cosmopolitan, Women's Day, Martha Stewart Living, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, HuffPost, BRAVO, MSN, and more!

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