Interconnected Individuals

Dart Lindsley on Being "Whole and Alive" at Work

November 06, 2019 Jeff Saperstein, Dart Lindsley
Interconnected Individuals
Dart Lindsley on Being "Whole and Alive" at Work
Show Notes

Jeff interviews Dart Lindsley, Google and former-Cisco Organization Design and Talent Executive in a second interview to discuss how to justify employee engagement to management. Dart also explores what it means to feel "whole and alive" at work.

Some topics covered by Jeff and Dart include:

  • Dart Reminds us of his Management Philosophy and addresses what managers and employers have historically gotten wrong. (1:20)
  • How the culture at the companies Dart has been a part of contributes to “degrees of freedom” and employee engagement. (9:20)
  • What “Workers as Customers” really means, and how to persuade management to invest in the concept and redefine the mission of the work unit. (14:00)
  • Jeff’s observation that to date workers have been looked at as an expense, not an investment (or customer). (20:00)
  • What it means to be whole and alive as a worker and the value component relative to being 'disengaged' at work. (22:15)
  • Can workers really rise to the level to be “whole and alive” and also create enough value for the enterprise to thrive? Do millennials entering the workforce right from school have a different set of expectations? (27:40)
  • The intangible things that improve relationships with workers but don’t cost the organization very much. (32:30)
  • The transition from college to full-time employment. (35:00)
  • A summary of what impact Dart would like to see happen for our individual work experiences and how to find what we want in career navigation. (37:30)

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