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The Business Transformation Podcast

Ian May & Ian Selbie

Welcome to the Business Transformation Podcast, providing valuable insights and expertise on how to accelerate business optimization. Whether you’re preparing to sell a company or have just acquired one and want to rapidly increase business performance and market valuation. 

Ian May possesses an extremely unique set of strategic business leadership skills and tactical experience. He has driven business optimization in various business verticals for over 30 years, including Private Equity firms. Ian has led companies through the successful sales process after assuring costs and revenues were structured to maximize the sale price. His integrated leadership disciplines include; finance, operations, manufacturing and sales effectiveness. His practical approach for achieving business success is built on a diligent methodology that optimizes business transformation.

Ian Selbie has been delivering high-performance sales services internationally for over 25 years. He has delivered his proven sales methodology to over 17,000 sales professionals around the globe. Ian’s clients range from well-known multinationals to smaller, more regional companies. Our clients witness a number of sustainable benefits from our services which include; increased customer loyalty, more effective hiring and, of course, increased revenues and margins. Prior to launching his business, he held sales and leadership roles with Apple from 1984 to 1994. In 1990 Ian was fortunate to have Apple recognize him as their Top Salesperson in the World. 

Over the last 20 years, they have collaborated in transitioning several businesses successfully together. These companies include; Domtar, Hemlock Printers, LithoTech, Metaca, Trojan Litho & StorFlex.