Ep6: Purpose and Resilience with Stevie Ward

August 22, 2023 Ivan Meakins Season 1 Episode 6
Ep6: Purpose and Resilience with Stevie Ward
Show Notes

This week on the Climb podcast, Ivan Meakins is joined by Stevie Ward, Founder of Mantality, an organisation that helps men live their lives with more purpose, resilience and peace of mind.

At 26, Stevie was named the youngest captain of Leeds Rhinos and was destined for a promising, trophy-laden career. But then, he had a brain injury and was forced into early retirement.

This is the story of how a pro rugby athlete became a pioneer for men’s mental health.

In this episode, Stevie talks about authenticity and performance, the specific tools and tactics that pulled him through some of his darkest moments, and why combining tenacity with a reflective approach can help you live a better life.

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