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Weekly Pulls - Pick of the Week | Episode 26

January 17, 2024 Steve Season 1 Episode 26
Page Chewing | Comics & Manga
Weekly Pulls - Pick of the Week | Episode 26
Show Notes

 Ever been torn between the slow burn of an expansive comic narrative and the instant gratification of a quick read? Join Mike and me as we dissect this week's comic book releases, from the wide narrative scope of "Antarctica" issue #7 to the thought-provoking provocations of "Crave" by Image Comics. We're refining our comic book selections, seeking out reads that offer more than just an escape – engaging with stories that provide meaningful commentary on today's social media landscape and the addictive designs that keep us scrolling.

Navigating the final chapters of beloved series can evoke a rollercoaster of emotions, and in this session, we share our candid reactions. Discussions on "The Madness" and "Carnage 2" delve into the complexities of comic book endings—some leave us craving more, while others conclude with finesse. Moreover, we take a nostalgic trip with "Kneel Before Zod" and "Blood Commandment," examining the nuances of classic villains and storytelling that harks back to childhood memories. We're all about the art and the arcs that keep us returning to these pages, week after week.

This week's conversation wouldn't be complete without touching on the innovative tales woven through the character development of AI within graphic novels. The emotive journey of Lacy, brought to life by Sarah Cho leads us to ponder the intricacies of empathy and manipulation in narratives. We discuss the strategic decisions made by publishers and our own passion for groundbreaking stories, all while eagerly anticipating what the comic book realm will bring us next. So if you're on a quest for compelling art and narrative substance, you're in the right place. 

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