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Weekly Pulls - Pick of the Week | Episode 30

February 14, 2024 Steve Season 1 Episode 30
Page Chewing | Comics & Manga
Weekly Pulls - Pick of the Week | Episode 30
Show Notes

Ever wonder what it's like to return to the dizzying world of comics and manga after some time away? We have dusted off our reading glasses and are ready to guide you through the latest and greatest in the comic universe. Listen to our latest picks and pans, including an honest look at "Ghost Machine" by Image, where we wrestle with whether its fragmented narrative and stunning visuals are enough to keep us hooked. We'll also share our strategies for jumping back into comic book universes, ensuring you won't need a PhD in superhero lore to find your next great read.

Is the allure of "Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances" worth its hefty price tag and complex plot? We tackle this and more, including a lively debate on the merits of another "Joker Year One" origin tale in Batman Issue 142. Marvel at how art and story weave together to shape our experience, and get the inside scoop on what it takes to stick with a series when the narrative takes a backseat to the visuals. Plus, we'll offer some sage advice for newcomers to the comic scene, aiming to make sense of older series without getting lost in the web of continuity.

Finally, we turn the spotlight to the minimalist magic in Crave issue 3, discussing how themes of technology and relationships resonate in our digital age. We'll unpack the emotional intricacies revealed through its saucy artwork and how a simple app can weave a complex story of desire and connection. The discussion invites you to join in and share your thoughts on the evolving comic landscape and the stories that matter to you. So, charge your headphones and prepare for a journey through the pages that captures the imagination and the zeitgeist of our times.

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