[🤑 CLIENT INTERVIEW] Fully Booked with Michelle Joiner
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[🤑 CLIENT INTERVIEW] Fully Booked with Michelle Joiner
Feb 19, 2024 Episode 24
Sarah Plowman

Michelle is an ICON.

Michelle was a single Christian woman ready for marriage, tired of being told "pray and wait" for a husband. So she took action to create the marriage of her dreams. Now she helps her clients do the same.

Michelle came to me because she was sick of undercharging, but worried her current audience wouldn't be able to afford her new rates.

We got to work, and within months Michelle was fully booked with both her 1:1 and group offers at DOUBLE her old rates.

Listen in on our conversation where we talk about:

- How pitying your potential clients doesn't serve them
- Evaluating her sales process, doubling her rates and the easy yes's that followed
- Doing things her way as she navigates motherhood and building her business
- How our work went beyond just business coaching
- Her advice to YOU if you're scared to invest in your business

... and so much more.

Listen and then:

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Because I know I am.


Your Coach Sarah

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