Activate Your Audience's Buy Now Energy
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Activate Your Audience's Buy Now Energy
Feb 22, 2024 Season 1 Episode 23
Sarah Plowman

I know you're ready to become fully booked with an offer you and your clients are obsessed with.

Not only is this possible for you, but it can happen fast... ask me how I know 😏

Today I'm sharing how to energetically and strategically activate your audience's desire to buy now, including:

- The thoughts - feelings - action sequence for you and your audience
- 3 simple shifts that will make your content more compelling
- 3 ways to elevate your sales process that will have your clients ready to buy now

Want more of this plus my eyes on your business?👇🏼

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I know you're ready to:

✨Attract "hell yes!" clients through your Instagram content without posting a million times every week
✨Get paid today by high-ticket clients without needing to attract a whole new audience or go viral
✨Stop worrying about what people think of you and start being boldly and unapologetically YOU
✨Have fun on consults instead of worrying if your energy is too needy and graspy
✨Leap to your next income level now
✨Sell to clients who are excited to pay in full at your highest rates
✨Believe in your body that you know how to create consults, clients, and cash
✨Feel in control of your business results

Every aspect of this 4 month group experience is designed to help you consistently attract high-ticket clients on Instagram (without a large following or going viral!) and elevate your sales process.


Because I know I am.


Your Coach Sarah

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