From $30k to $50k Months in 5 Steps
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From $30k to $50k Months in 5 Steps
Mar 14, 2024 Season 1 Episode 25
Sarah Plowman

I went from averaging $30k cash months in 2023 to $50k months in the first two months of  2024...and I did it in 5 simple steps.

In this episode, I'm teaching you exactly how I did it so that you can create quantum leaps in your business too.

Join me as I reveal:

- Why you've stopped betting on yourself and how it's keeping you stuck
- Why it literally pays to double down on your beliefs
- How to release the timeline and the power of slowing down to speed up
- The impact of making business decisions based on desire
- The power of elevating your thoughts about your audience

Listen, apply, and watch the money flow.

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