ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics

ChristiTutionalist Politics (CTP S1E28) "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?"

December 30, 2023 Joseph M. Lenard Season 1 Episode 28
ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics
ChristiTutionalist Politics (CTP S1E28) "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?"
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CTP S1E28 SHOW NOTES  ( listen (Sat Dec 30 2023 and thereafter) at: )...
ChristiTutionalist Politics (CTP S1E28) "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?"
@FedDrone on GAB said "Millennial and later born Women are the worst threat to Democracy - emotional basket cases who are destroying America with their lack of thinking and dependency on "feeling" and buying the feminist bull fed them." which prompted this episode/discussion/exploration.
Plus Andrea Putting (“Empowering visionary change-makers through Social Mission, Bridging divides, with chocolate and coffee”) joins the Show in Segment 2.
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CTP S1E28 SHOW NOTES  ( listen (Sat Dec 30 2023 and thereafter) at: )...
ChristiTutionalist Politics (CTP S1E28) "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?"
@FedDrone on GAB said "Millennial and later born Women are the worst threat to Democracy - emotional basket cases who are destroying America with their lack of thinking and dependency on "feeling" and buying the feminist bull fed them." which prompted this episode/discussion/exploration.
Plus Andrea Putting (“Empowering visionary change-makers through Social Mission, Bridging divides, with chocolate and coffee”) joins the Show in Segment 2.
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of/for this Show for "Episode related additional information."

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[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show intro]

Welcome to ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast a K a CTP in association with savage and filtered podcast The Liberty beacon calm and I am your host Joseph M Lenard and that's L E N A R D   CTP is your no must no fuss just me you And occasional gas type podcast as Graham Norton would say let's get out of the show 

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Greetings, everyone. Welcome to season one episode 28. It drops on Buzzsprout and podcast platforms everywhere else on December 30. I drop episodes every Saturday and some occasional midweek special drops, like I will mention during this episode. And this episode is, can one generalize about women voters? Well, the short answer to that is maybe kind of sort of yes, just as you can generalize about male voters. There is a difference between men and women despite the leftist assertions otherwise. And polling shows more men think certain ways and certain more women think certain ways. But the bottom line, of course, is that you shouldn't stereotype and generalize all women or men or any group or subgroup. Martin Luther King Jr. style, yes? Content of one's character. But can one generalize about women voters? And there will be a segment two with Andrea putting, which her bio says, empowering visionary change makers for social mission. Bridging divides with chocolate and coffee. So I hope you'll stay tuned for that. But regarding can one generalize about women voters? What prompted this was a meme on social media. And for those looking behind the scenes at @JLenardDetroit, Rumble, YouTube, elsewhere, you could see I'm holding up the paper of the meme that was shared, which has a woman crying on the left. And a woman packing heat clearly on the right. And at the top, it says, Democrats want to make sure you have the right to have an abortion. If you get raped and at the bottom, Republicans want to make sure you can have a gun to prevent the rape from happening. There, of course, is the great divide between the left and right, whether women certainly do have the right to protect themselves and how many of them actually do indeed to prevent the rape. Fed drone on GAB said, millennial and later born women are the worst threat to democracy, emotional basket cases who are destroying America with their lack of thinking and dependency on feeling and buying the feminist bull fed them. Well, again, that's a broad brush, major generalization, and not every woman is the same. But I understand based on his experience, where he's coming from, he does have academia experience. So he deals with a lot of the left-leaning liberal snowflakes in the academic setting where all the wokest left-ism propaganda is pushed into them. And hence why this article is titled, What It Is. And it's kind of sort of also a God and guns part two, because, again, we on the right want women to be able to protect themselves, prevent a rape from happening, rather than relying on abortion should one do. So I responded, we as conservatives, or as I now coined and call myself a Christitucia, are, of course, about individualism, as I said. MLK junior content of character, individual personal responsibility. But yes, in this case, I have to agree that a whole lot, far too many, not all, of course, despite our somewhat broad brush comments here, females caught up in the hole, woke left as touchy, feeling emotional, and scarce, rather than thinking anything through. So I kind of sort of agree with them there, but again, facts matter. People think differently. But the other thing regarding guns and self-protection, the facts are these stats are from a few years ago. So it'd be a little different now. But as discussed in the God and guns episode of Christitucianist Politics from a few months ago, on average, 14.3 mass casualties in the shooting, waiting on police to intervene. Whereas, so those are the gun-free slaughter zones, where criminals go to know that their victims are unarmed and can't defend themselves, can't fight back. Whereas other places where the Second Amendment is actually upheld, and people can carry and defend themselves, an average of only 2.3 deaths. So the left, I guess, prefers a dozen more deaths per shooting incident. Now, of course, it all depends on the definition of this, is what is a mass shooting event, right? The left likes to throw in gang-related incidents and murder suicides, as opposed to what we would all seem like a ball shooter event or a school shooter event that they're trying to pad the stats to claim. And therefore, there's that. And Brian McLennigan on Fascist book said, but we do have guns, and rape still happens. Yeah, duh, we have laws against drinking and driving, but yet drunk driving still kills people too. So should we ban all cars, like the leftist looms, who want to ban all guns? Because in this case, he's saying, well, it's not going to prevent all rapes, though don't bother to try to prevent any rapes. Just how duh-r stupid is that? Because not all women protect themselves by caring to help avoid and prevent most of them. Seems you missed the points of the meme I respond to him. So I guess, by left-wing logic, since guns do not prevent all rapes, we can eliminate the Second Amendment, self-defense does not always work. So let's eliminate it. That's just the kind of dumb feelings, emotional, hysterics, non-thinkers there are on the left. And more from fashion book, as you can see, yeah, I don't script the episodes, but I'm reading from the rough draft using it as notes from, where there will be the article Ken won generalize about women's voters that dropped Saturday, December 30th, in conjunction with this episode. So please check that for more. Again, they're meant to correspond with each other. There will be bits and pieces of commentary I add in here that won't be in the article and things in the article that are not here. But I wanted to mention an armed society is a polite society. Remember that phrase? Well, it came from a sci-fi book. I think I don't quote me quoting that. I have not looked up the exact person who came up with it. But it really is true because things aren't like just spaghetti Westerns. I was just on a Wham radio show today where that came up. Dick Kupke's Trigger Talk. Today's Saturday, the 23rd, I'm recording this after my Christmas, Christopher Smith Politics podcast show just dropped. I'm recording this show for the 30th now. But the spaghetti Westerns, you know, will shoot out every five minutes or no. And what's wrong with a shootout at the OK Crow were two consenting adults have a duel? There's no problem with that kind of justice. If you think back to the old West, there's a reason why one sheriff could police an entire county. And that's because it was an armed society and a polite society. Because if a criminal went into a bar or would draw down on someone, an innocent person, a dozen other innocent bystanders who were packing would draw down on them. So it was really stupid to try to victimize somebody where there's a whole lot of people who would fight back against you. The actual Second Amendment worked in the old West. But the left keep learn from that history. Again, they push the emotional hysterics of the nonsense, dramatic, spaghetti Western notions that aren't true. But the bottom line here is that left-wing losers will never, ever give up their delusions, devoid of human nature realities. But here, we Republicans supposedly are the anti-women for wanting to allow women to protect themselves against predatory males. And again, there are different, of course, toxic masculinity, oh, spare me. Not all males are predatory. There are many, of course, Christitutionalists that are protectionists. We believe in protecting women. But so, you know, wrong, just wrong. Meanwhile, the left wants women defenseless. Well, to be fair, something the left never is. Their motivation on that isn't sexist, either. Just stupid. They want everyone, men, women, and even their own favored, gender confused class defenseless. Words of the Fashikrat state under their tyrannical boot, currently more preferred rainbow alphabet mafia identity politics transcribe. So, you know, all of that relates to this generic general women's episode in questions. And I'm going to close it off, then we'll get into the segment with Andrea putting with something that was the December special that dropped of the show. There was a changed research study that I examined that indeed talks about the differences between men and women and the political divide. And one of the issues is that 58% of women don't want to date a man who believes the actual science of biology and that there are two genders, XX and XY chromosomes and all else is mutation. Versus the leftist delusional, you can be whatever made up gender you want to be. No, that's not how science works. That's not how humanity is. That's not how anything in nature is. Now, there's not to say in nature, there aren't some creatures with indeed both sex organs and they self multiply. But, you know, that's, of course, a whole other topic, a whole other road to go down. There's no humans with that. That I'm aware of. Again, if the wonder will happen, it'd be mutation. Not the norm, not what we're talking about here. We're talking about can one generalize about women and conversely men, voters in general and yes, based on surveys and polls, a majority of women tend to think one way, whereas a majority of men in several instances on a subject, a topic like the genders think, think other. So there is a major difference between the male and the female brain as a matter of intellectual processing. Of course, the brain matter is the same. But somehow yet, they kind of sort of function differently. So with that, I'll bid you an ado. Let's get on to segment two with Andrew putting. Take care. God bless. I hope you all had a great Hanukkah and Merry Christmas. And since this is dropping on the 30th, let me wish you all right now a very happy New Year. That's right. I've got my New Year glasses here. Those of you looking on video, I got my 2024 New Year glasses, which will double as you could see. It doesn't say happy New Year on it. It's just a red, white, blue flag like 2024, which I can then use for the 4th of July. I'm saving money by one thing, kill two birds with one stone. Anyway, take care. See you next time. Let's move on to Andrew putting. 

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[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast - Segment 2]

Please welcome now my guest Andrea putting. And if 99.9% of you all will hear this on audio only, so it will make no never mind. But for those of you viewing at JLunder Detroit, YouTube or Rumble behind the scenes, you see a still shot because we're having one of those weird days and her camera just doesn't want to cooperate. And you can see I'm wearing my Merry Christmas sweater, which will confuse people because we are actually recording the week of Thanksgiving. So I wish Andrea an early Merry Christmas, while all of you will be hearing this on December 30th. So I wish you all a post Merry Christmas. And I really should be wearing a Happy New Year shirt, but I don't have one. So let's welcome to the show Andrea putting. How are you today?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   I'm good. Thank you, Joseph. It's a pleasure to be here with you.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   I appreciate you coming on. And first, I've got to ask. I've got to be the smart ass and say, regarding Christmas, since you're in Australia, how do you keep the Christmas lights on the tree since everything is upside down down there?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Oh, we have to peg them on.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Yeah. But yeah, and that's another thing. These kinds of discussions are sometimes hard to line up because it is 9 PM Eastern my time. And you're a day ahead at what time in Australia right now? 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Talk about jet lag on a flight. It's almost as bad with the time zone juggling for a discussion. But I really wanted to talk to you most for I saw in your online bio, or says, empowering visionary change makers through social mission bridging divides with chocolate and coffee. Well, I haven't had coffee in a long time. But let's sit together and have and share some chocolate cake.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   All right. That's good with me.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   And the other thing is it says in your bio, actions deeply rooting in purpose, creating ripples of change. Well, emotional hysterics can sometimes drive us to deeply self actions at a time that can create ripples of negative change. But I'm sure that's not what you're going for. Go ahead and explain that further.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Well, change comes in all sorts. And you're right. There are sometimes that we don't think that things are very positive in our lives from change. However, there's always something we can learn from change. So hopefully we can make some good out of it. But what I am talking about is being purposeful in the changes that we make in the world. So we all, people talk about wanting to change the world. We want to make the world a place where we can all live happily and harmoniously. We all want to have that peace in our life. And as we come into the holiday season and December 30th is still holiday season for us in Australia, we want to have that peaceful experience in our everyday life. And we want to take that goodwill from the holidays and take that with us throughout the whole year. We don't want it just to sit there at this time of year. Christmas is a great thing for us to ponder about too with this time of year is to think about what that message is about and it is about having peace on the earth. So if we can make the positive change in thinking about that, how do we change the way that we feel, the way that we act in the world? Can we use that as a catalyst to be more loving and caring in the world? Can we use it as a catalyst to create a different way of being that's going to allow others to live in a more peaceful environment?

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Yeah. And of course, peace as in at least for ourselves locally because unfortunately, the way the world is, it's never going to happen globally. But peace as in the absence of war immediately around us or also further the absence of violence of any kind around us, if that is at all achievable in these hard times it seems.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Absolutely. And it's a big wish list for all of us to have that. And we may never have it in our lifetimes in our reality. However, we have to be able to find that peace within ourselves to be able to live through that. And I strongly believe that we find that a great component of finding that peace within ourselves is how we treat the other.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Yeah, that's very good. That's very important because sometimes you see a whole lot of people who have inner turmoil and that manifests sometimes into outward hate towards others projecting a way of their own inner turmoil. And you're so right about how we can help others achieve a sense of inner peace because again, peace varies depending on whose terms the peace is kept.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Yes, we all do have different definitions of peace and what peace means to us personally and how we find peace within ourselves is going to be different for each person. So I think finding that, encouraging people to do that. And I said, I think the greatest way for us to do that is to work together to collaborate. To sit and have chocolate and coffee. And when I talk about chocolate and coffee, it's fairly chocolate and coffee is symbolic. Oh, I have people saying to me, well, not everyone likes chocolate and coffee. I don't drink coffee. So you're dis-accounting me. But I don't drink coffee myself. I've never liked coffee. I don't even like the smell of coffee. But it is a term that's used. Let's go and have coffee. It doesn't mean you actually have to drink coffee. It means that you're going to go and sit down with somebody and share a moment. So that's what it's about. It's about sitting down with someone, having something to eat and drink. And that's when you can start to share stories about what your life is and who you are. That's when we connect. That's when we start to feel like we can understand somebody who we thought was really different to us, but they're not. In some way, they're going to be the same. And they're the things that we can celebrate in life about how we can celebrate the differences by finding the similarities.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Right. This show, constitutionalist politics, comes from a free will from the Bible standpoint, individual rights, personal freedoms, personal responsibilities, not collectivism, but absolutely, the micro versus the macro. Martin Luther King, Jr., content of one's characters, not lumping everyone together in a class as being that stereotype of that class. And yes, there is way too many people looking at divisions and dividing, as opposed to, like you said, if we could just slow down and shut that out and look at things we have in common. Again, even though we're all individuals and different and come from different cultures, humanity as a whole still holds, generally, certain hopes and desires for oneself and each other. And a piece, the absence of violence around us, I would certainly hope is universal.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Yeah, I believe it is. It's just that people have different concepts of how you obtain peace. And some of it is through violence and war, and which, of course, the majority of us don't approve of. We don't agree with. And how we get them to think else otherwise is anyone's guess. But I would hope that if we could sit down with some of those, that maybe we can share viewpoints, open their minds. It's a hard one, and they're the people that we pray for.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   It's, again, human nature and psychology. It goes back to some people's insecurities. They only feel secure and at ease, and that peace can only exist for them if they have their jackboot on everybody else, creating their definition of conformity so they can feel at ease. But you also see in the Bible about, as you've kind of implied here, that ways we together can inspire and foster a world filled with compassion and harmony. And that's another problem. There's a lot of people who are hard, and they can't grasp empathy and sympathy.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Compassion is an interesting topic. And how we connect with other people is important. It's important for us to feel compassion. And I say that compassion is empathy in action, but people have to learn that empathy to start with. They have to understand that. And the way I think we learn empathy is by listening to other people's stories, is by being open when we listen to them, and to be able to go into a conversation, listening to the stories without our own judgment. And sometimes that can be hard. It's hard to get past our own predetermined ideas sometimes to be able to just sit and listen to somebody. However, there is research that shows if you listen to someone for just one hour, that terrible intolerances can be broken down, and not just to that person, but to the whole social group. And that's a really interesting thing that I take to heart. That really makes me feel hopeful for the future, and the whole concept of chocolate and coffee, and everything that I do, in that we can learn a lot from each other if we just listen.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   I have a friend, Miss Liz, out of Ontario Providence in Canada, who has a show called Tea Time with Miss Liz. Well, and that, of course, also is analogous, metaphorical. Although I like to joke, I'm much too clever of a writer to use metaphors. I use metasixes. But I'm bummed. But anyway, her tea is metaphorical for, you know, yeah, giving together over coffee, tea, water, and pop a beer, whatever, to teach, educate, and share awareness, T-E-A. So that's great. And I forgot where else I was going to go. I usually make notes, and I didn't write it down because I got myself off on that. Oh, I remember now. Being that this show is biblically based, empathy, or compassion, even if, for whatever reason, you can't manage to grasp those things through thought or feeling, biblically, treat others as you do want to others as you would have them do unto you, right? You don't have to be religious. I talk about Penn and Teller all the time. He's a devout atheist. But he doesn't rag on religion. He understands the value of biblical tenets as common sense, treating others as you wish them to treat you. That doesn't have to be a religious thing. That's just being a good human, correct?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   That's right. And every religion has their own version of that. Why is there anything different? Why is the world treating each other any other way? But that's the basis of every religion on Earth.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Yeah, well, that's because we are on Earth, and there are earthly, selfish agendas who want to hysterically drum up hatred of others for their own obtaining and keeping power and control. So when we have to stop allowing them to do that to us,

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   right? Yes, that's right.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Now also, you know I'm an author. I know you're an author and get you're in Australia. So I do pretty well selling books through Booktopia down there. Of course, 80% of all books in the United States, though, are sold through Amazons. You kind of got to be there. But go ahead and tell us about your books.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   A couple of my books. I have Compassionate Purpose, discovering a life of fulfillment and Compassionate Prosperity when success is not enough. So both of these books, so Compassionate Purpose is for individuals and Compassionate Prosperity is for business. But they're both based on this idea of being involved in a Compassionate Purpose or as I call it, a social mission. So in the books, I give the stories from the podcast that I did, Social Mission Revolution, of individuals and businesses who get involved as some kind of activity, be it a charity, whether they start their own foundation, they give time, energy, money to a charity, and talks about why we do that and what it means to us as individuals. Now, I think I've taken a bit of a different aspect of all this because I've brought it back to us as individuals. What does it mean to us? What does it mean to the business to do this? So I look at these things and because it's what, when it changes us, I think it changes everything else in the world as well.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Glad you mentioned charity. My terror strikes coming soon to the city near you is about storming things. Terrorism is just the thread that kind of holds the sub-seams all together from beginning to end. And charity being a Christian myself is a big thing, big deal to me. So I have terror slash charity at my site. I don't have a foundation, but I do promote other charities that I've thoroughly vetted and understand because you've got to be careful. Not all charities are created equal. You've got to vet them and understand if 90% of the money is going to the people they say they're helping in need versus 90% into somebody's pocket to claim they're charitable and giving away 10%. And from a personal standpoint, you can help yourself from that emotional feel good standpoint by seeing the smiling faces of others you help. From a business standpoint, if nothing else, it's good community, even though I'm about individualism, not communism, but community on the micro level, it takes a village, is biblical. Your friends, your neighbors, your family, your community, it's very important. And just from a business standpoint, it's intelligent, promotional-wise to do that if nothing else.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   That's right. That's an important thing. So that's why I've got the two separate books. And that's what I talk about, what value it brings. It increases the productivity, increases the innovation, it increases the profit. And it makes your employees happier in doing their job. So really important. One of the aspects that I focus on in both books is finding that social mission that suits you or your business. So for everyone, it's different. For some people, it is donating money to charity. That's what brings them light. Some people, they love to raise money to be involved in fundraisers. And that's wonderful and so important. However, for other people, they need to be physically involved in something. And so I look at how we find that's something that's really going to light up the person or light up the people working in a business that really fits with their skill set, with their passions and in a way that's going to excite them in their everyday work and life, that's just going to bring them alive. So I think that's a really important thing to look at. So kind of my books, while I'm talking about all about community involvement, making the world a better place, doing things on a scale like that, I very much bring these books back to this personal sense of, hey, this is what's going to make me feel good. This is what's going to change my world. Because when we change our world, we're able to help other people. So one of my favorite things to say is that when we touch the lives of one person, we change the world and we change it for ourselves. We change it for the person we help. And then that ripples out into the world. Because when you change one person's life, then every interaction they have in the world can be different and they can affect other people. And other people, and it just keeps on going.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Yeah, amen. I hear you. I'd be pay it for principle. You always hope you help. I always like to joke about the old pan team camp, commercial, right? You tell two friends. They tell two friends. They tell pretty soon we've got a movement to pay it for principle. Well, my show, generally, I try to keep under an hour. And this is only one segment in the December 30th. So so I'm going to wrap it up. Really wanted to jokingly, lovingly tease you about your accent. But you don't sound anything like Paul Hogan and crocodile, don't you?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   No, I don't.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   You actually have good English. Just joking people, just some loving jazz at our Aussie friends. We all have accents. We just don't recognize our own. No, we don't. People recognize as strange from their viewpoint. And so to wrap things up, where can people reach out to you? You have a website. Where do they contact you? Sign more information about you.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   My website is Very easy to find me. Just Google my name. I'm the only one in the world. So you'll be able to find me on LinkedIn without any trouble at all Facebook, Instagram, Amazon. My books are all on Amazon. As you said, that's the biggest bookseller in America.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   For North America?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Yeah. So yeah, you can find my books there, or you can on any internet bookseller, you'll be able to find them.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   And do you have your own website at all?

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Yes,

JOSEPH M LENARD:   OK, I zoned out. I don't know if you had already said that or not. But you're lucky. As far as you know via Google, you're the only one in the world. Unlike me, I have to go Joseph M. Leonard. And it looks French. It's not. It's Leonard, but without an O, because there is a Joseph Lornard in South Carolina who is also an author. And of course, when you do Google, whether you spell my name, right or wrong, it gives you all those other people that spell it, L-E-O-N-A-R-D. And I get lost in that shuffle at times. So you're really lucky to, as far as you know, be the only one that at least Google is returning results for. And like I avoid Google anyway, I use DuckDuckGo, jivaroo, and free spoke. Google is great for shopping, but I always say for serious information, you want to go to the other ones that don't put any bias to categorize their results. You get true, aggregated, highest hips results. Or like on Google, you could Google my name. 99% of the information about me, you won't find there. But on DuckDuckGo, jivaroo, or free spoke, page upon page upon page of my writings over the decades are indeed listed. Well, thank you, Andrea, for putting for joining us today. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. As again, we're recording ahead and had a Merry Christmas as time of the airing.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Thank you, I hope you have had.

JOSEPH M LENARD:   Now that we're not everybody thoroughly confused. What? And happy New Year, since this morning around.

ANDREA PUTTING (from Australia):   Have a wonderful year. Have a wonderful 2024. All right, take care. God bless. OK, thank you, Joseph.

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show outro]

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as one word, not three separate words.
So again,
I love using their shortcut services
slash BlackOutCoffees
should take you right in and automatically
apply your 20% discount.
So for yourself or for others,
this Christmas give black out coffee
something you know they're going to use,
something they're going to enjoy,
something that they then fondly remember you
and your gift every time they sip from the black out coffee
cup of coffee.
Thank you all, take care, God bless, Merry Christmas.

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BONUS MATERIAL BELOW from "Transcript for S1EDecSpecial on Change Research Survey and Dating differneces") 

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[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show intro]

Welcome to "ChristiTutionalist Politics"  Over time the fancy high-production items will come, but for now, for starters, it is just you as a listener that I can barely begin to express how much appreciate from the bottom of my Heart you tuning in -- as I know you have alot of options as ListenNotes the podcast platform Reports there are about 168.9 MILLION available Podcast show episodes you could choose from and I appreciate YOU taking the time to listen to ME. As indeed it is just me on the podcast out side (at least for the initial episodes), all substance no muss no fuss, no fluff, no fancy or flahsy high-production intro or inserts - just straight to key discussion points. A show that looks at variety of topics, mostly Politics, through a Christian U. S. Constitutionalist lens (hence ChristiTutionalist Politics Show name). I am your Host Joseph M. Lenard (and last-name is spelled L-E-N-A-R-D, like most pronounce Leonard but without the "o"), an Author of a very "non-traditional" but Christian none-the-less "Christian book," co-host of SAVAGED UNFILTERED podcast, and for purposes of this Show most notably blogger for from which most of the content for this Show will be derived. These are NOT going to be long-drawn-out episodes, just the highlights and food-for-thought you can then delve deeper into via my online articles and reach your own conclusions. As Graham Norton would say: LET'S GET ON WITH THE SHOW!

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast - Segment 1]

This is going to be one of those kind of odd and different recordings,
different topic than what people are used to from me.
Well, this mid-week, December special of
constitutional politics is indeed kind of now one of them.
Really odd. I think you could tell by the background,
if you're watching at @JLenardDetroit Rumble and YouTube,
behind the scenes sneak peek video version of the episode.
You see, I'm not going to give the background away yet as to
those listening on audio only.
But if you're a regular listener or a regular reader
of my pieces on,
that drop every Saturday, just like this show,
drops every Saturday morning.
Normally, there's corresponding/correlating between the show and an article.
This is a mid-week drop special, December special.
So there won't be a corresponding piece on it.
I may throw something up at
The other place I still write, many of you may know,
I used to write for Red State. I used to write for Grassfire.
I used to write for Freedom Works when they had blog area.
I had my own website in the 80s. I'm a former IT guy.

So I've been writing online articles before the internet was even born.
Those things called dial-up bulletin boards that you had to know the phone
number and dial from computer to computer.
But that's off the beaten path and a bit off topic.
But I've been writing these pieces and doing these things.
But this one I want to talk to you about dating in the woke age.
Why? Because those of you that are regulars also know,
I'm co-host of the Savage family of shows.
Like today that I'm recording is actually Saturday.
Let me tell you the exact thing. Today is Saturday, December the second.
I'm recording this for a Wednesday mid-week drop.
I will be recording when I'm done with this recording.
Not recording. Going to a live stream.
X live stream of savaged underground that we do on Saturday's 11 o'clock.
Sometimes it's an hour earlier. Sometimes it's an hour later.
But Saturday is 11 o'clock. Savaged Underground.
11 o'clock X live stream.
Mondays and Wednesdays Savaged Unfiltered normally drops the normal parent show.
I'm a co-host and also of late we've been doing savage radio
on Check those out.

But if you've heard those shows,
you often hear us joking with Cousin Sos, who is a personality on that show.
He's from Wisconsin. He's younger. He's dating.
We tease him all the time about his dating woes.
So why that and a ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast?
Well, dating in this woke age. It's a thing. It's a concern. It's an issue.
I just saw a Newsmax, a segment about dating a change research
polling, right? A survey rather than it be considered rather than
polling, even though it's polling, right? A change research survey
saying that and just shows clear liberal bias out there
and how liberals think they claim to be tolerant,
but they are not. And this survey, the study,
shows it and how we have to be careful in those we're looking to date.

I'm divorced. I'm single now, but I'm not seriously looking for a relationship.
I'm divorced. I'm 61 now. I'm older. I'm slower, as I like to say.
I'm too broke, as I say, to be anyone sugar day for sure.
And I'm not looking for a sugar mama, but I did.
If you see the background on YouTube or Rumble,

Yes, I joined so I can connect with some conservative women.
And we tease Cousin Sos about his dating exploits.
And Bob on the show said, you need to get off those sites you're on and somewhere
like a - where they're not all Christian there, but...
So yes, at least they're mostly conservative.
So they're a lot more in line with my/our beliefs than if you're going to go on a,
I don't know, if such a thing exists.

But the Change Research study showed 58% of those in the study of female
won't date a guy who claims there are only two genders.
Yeah, you heard me right.
58% of women, which really shows you if that number
is at all actually accurate and representative of
female. No such word, but I'm going to use it.
See me. Here in the United States of this day and age.
And on December 30th, I'm going to have a TLB (
and CTP show on can one general generalize about women voters.
So this will be kind of a sneak at that or
although this content won't be in there.
58% of women are so ultra left winged ideologues
and so propagandized, so indoctrinated in the there are a million genders.
A gender can be whatever you want it to be as opposed to
science and biology and there are XX and XY chromosomes
and all else are genetic mutations. But this notion of gender
ism as a delusion that you can be whatever you want.

I'm TV sexual because I love watching TV. What?
Unbelievable, but that's why I wanted to talk to you today
and why a site like a Republican Singles that count for anyone who's
Christian or conservative or at all on the right side of the
idol of even center right. I don't want to date a liberal these days.
And again, as I discussed in my book, ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics, the book,
as Dennis Prager says, there's a difference between a classical liberal.
You can look like like a Brandon Straka. His last name looks like Stracha,
but it's pronounced Strak, Brandon Straka of the Walk Away from Democrats
Movement or a Candace Owens who is still, I consider, a black moderate,
but is now a Republican. She's still, in my opinion, a classical liberal,
but she's now moved center right. She's still left on some issues, so I wouldn't
call her conservative or especially not ultra conservative, but examples of
classical liberals who are open to seeing reality,
someone who can red pill, who will awaken from their woke stupor,

who get away from empty rhetoric and look at results, right?

ChristiTutionalist Politics,
you shall be known by your fruits,
what you do, your results, not your supposed good intentions,
even though the left things good intentions, their results of policy always
hurt the people they pretend to care about.
Like BiDUMBnomics, oh, it's all about the middle, you know, in the middle class,
but yet by inflation caused by BiDUMBnomics,
[hear BiDUMBnomics Shows part 1 and part 2]
hurt the poor in the middle class the most.

Back to the study, 60% of the
women in this survey say a man that says
All Lives Matter. Oh my god, are you serious?
Again, leftist ideologues propagated and brainwashed into this
Black Lives Matter movement versus 
Black Lives matter, White Lives matter,
Pink, Polka dotted people if there were such a thing, Lives would matter.
All Lives matter is inclusion. You know that thing the left always
pretends they're about? Inclusion, diversity, equity, inclusion, though we call it
die, D-I-E here in Michigan, my friend Ed Bonderenka over at WAAM Radio, calling that
diversity, inclusion, and equity because D-I-E, it's really cultural Marxism
and all about killing the American culture and our great melting pot.
We are the most diverse nation on the planet. We have a melting pot.
We don't deal in cultural appropriation. The different cultures come here
together and blend to form our own unique American culture, a blend of all
cultures. That is diversity.

That is inclusion.
But the left doesn't really care about that. That that isn't what they mean.
That is all bull to get to the equity part, which means
special rights like how my
page. You will see I mentioned Animal Farm
in my "Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You" book.

If Orwell were alive today, I say he'd write a sequel to Animal Farm and the
line would be "Some Animals get more Equity,
i.e. Special Rights, Special Privileges than other Animals
rather than the Equal opportunity that this nation
promises and affords." It's up to you to do things for yourself,
not leave it to the government to steal for some to give to you so that
everybody has equity. In communism, historically it's shown,
and we've talked in this show about the Bradford colony and the Mayflower
Commie compact failure and Bradford's pivot to Private Property, Free Markets and Personal
Rights, Individual Freedoms, Personal Responsibility,
and the rest they say is history. Communism was tried here on US soil and
failed like everywhere else. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, all is equitable
POOR. You are all for unless if you're part of the ruling elite.

So to tie all this dating thing together with the ChristiTutionalist politics aspect,
you're equal in poorness unless you're a member of the ruling elite.
And a lot of these morons on the left don't understand as George Carlin says
"it's a big club but you're not in it." You're going to be one of the poor.
You're not going to be part of the ruling elite crowd
that's in charge whether it be Communist Fascist or Socialist. Again, this isn't
the 1930s. Germany, the Nazi Socies that later
became known as Fascists -  Nazi Socialists were fighting the
Marxist Moscow backed Communists for power in Germany and control in the 30's.

The Nazis won that battle and of course we have all that history
to show for it. It would have been not as bad but pretty darn bad
had the Moscow Communists won that battle too.
It would have been an expansion to what became the Soviet Empire
maybe without  the Holocaust because
Germany Communists and Moscow Communists would have then
hit (Blitzkreiged) into Poland and the Baltics (from both sides, like did 
happen with Poland as some forget Russia DID invade Poland same time
that Hitler and Germany did from the German side]
and all those Eastern European states

Whether the US and England and
France would have joined the war at that point over that.
You know this is a bit conjecture now is a whole other thing but I'm
kind of giving off topic but this all relates. Today Communism,
Fascism, Socialism there's no real difference. It's all the same thing.
It's just which banner the one with pink polka dots,
the one with purple polka dots or the one with red and green polka dots
on the flag, get to be the ruling elite in charge.
They're all the same to slight various minor differences in how they
accomplish keeping their boot on your throat.

Third stat, back to the dating in these woke times and why I joined to check it out and
I'm meeting some great people there. Me again I'm not looking for serious to
marriage dating. I do want to meet some wonderful
conservative women to have an occasional outing with
and to be able to discuss these things with
because the world is going insane.

Hobbies 66% of the women studied say they
have an issue with a red flag if men have no hobbies.
Well it's a good to bad the ugly right I always tell you I've discussed the pros
and the cons so I just don't think some thought this through.
I kind of get that anyone who has no hobbies
at least definitely have at least one hobby of some sort
as I wrote at
occasional distractions not only good but healthy. We did that as part of God
and guns plus sports episode a few weeks back.
[hear God and Guns + Sports (occasional distractions) show]
You need some distractions so I get someone who says they have absolutely
no hobbies can be an issue but at the same time and I'm
kind of jumping ahead to can we generalize about all women voters.
So pardon me here you know I'm not trying to paint with a broad brush
but from my own personal experience a woman will say
yeah it's great have your bow tonight out poker night out with the guys right
that's the hobby but how many times do we of course see
in the comedy shows over and over the guys get together
for the poker night and the women complain you're spending too much time
with the guys playing poker. Pardon the bad imitation
of a generalized screeching woman my apologies again I don't mean to paint
with a broad brush we all know some who are like that
so right fantasy football the guys are getting together
every week at the bar to go over their fantasy football picks
you're spending too much time with the guy we don't go out enough
so that is my point with that last part about the no hobbies thing
women want a man again sorry a generalization
but in general a Conservative or a ChristiTucianist want a traditional
man who indeed I would think would have some hobbies
but is indeed focusing on being a good provider
which is not to say women shouldn't be in the workplace
in this day and age households need both income
unless of one or the other whether it be the male or the female
I know someone uh I'm not going to mention I was going to
mention his name I won't mention his name but a good friend
his wife has a six figure salary he's a stay-at-home dad
no problem with that if one person of a couple of a
mayor in a marriage can stay home to help raise the child
rather than both parents having to work that's a good thing

But traditionally yes the matriarchy the patriarchy that the left rails about
traditionally right it's the man who has the higher provider salary
you know please don't get mad at me don't send me nasty grams
you know I'm indeed talking in broad generalities here that
I really don't like doing but society is still kind of sort of that way
uh but both parents often do need to work it's great if one or the other
parent can stay home to help raise the kids
if you have kids or both work in great jobs so you can put away money so that
when you have children someone can stay home
with the child but no hobbies I think is a problem
but at the same time a lot of times conservative women do
say they want a man who's focused right focused on the important things
being the breadwinner bringing home the bacon
focusing if you own a business or potentially at some point in the
future starting your own business which then takes
a whole lot of time you don't have time for hobbies potentially
when you're running and operating your own business
so there are no hobbies then I can see an issue with it and I
don't see an issue with it I hope I've made clear my point here
that it depends but a balance in the life is necessary
or will go out of our minds so yes men need time out with the guys
women need time out with the ladies to maintain our own sanity we need our own
a long time even sometimes for our own mental health and sanity
and for us to maybe just stupidly watch the boob-tube right
while she's out with the ladies I sit home and watch the boom too
distractions just to get out of my head and away from all these
serious topics that we're always talking about here so
if my friend Cousin Sos is watching I highly recommend he join republican
singles dot com start dating woman more compatible to him
for his own well-being and vice versa ladies again it says it's really more a Conservative
thing Conservatives but Republicans in general so yes
there are some more Centrist Republicans there but again the
site like all dating sites aggregates what you are based on your
definitions versus what they are they're given definitions
what you and they say they are you are both looking for to give you
percentages of compatibility and then you go from there.

At any rate i can see i'm over 20 minutes in
this was supposed to be just a very brief midweek drop
a very kind of weird and off the wall topic
but as you see or here i hope you understand why i felt the need to try
and tie all this together we had

Thanksgiving hopefully you
didn't have any lunes at your table as i discuss in another episode
completely devoid of historical context
humankind has been warring against each other since
biblical times the Native Americans Colonized each other's land
before the Europeans came and Colonized this land
Saturday that dropped just before this
is about Ukraine elections the Zelinsky dammed if he holds them
dammed if he doesn't he's got an open war zone going on right now
how do you how does one conduct an election in an open war zone
but Colonization is an issue there 100 years of historical context
of Russians/Soviets Colonizing and
trying to put their boot on the throats of Ukrainians and control over
Ukraine's space so it's still happening today you left us lose
[hear latest CTP episode on Ukraine Elections]
and yet they're left a lot of them recognize
as do i i don't support the Zelinsky he's corrupt as Biden
as is Putin but i support the Ukrainian people
who have been oppressed by Russians for a hundred years
this is not a first time this is a umpteenth millionth time
of a Russian invasion and attempted oppression of Ukrainian people
so i support bread and bullets [NOT CASH] to support the Ukrainian people
not Zelinsky who has corrupt himself although
i deal with dammed if he does dammed if he doesn't hold elections
in an open war zone if he holds them he's disenfranchising
those in occupied territory if he doesn't hold them
in the free parts then they're going to claim always want to be
dictator he wants to cancel the Elections like
HAMAS did in GAZA more than a decade and a half ago after
getting elected but you don't hear the left complaining about
HAMAS canceling Elections for a decade and a half
but they'll complain Zelinsky may suspend Elections for a while in Ukraine
as always the good the bad the ugly the pros and cons from me
both sides of the issue gray areas another episode part one and part two
[hear those episodes: Grey Areas and Grey Areas (part 2)]

Things aren't always all black and white so that's how all these things tied
together Thanksgiving thankfully it was me and my
sister over at a friend of my sister's house
all pretty much like-minded people so we didn't have that craziness
but in this woke day and age oh my god i cannot imagine
putting up with tolerating dating someone from the ultra left side of the
aisle because they're always preaching tolerance
when they are the most intolerant people on the planet
with that I'm gonna stop rambling I'm kind of rambling on
I just had the few notes about the three points from the Change
Research survey that i wanted to touch on
and those opened up other rabbit-holes so we went a lot longer
thank you all take care god bless we are in December
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakah to myJewish friends
so yes if they say Happy Holidays at wherever the local Restaurant the Local Store
i don't get bent out of shape i agree with including Hanakah and Christmas
it's gift giving buying season time again for both those Holidays
so let's not get upset about the Happy Holiday phrase as opposed
to them saying Merry Christmas to you because
they don't get to and shouldn't really presume
whether you are a Christian or you're Jewish or you're Atheist or your
Muslim - Happy Holidays encompasses it at all
let's focus on the far more important issues

Take care god bless so i will close with Happy Holidays

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast - ]

Hey gang, a brief interruption in the show about Christmas giving
are you coffee drinker?
What about other coffee drinkers you know?
It's indeed Christmas-given time,
Hanukkah-given time.
Again, this being December now,
I want to ask you,
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What do you give...
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How about something useful, like black out coffee?
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So again,
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So for yourself or for others,
this Christmas give black out coffee
something you know they're going to use,
something they're going to enjoy,
something that they then fondly remember you
and your gift every time they sip from the black out coffee
cup of coffee.
Thank you all, take care, God bless, Merry Christmas.

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Thank you for having tuned-in for "ChristiTutionalist Politics" Show. If you haven't already please check out my primary internationally available book "Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You" (available anywhere books are sold, if you have locally run book store they can order it for you, or Autographed copies are available online direct from me via Also please tune-in to SAVAGED UNFILTERED podcast of which I am a co-host, and be sure to check out more about today's discussion at where my articles drop every Saturday. And let me remind: Over time the fancy high-production items will come, but for now, for starters, it is just you as a very appreciated listener by me, indeed just me on the podcast side/end, all substance no fluff, no fancy high-production intro or inserts - just straight to key discussion points. A show that looks at variety of topics, mostly Politics, through a Christian U.S. Constitutionalist lens. Take Care and God Bless!

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ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1EDecSpecial) "Dating in this WOKE day and age"
A "Change Research" Survey show the great divides in Men and Women, but more-so the dichotomy between Leftist Women and everyone else. Discussion about some of the results in the Survey and how they tie with topics discussed during many of these CTP episodes. Like "only 2 Genders" and saying "All Lives Matter" as well as more sub-topics/issues.

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BONUS MATERIAL ABOVE from "Transcript for S1EDecSpecial on Change Research Survey and Dating differneces") 

Show intro
Segment 1 - Can one 'generalize' about Women Voters?
MLK Jr "Content Of Character"
Andrea Putting will join the Show in Segment 2
What prompted this?
Democrats want to assure you can get an Abortion should you be Raped, Republicans want to protect your 2A Rights to prevent the Rape from happening
@FedDrone (via GAB) weighed in on the subject
This piece is also a "sorta" version/part 2 of "God And Guns" S1E21
My response to @FedDrone's comments
2A for self protection Facts/Stats
Depends on "definition of 'IS' is" again with The Left - Orwell spinning in his Grave, while the FASCICRATS make Goebbels traditions of repeating Lies (to point idiots buy them as Truth) alive.
A Leftist on Facebook also chimed in on this
More from Facebook on the topic
As always: see too the corresponding/correlating piece of this episode
"An Armed Society, is a polite Society" quote
The Spaghetti Westerns distortion
Republicans want Women to be able to defend themselves, yet GOP supposedly "anti-Women"
Meanwhile The Left / FASCICRATS want Women defenseless
The "Change Research Study" about "Dating" and "Red Flags"
If one believes the Polls/Survey's one can "generalize" (to a degree) about differences in thinking between Men and Women
Um... got something wrong... mis-speak... of course... the saying is "Kill Two Birds with One Stone (not 2 Stones)"
Please LIKE, SHARE (help us grow), SUBSCRIBE (help keep us on the air)
Segment 2 - (A fascinating discussion with) Please Welcome Andrea Putting to the Show
Will I have everyone confused now?!?!?
from Andrea's Bio: "Empowering visionary change-makers through Social Mission. Bridging divides with chocolate & coffee"
"Actions deeply rooted in Purpose"
"Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward all" Holiday sentiments
Real Peace vs the temporary absence of War/Violence in our immediate/current Life and surroundings
Seeking at least an "inner-Peace"
"Peace Sells, but Who's Buying" (MegaDeath)
The symbolism of "chocolate and coffee"
Celebrating differences/diversity all well and good, but we need more focus on the things we have in common
Everyone's (well, most peoples') desire for Peace (at least in their Lives) commonality
Empathy/Sympathy (Compassion)
Shout-out to "Miss-Liz" and her Canadian "TEA time" (since we're talking coffee/beverage symbology)
Even if one cannot "grasp" or "have in them" abilities for Empathy, Biblically speaking "Treat Others as one would want to be treated"
How does PENN of PENN AND TELLER relate to all this?
We are on Earth, and Sadly there are those with their own Power/Control and sometimes outright Evil agendas
About Andrea as an Author
Charity vs Taxation Redistribution Socialism - (Please Help others if you can)
The value (selfish perspective) of Business/Corporate Charity into Communities standpoint (Win/Win, for all)
"When we touch the Life of (just) one Person, we change the World" (kinda like the old Panteen Ad - two friends, who then touch two friends, and so on (ripple effect))
Accents (a bit off-topic, off the beaten path, but you all know I cannot avoid Joking around)
Where to find Andrea Putting
Am I going to confuse the Audience again here?!?!
Show outro (Do you still have some folks post-Christmas yet to give a Gift?) consider Black Out Coffee brand Coffees