Assisted Living Investing

Generate INFINITE Leads For Your Assisted Living! - How To Keep Your Beds Full! - Ep 34

February 23, 2024 Brett Chotkevys Season 1 Episode 34
Assisted Living Investing
Generate INFINITE Leads For Your Assisted Living! - How To Keep Your Beds Full! - Ep 34
Show Notes

This episode comes from one of our Free Virtual Assisted Living Workshops that we host every month. In this episode, Brett talks about marketing, more specifically, how to get infinite leads for your Assisted Living without spending a dollar on marketing. This is a custom marketing strategy that Brett and Laura created when they learned how bad marketing is in the Assisted Living industry. The cornerstone of their success is ensuring that they have full occupancy every month for their Assisted Living. Their custom marketing strategy not only ensures that but also has helped them create a waitlist of over 60 people. Brett and Laura call this system the Strategic 20.

The Strategic 20 refers to strategic relationships that you create to get infinite leads. What inspired Brett to create this marketing strategy is looking outside of the industry into industries. The way other people market their products is by using influencers. By having them promote your product, they can send all of their followers over to you. In the Assisted Living industry, these influencers are people who have your target audience and have power in their referrals, such as nurses, independent living owners, and even other Assisted Living Facilities. By building a great relationship with them, they will send over their leads to you. Watch the rest of this episode to see how to find these people and create your own Strategic 20!

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