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Striving for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as an Outside IP Counsel (with Ty Lord, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend, Atlanta, USA)

April 12, 2022 Season 4
Brand & New
Striving for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as an Outside IP Counsel (with Ty Lord, Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend, Atlanta, USA)
Show Notes

Over the last few years, an increasing number of organizations across all industries have been reviewing their corporate cultures, management processes, and hiring practices to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Like other industries, law firms have been under a microscope for their DEI practices. From the client’s point of view, a law firm with diverse teams bring a rich set of perspectives that result in better-reasoned strategies and recommendations. 

Yet, despite converging pressures from diminished personal tolerance, increased pressure for corporate responsibility, and more complex regulatory requirements, the representation of minority attorneys made only incremental progress over the last few years.

What does it take for a law firm as an organization and for an attorney as an individual to promote diversity and inclusiveness? How are clients’ expectations shaping and fostering law firms’ adoption and implementation of DEI principles? What considerations do lawyers who are renowned DEI champions embrace and value in their daily practice?

Our guest today is Tywanda “Ty” Lord, partner at Kilpatrick Townsend, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She specializes in trademark and advertising counseling and litigation; represents brand owners across a broad spectrum of industries including sports apparel, consumer products, and hospitality; and proactively advises clients on a variety of issues, including trademark clearance and portfolio management, and managing social media advertising campaigns and the IP and right of publicity issues. Last but not least, Ms. Lord is heavily involved in -and acclaimed for- many DEI initiatives in Atlanta communities.

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