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How SMEs Can Leverage Brand Value for Growth: A Discussion with Finance Experts, Joy Macknight (The Banker, Editor, UK) & David Haigh (Brand Finance, Founder & CEO, UK)

August 31, 2021 Season 3 Episode 21
Brand & New
How SMEs Can Leverage Brand Value for Growth: A Discussion with Finance Experts, Joy Macknight (The Banker, Editor, UK) & David Haigh (Brand Finance, Founder & CEO, UK)
Show Notes

As the world begins to adjust to the short and long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are seeking ways to preserve cash on their balance sheets while simultaneously raising funds to ensure a continuation of operations and a growth of their business and customer base. In particular, the sudden drop in revenues created acute liquidity shortages about a year ago, threatening the survival of many viable businesses. Having in mind this very challenging context, how do brands factor in and create value to support SMEs’ growth process? How can they increase brand value and leverage it for growth? What are the main considerations that impact a small business’s successful search for investors and funding? Do intellectual property (IP)-related issues factor in a bank’s lending decisions? How can SMEs be proactive in this respect? To discuss these issues, Brand&New welcomes two renowned guests with first-hand experience in business growth through financing.

David Haigh is the founder and CEO of Brand Finance plc, one of the world's leading branded business valuation and strategy consultancy. Brand Finance, based in London, UK, helps clients solve brand challenges using financial valuation techniques and advanced market research analysis to deliver value-based insight and recommendations to assist with strategic decision making. Before launching Brand Finance in 1996, Mr. Haigh worked in international financial management, moving then to Interbrand as director of brand valuation in its London-based global brand valuation practice. He has over 30 years’ experience in brand valuation consulting, and is a regular speaker at financial, brand, and tax conferences worldwide and at the London and Oxford Business Schools.

Joy Macknight is finance writer and editor at The Banker, the well-established UK-based website covering global banking and finance. Prior to joining The Banker in 2015, she spent more than 15 years as a writer and editor specializing in the banking and fintech industries at various financial news companies, including Profit & Loss, Treasury Today, and GTNews. In addition, Ms. Macknight serves on the advisory board of the Fintech Circle Institute, a peer-to-peer online learning platform designed to empower finance professionals with the necessary digital skills to adapt to the rapidly changing industry. 

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