#6: END Overeating Once And For All
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Hello Body Freedom
#6: END Overeating Once And For All
Aug 01, 2023

Who here would LOVE to never overeat again? How would your life change if your relationship with food was easy? Where you ate what wanted and put the fork down without effort before overdoing it and feeling too full? Today we're talking about ending overeating for good.

My overeating patterns were SOOO unconscious for most of my life…and then when it finally started affecting my weight, I did all the things they told me to do (go on a diet…just workout harder, etc.), and that only made it worse.

We'll dive into all the ways we eat when we're not actually physically hungry, and then I'll walk you through my 5-step process we take our clients through to help them unravel conscious and unconscious overeating patterns.

If you desire to feel in control around food and end overeating, be very wary of the person who tells you to "just stop", "eat 1/2 the food on your plate then throw the rest away" or "you just need more willpower". That's BS advice that will likely only make the habits worse! Listen in and let me know what you think!

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[00:01:31] Healing from the inside out. 
[00:03:36] Different ways we use food. 
[00:07:40] Mindless eating and habits. 
[00:11:03] Consciousness around using food. 
[00:14:23] Physical hunger and self-awareness. 
[00:19:09] Food as a pacifier. 
[00:23:12] Fixing loneliness and anxiety. 
[00:26:26] Finding an alternative to emotional eating. 
[00:29:05] Nervous system healing. 
[00:32:03] The path to freedom challenge.