#7: Unlocking Your Potential: How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way
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Hello Body Freedom
#7: Unlocking Your Potential: How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way
Aug 04, 2023 Season 1 Episode 7

The pain and suffering created when you say you're going to do something good for yourself, but then you don't do it… it's real, y'all! 😩

It doesn't matter if you're trying to create healthy habits, be kinder to yourself, or let go of the nightly ice cream…

In today's episode, I'm dropping the truth bombs, and I think you'll also walk away pretty inspired and equipped to finally break free from the self-created shackles so you can truly start feeling more in control of your food, body, and health desires.

I dive into:

  • Why taking action to change your unhelpful behaviors is NEVER where to start (if you want it to actually work)
  • What we don't have control over (you might be surprised)
  • What we actually DO have control over (once you get this…you'll feel so empowered!)
  • How working with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions creates self-trust (which creates more of what you want in life!)
  • A 3-step process to start untangling your inner world so you can start thriving with your relationship with food and body today!

Listen in and drop me a DM to let me know what you think!

Resources and Links:

[00:02:10] What we have control over. 
[00:04:32] Control and the Hula Hoop. 
[00:07:28] We cannot control our past. 
[00:10:18] The power of thoughts and feelings. 
[00:13:09] Actions driven by thoughts and feelings. 
[00:16:19] Major grief and body trauma. 
[00:19:28] Emotional eating and coping mechanisms. 
[00:23:00] Challenging old thought patterns. 
[00:27:43] Changing thoughts to change feelings. 
[00:29:37] Emotions dictate our actions.