#9: The Power of Boundaries for Breaking Free from Emotional Eating
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Hello Body Freedom
#9: The Power of Boundaries for Breaking Free from Emotional Eating
Aug 11, 2023 Season 1 Episode 9

Why do so many women who struggle with their relationship with food also struggle with setting healthy boundaries? If you identify as the helper type or a people pleaser…

If you say yes when you'd rather say no, or prefer to be agreeable rather than get what you want… then there very likely is a direct connection with your overeating, stress eating, and emotional eating patterns, AND your struggles to set healthy boundaries.

In today's episode I'm sharing what I wish I figured out sooner around setting healthy boundaries, and one of the BIGGEST things holding you back from reaching your health and healing goals.

I really want you to feel that food doesn't have control over you. Ready to find out how setting healthy boundaries helps this whole food and body freedom process? Let's do this.

I dive into:

  • What boundaries are and how they will literally change your life for the better
  • Exploring 4 types of boundaries you need to have in place to thrive
  • The BIGGEST emotional shift that must happen if you want your new healthy boundaries to actually work.
  • Step-by-step what to do when you set the boundary, and then you feel icky-guilty-awful for doing it.

Resources and Links:

[00:01:45] Boundaries and creating them. 
[00:03:36] Setting and holding boundaries. 
[00:08:22] Material boundaries and self-worth. 
[00:11:15] Emotional boundaries. 
[00:13:55] Taking responsibility for emotions. 
[00:18:39] Setting boundaries and guilt. 
[00:21:25] Mom guilt and cultural values. 
[00:26:48] Putting others' oxygen mask first. 
[00:30:08] The magic of boundaries.