#10: 5 Reasons You're Noy Losing Weight
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Hello Body Freedom
#10: 5 Reasons You're Noy Losing Weight
Aug 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 10
Audra Baker

If part of your "getting healthy" journey includes weight loss, it's REALLY frustrating when the weight won't budge, or worse, you worked really hard to lose it, only to gained it all back plus some. This was my story for years so I know first hand how defeating it is when it feels like you're running into a brick wall over and over again. In today's episode I share 5 reasons you're not losing weight that have NOTHING to do with dieting or exercise.

I dive into:

  • Surprising truths around weight loss even when you're following the perfect diet
  • How your past might be part of the problem (and how to finally let that sh*t go)
  • One powerful + helpful technique that the diet industry and (even nutritionists) don't know
  • The BIGGEST missing link that actually worked on my journey to food and body freedom

Resources and Links:

[00:02:53] Sustainable health habit building. 
[00:04:00] Dieting and food rules. 
[00:07:56] Psychological restriction and overeating. 
[00:09:29] Learning to enjoy French bread. 
[00:12:48] Unresolved trauma in the body. 
[00:15:10] Emotional eating and habits. 
[00:19:00] Support and accountability in healing emotional eating. 
[00:21:02] Connecting to your body. 
[00:24:16] Body-based practices for healing.