#11: Do It Alone vs. Getting Support on YOUR Food & Body Freedom Journey
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#11: Do It Alone vs. Getting Support on YOUR Food & Body Freedom Journey
Aug 18, 2023 Season 1 Episode 11
Audra Baker

Have you spent a lifetime overeating, mindless eating, binge eating, comfort eating or stress eating? Does food feel like it's in control? Does always thinking about and even obsessing over food all day long leave you drained and exhausted?

The journey out of that hell is not a journey that the latest diet or fitness fad can fix, yet so many of us go on this journey alone unsure of where else to turn.

In today's episode, we dive into important factors you might want to consider when you are deciding to "go it alone" or get support. We'll cover things like:

  • A good reason you might decide to do it alone (AND the self-sabotaging reasons)
  • The myth of: I'll figure it out on my own
  • Learning how to say YES to yourself (and why it's so hard to do!)
  • The special considerations when your goal is to feel normal around food
  • And a whole lot more!

Resources and Links:

[00:00:00] Benefits of having support. 
[00:04:38] Plan of action calls. 
[00:07:03] Freedom from food obsession. 
[00:11:34] Success that doesn't last. 
[00:15:37] Coping mechanisms and food freedom. 
[00:19:01] Trauma and healing. 
[00:22:00] The importance of support. 
[00:25:09] The power of our primal brain. 
[00:28:29] Mindset shift and going it alone. 
[00:32:08] Investing in oneself financially. 
[00:35:36] Regulating the nervous system.