How to Fail Your Way to Food & Body Freedom Success
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How to Fail Your Way to Food & Body Freedom Success
Aug 24, 2023 Season 1 Episode 13
Audra Baker

"I tried this diet but I gained the weight back. I took those pills but they didn't work. I hired a personal trainer, followed the food plan, and it still didn't work."

Based on the thousands of conversations I've had with potential clients, the number one reason women stay stuck with their health & body goals, and suffer in an obsessive and crappy relationship with food…is fear of failing.

And I get it. This isn't your first rodeo.

You've likely tried a zillion diets, pills, shakes, programs, memberships, food delivery, gym equipment, surgery, injections… the list goes on and on. You've tried them all and you're back to square one or even worse.

I just had a conversation with a new client who spent $1200 for a 40-day program that guaranteed weight loss. This client did this DOZENS of times over the span of 8 years only to be heavier than when she started.

That's a lot of pain, suffering, and failing…YET, she was able to pick herself up, and say YES to herself and her commitment to getting to the other side of this hell…and truly into food and body freedom.

In today's episode, I'm going over exactly what it takes to get over the fear of failing so that you can actually have success on your food & body freedom journey.

I'll share:

  • The definition of insanity and how to stop acting insane.
  • How to access courage (in the face of fear) even when you putting effort in the right direction and focused on the right thing
  • The one thing you must understand (and get good at!) if you truly want to heal your relationship with food and be on a sustainable weight loss journey and keep it off
  • The kind of mindset most of us DON'T have but is required, to get to the other side…I'll show you how in this epi!

Resources and Links:

[00:00:00] Failing and Fear of Failure. 
[00:04:42] Embracing failure in life. 
[00:07:09] Embracing failure on the journey. 
[00:12:17] Adopting a growth mindset. 
[00:14:49] Finding the right strategy. 
[00:17:23] Insanity of weight loss diets. 
[00:22:33] Building resiliency. 
[00:25:06] Celebrating failures and learning experiences. 
[00:27:54] Support and untangling relationship with food. 
[00:31:36] Feel your fear and do it anyways.