Holiday Weekends + Celebrations + NOT blowing it
Hello Body Freedom
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Hello Body Freedom
Holiday Weekends + Celebrations + NOT blowing it
Sep 01, 2023 Season 1 Episode 15
Audra Baker

Ahhhh…the weekend is here! But wait…the loooonnnng weekend is here! For those of us on a journey to better health, a better relationship with food, and even a weight loss journey…these weekends can be really stressful. But no more!

In this episode, I'll give you 6 practical steps you can start using immediately to make sane decisions around food, habits, weight loss, and your body during your next celebration, vacation, or long weekend.

And if you want even more support, make sure you join the totally free Food & Body Freedom Challenge!

See ya on the inside!

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[00:01:22] Fostering and finding forever homes. 
[00:05:06] A normal relationship with food. 
[00:07:20] Learning a normal relationship with food. 
[00:10:57] Enjoying the holiday weekend. 
[00:14:06] Birthday cake boundaries. 
[00:17:30] Decide what you want. 
[00:22:30] Untangling diet culture ideas. 
[00:24:30] Levels of enough and satisfaction. 
[00:27:47] Obsession with food and guilt. 
[00:32:31] Regulating the nervous system. 
[00:35:09] Survival mode and stress response.