#16: Wait... I struggle with my weight because of trauma?
Hello Body Freedom
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Hello Body Freedom
#16: Wait... I struggle with my weight because of trauma?
Sep 04, 2023 Season 1 Episode 16
Audra Baker

Here's the deal:

  • If you've lost weight and gained it back like it's your job…
  • If you feel like food is in control and you're not…
  • If you identify as someone who self-sabotages yourself every time you make progress with your health and weight…
  • If you've literally tried everything…and none of it worked (or it worked for a while until food sabotage reared its ugly head)…

This episode is for you!!

I totally get it…This might be the hardest pill to swallow.


It might be the missing piece of the magical puzzle for you to finally go on a sustainable weight loss journey…and it actually works! There's only one way to know… listen and let me know what you think!

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Resources and Links:

[00:01:47] Weight and Trauma. 
[00:03:09] Weight loss and self-sabotage. 
[00:07:15] Changing thinking patterns. 
[00:09:42] Coping mechanisms and emotions. 
[00:13:41] Trauma response and food. 
[00:15:49] Moving from survival to thriving. 
[00:19:01] Processing hurt and anger.