#17: Sustainable Weight Loss - The Good, Bad & Ugly
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#17: Sustainable Weight Loss - The Good, Bad & Ugly
Sep 08, 2023
Audra Baker

I don’t know about you, but working so hard to lose weight only to turn around and gain it back might be the most painful and defeating feeling on the planet.

A sustainable weight loss journey on the other hand is one where the changes that are happening on the inside create an inner-environment where we’re healing the reasons we overeat in the first place.

When this happens, overeating just isn’t a thing anymore, thus living at your ideal size becomes the new norm.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What a Sustainable weight loss journey IS NOT (you might be surprised!)
  • The one law that you can never escape if you actually want to lose weight
  • A weird question I asked my mom about the day I was born (you can ask your mom the same question!)
  • The Good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to being on a sustainable weight loss journey to the final destination of your ideal size!
  • And soooo much more!

Resources and Links:

[00:03:07] What is not a Sustainable weight loss journey.
[00:07:35] Disconnect from self and body. 
[00:12:45] Sustainable weight loss journey. 
[00:16:47] Underestimating calorie intake. 
[00:21:15] The ugly is important. 
[00:24:38] Eating as a coping mechanism. 
[00:28:14] Total neutrality.