#22: What to Do After an Overeat & Binge
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Hello Body Freedom
#22: What to Do After an Overeat & Binge
Oct 20, 2023 Season 1 Episode 22
Audra Baker

Another overeat? Another binge? Feeling out of control around food, hopeless, or defeated?

Ready to break free from these behaviors and create a healthier relationship with food?

Join me as I dive into specific steps to take after an overeat or binge. The truth is we don't get to that elusive place of food freedom, where overeating or binging is non-existent…we don't get there without overeating/binging being a part of the journey!

So buckle up buttercup as we navigate challenging territory where getting it "right" and getting is "wrong" are both a part of the journey to true food freedom.

I dive into:

- The step-by-step what to do after an overeat/binge process to navigate and heal from these behaviors.
- #1 most important key to overcoming overeating and binge eating behaviors (we have to really get this one down first)
- How to reverse engineer the whole thing for deeper understanding and healing
- Powerful journaling prompts that turn a negative experience into an actual win!
- Uncover the power of this "secret weapon", and learn how it can transform your relationship with food forever.

This process has healed overeating and binging patterns for myself and hundreds of clients. Listen in now and start your journey towards a healthier, happier relationship with food.

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00:04:53 Reflect on your behaviors non-judgmentally.
00:06:01. Getting it wrong is necessary.
00:11:23 Blaze a new trail.
00:17:21 Building consciousness around behavior.
00:25:58. Change your thoughts, change your behavior.
00:26:42 Kindness and curiosity are key.
00:31:39 Journaling helps bring consciousness and change.
00:38:30 Learning to exit old habits.