#29: Why Emotional Resiliency is KEY for Weight Loss (+ 5 steps to get it!)
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Hello Body Freedom
#29: Why Emotional Resiliency is KEY for Weight Loss (+ 5 steps to get it!)
Dec 22, 2023 Season 1 Episode 29
Audra Baker

Christmas is just a few days ahead of us and we all know that high-intensity feelings and experiences will also come with and sabotage our efforts to enjoy it. So, in this episode, I’ll talk about the concept of emotional resiliency and how it can transform your weight loss journey. I’ll also share five steps to help you build emotional resiliency and create lasting change.

I’ll dive into:

  1. What is emotional resiliency and why it’s essential to feel your emotions during the holidays and every day of the year.
  2. How our nervous system handles emotions and follows our usual unconscious habits.
  3. How emotional resiliency can transform your weight loss journey from the inside out.
  4. The five steps you need to take to create new habits and start healing from day 1.

Remember, you have the power to heal, break free from using food as an emotional support system, and create lasting change in your relationship with food and your body. If you’re ready to take on the world and start your healing journey NOW, join us in the Five-Day Path to Food & Body Freedom Challenge.

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00:00:35 – Emotional Resiliency in Weight Loss

00:02:00 – Defining Emotional Resiliency

00:03:30 – Post-Traumatic Growth

00:05:00 – Personal Experiences with Emotional Processing

00:07:00 – The Importance of Emotional Resiliency During Holidays

00:09:00 – Coping Strategies and Emotional Eating

00:11:00 – The Challenge of Feeling Our Feelings

00:13:00 – How Our Nervous System Handles Emotions

00:15:00 – Habitual Patterns and Stress Responses

00:17:00 – Acting Out Behaviors

00:19:00 – The Need for Emotional Resiliency

00:21:00 – Five Steps to Building Emotional Resiliency

00:23:00 – Step 1: Approach with Gentleness and Mindfulness

00:25:00 – Step 2: Body-Based Work

00:27:00 – Step 3: Creating a Safe Container

00:29:00 – Step 4: Starting with Mild Discomfort (Titration)

00:31:00 – Step 5: Pendulation Technique

00:33:00 – Real-Life Applications and Client Experiences

00:35:00 – Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain