#32: My Quantum Leap Year. Are you ready for yours?
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Hello Body Freedom
#32: My Quantum Leap Year. Are you ready for yours?
Jan 26, 2024 Season 1 Episode 32
Audra Baker

This is our year to make progress. Therefore, I wanted to share with you the definition of a quantum leap year and how it can transform your body and health. So, are you ready for yours?

In this episode, I'll talk about my journey towards creating a quantum leap year and some practical steps to achieve your quantum leap in your health and weight loss journey.

I'll dive into:

  1. What is a Quantum Leap Year?
  2. The importance of mindset for achieving your health goals.
  3. Why you need to break free from diet culture once and for all.
  4. How to work toward untangling the connection between food and emotions.
  5. Reason to develop sexy habits that align with your future self.

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00:00:33 - Discussing Quantum Year and Future Self

00:01:59 - Russian Athlete Study and Mental Training

00:03:14 - Quantum Physics and Reality Perception

00:05:11 - Creating a Different Vision for Yourself

00:08:43 - Maintaining Your Future Self's Achievements

00:09:24 - Practical Steps for a Quantum Leap Year

00:12:43 - Audra's Personal Quantum Leap in Business and Relationships

00:17:01 - Focusing on Body and Health for Quantum Leap

00:21:15 - Body Reset and Muscle Mass Concerns

00:25:07 - Importance of Exercise for Longevity

00:29:11 - Steps for Achieving a Quantum Leap Year in Health