How to handle inevitable health & weightloss setbacks
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Hello Body Freedom
How to handle inevitable health & weightloss setbacks
Feb 16, 2024 Season 1 Episode 34
Audra Baker

I want to make something clear: setbacks in life are not the exception. They are the rule. So, in this episode of the Hello Body Freedom podcast, I dive into the topic of handling setbacks on your health and weight loss journey. I’ll share my personal experience of getting sick and how it affected my progress. 

I’ll dive into:

❗Recognizing the role you play in your setbacks.

❗How to catch your negative thoughts when setbacks occur.

❗Decide what you want to believe and move forward. 

❗Ho to focus on the positive and make the next best decision that aligns with your goals.

Setbacks can be tough, but they're also growth opportunities. By owning our role in them, catching our negative thoughts, and deciding to believe in our resilience, we can turn setbacks into stepping stones toward our goals.

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00:00:33 - Health Update and Handling Setbacks

00:01:05 - Audra's Recent Illness Experience

00:03:03 - Impact of Illness on Motivation and Plans

00:03:44 - Audra's Journey with Food and Body Image

00:05:09 - Emotional Eating and Food Control Issues

00:06:01 - Sustainable Weight Loss and Healing Relationship with Food

00:07:04 - Quantum Leap Year and Personal Health Goals

00:08:59 - Handling Inevitable Setbacks on the Journey

00:10:03 - The Importance of Managing Setbacks for Sustainable Change

00:13:47 - Step One: Owning Your Part in Setbacks

00:17:19 - Step Two: Catching and Challenging Negative Thoughts

00:21:02 - Step Three: Deciding What to Believe and Next Steps

00:23:00 - Making the Next Best Decision After a Setback

00:25:16 - The Power of Choosing Helpful Thoughts