#41: 3 Sabotaging States to Heal Overeating
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Hello Body Freedom
#41: 3 Sabotaging States to Heal Overeating
May 17, 2024 Season 1 Episode 41
Audra Baker

Do you know that we all have self-sabotaging behaviors when we are stressed? Today’s episode mainly focuses on understanding and regulating emotional eating and how our nervous system is set up to protect us using the coping mechanism we learned as children.

I’ll dive into:

✔️The autonomic nervous system's role in reactive behaviors, including emotional eating. 

✔️The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, 

✔️Introduction to the polyvagal theory.

✔️How different states of nervous system activation can influence eating habits. 

By delving into body-based practices and incremental movement, I provide practical methods for achieving nervous system regulation. These tools are designed to help you break free from the cycle of emotional eating, offering a tangible way to improve your relationship with food.

Don’t miss this episode to learn practical advice on identifying and regulating these nervous system states to achieve a thriving state while emphasizing movement and body-based practices as tools for regulation.

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00:50 Navigating Life's Chaos and Finding Regulation

02:19 Diving Deep into the Autonomic Nervous System

03:27 Understanding Our Protective Mechanisms: Fight, Flight, and Freeze

18:43 The Journey to Regulating Our Nervous System

19:25 Practical Tips for Nervous System Regulation